November 25, 2015


(Miami, Florida ) — This Thursday, February 23, 2012, while President Barack Obama is in South Florida attending a lavish campaign fundraiser at the Biltmore Hotel [Miami], his Department of Justice (DOJ) has made its own mission to side with a government that has declared its hate for the United states and has been included in the list of terrorist states thereby trampling on the rights of a U.S. citizen. By taking this step, the DOJ justifies spy actions, sexual battery and torture at the behest of the Cuban Government against Ana Margarita Martinez, a US citizen, and totally dismisses the 2001 existing judgment against the terrorist state. Ana Margarita was victimized by an agent of the Castro regime in U.S. territory.
“I respectfully ask the media to question President Obama on how he can court women voters when he denies a female U.S. citizen her basic right to justice” states Ana Margarita Martinez “This move to protect the interests of a known enemy of this country and a terrorist state also brings to question the principles that guide foreign policy under the Obama administration” she concludes.

Unlike Cuba, the U.S. is a country of laws where those who do wrong must compensate their victims for the harm they suffer. A judge awarded a judgment in the case of Ana Margarita Martinez vs. the Republic of Cuba and ordered the defendant to pay compensatory damages for the harm done by Cuba's agent, Juan Pablo Roque. The U.S. judgment states that Martinez is entitled to these damages, yet the DOJ intervened on behalf of the Cuban government, derailing her attempt to attain justice.

The 2001 judgment states: “Spy actions at the behest of the Cuban Government constituted a sexual battery on Ana Margarita Martinez.”

And the testimony of Congressman Peter Deutsch includes this statement: “Cuba is a terrorist state and the action ordered by them against Ana Margarita was torture.”

Cuba does not recognize basic human rights. It does not recognize our courts. Hence, while the Cuban Government hid from the recent Federal Proceedings, the United States intervened and did their bidding claiming that garnishing the accounts of the charter companies that fly to Cuba would interfere with flights to Cuba and with U.S.-Cuba relations.

“It is naive and ludicrous to believe that the Cuban Government would forego hundreds of millions of dollars that bolster their economy and finance their stranglehold over the Cuban population for the amount of my judgment” adds Martinez.

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