November 27, 2015


[Don’t worry, this will never happen in the U.S.A., Hitler Youth? Are you crazy?  When Fidel Castro seized power in 1959 he promised a return to democracy. Instead he imposed a Communist dictatorship. As in other Communist countries, the Communists abolished the Boy Scouting movement. Scouting with its independent, family based program was not in keeping with the Communist desire to control the formation and education of young people.  Instead, Communist leaders in Cuba replaced the association with a compulsory Young Pioneer Organization, much like in Russia or other Communist countries.]


I picked up a New York Times newspaper yesterday. Normally, I don’t read the New York Times during the week figuring if any news was important enough it would be on the computer or my local news. But, while I was picking up milk in the grocery store an article caught my eye. The front-page article was titled “For Explorer Scouts, Good Deeds Have Whole New Meaning”. I quickly skimmed over the article and brought it home to give it a more thorough read. The gist of it is that the explorer scouts (a coeducational affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America) are now being trained to chase down illegal border-crossers, face down terrorists and take out “active shooters”.






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