July 25, 2016


In 1992’s United Nation summit in Brazil, Agenda 21 was introduce by Prince Charles of England.  Agenda 21 In the United States was first imposed to the American people by President Bill Clinton’s Executive Order No. 12852 of June 29, 1993, further amendment by executive order # 12852, in June of 1997. Expand it by now President Obama with Executive Order 13575 including 25 Federal branches and agencies to establish sustainable principles in America, call “The White House Rural Council” (WHRC)

Agenda 21 is the 21 Century Socialism, how they called, is a global communist Agenda, that had been establishing to control (subjugate) the global infrastructure in our country to manage, count, and control all of the world's assets. The collapse of America’s economy would automatically create a sustainable economy, not based on production, but rather based on using the available resources to the maximum.

According to the sustainable principles, exposed on their internet site, all commercial farming, individual housing, traveling, personal car, luxurious item, use of Internet, will not be allowing.

According to Russian sustainable economic authority Dmitry Orlov, the Soviets and their satellite communist countries have used sustainable economic techniques for self-sufficiency for years. Everybody know how terrible is working for them.

Orlov explained, the collapse of the economy will force families to live in commune, all together, three generations at the same address. In turn, that facilitates the older generation taking care of the younger generation while the breadwinners can go and work. The struggle will make the family more united and create a tremendous savings in heat, transportation, etc.

According to the sustainable principles here in this country, all commercial farming, individual houses, traveling, personal car, luxurious item, use of Internet, will not be allowing. Look just like communism to me, that would be a painful cultural transformation reversal for Americans, and would lead to the development of a new economy characterized by poverty and even slavery. Like everything else in the socialistic toolbox, the Agenda 21 initiative is communism made to look like something else.

The collapse of the economy will force people to look for ways to survive, and those who don’t, will be included in the 23% that, according to their population reduction, have to disappear. In transportation, for example, they have to use sailboats and animals to transport produce, people, etc. That is how the principle of sustainable economy works: produce something without using any resources. Sustainable is a phrase communists use to disguise the reality of the catastrophe with less impact to the public opinion. You must see it in the next two videos:




Such a gross subjugation of the masses the U.N. calls transparency. For those of us with Christian values, this is the antithesis of what we believe; sustainable development is really pagan. It perverts Genesis 1, 2, and 3 by putting the earth as a dominant factor over man: the reverse of what God ordained from the beginning.

I personally witnessed a sustainable society in Cuba, when the population’s only means of transportation were bicycles, and the omnipotent communist government was established, the loss of production resulted in a rapidly declining standard of living, the sustainable principles establish by itself. Fidel confiscate all the commercial agriculture farms, in American they are baying those farms, of course, all they have to do in print more money. 

What is Communism?

Marxist communists have always attempted to create and maintain a false and more acceptable face to the world by making everybody believe that they are only socialists, rather than communists. They are lying…there is no difference between the two.

Socialism, communism, feudalism, and fascism all spring from the same basic precepts: take power over the masses through food control and hunger, control of the transportation, communication, and production. Without transportation and communication the masses can only go as far as their bike can take them, and only know what the communist government want them and the world to know.

All those ideologies have been interchangeable since their inception: all using the same Marxist doctrines. Even if each tries to look like something other than communism, their modus operandi and actions result in the same repression.

The most powerful destructive tool the communists have today is the “New World Order,” a plan to subjugate nations around the entire world. The 1992’s UNICED meeting in Rio de Janeiro, they developed the Sustainable Program of Action, or “Agenda 21.” It called for the sustainable control of water, forests, markets, agriculture, and society. The eventual outcome would be the International Community, World Religion, World Bank, World President, World Alliance, World Principles, World Laws, and World Union.

Socialism was born when there was a valid need for true social reform. It came about during the period of monarchies and inquisitions. A very small percentage of the population was wealthy and enjoyed all the benefits of an elite status. Meanwhile, the working class toiled up to 15 hours out of each day. The workers were isolated, abandoned, suffering from a variety of diseases, extremely hungry, and afflicted with all the slings and arrows of their low social status.

Along came the communist doctrine with a benevolent facade: a fallacy maintained to this day. Their reign of cruelty and totalitarianism is a matter of record in every country in which they have been in power. Tragically, men of goodwill have bought into communism’s false promises of equality and fairness, and have believed the lies that communists actually care about society. The evidence of sheep-like belief within the United States is proven by the poll revealing that 62% of the population has a favorable opinion about socialism.

I believe that this is mainly because Americans have forgotten to teach their younger generations what being an American really means, and about the enormous threat that communism represents. As a result, the new generation knows nothing about how socialism, a.k.a. communism, works in governing the conquered. Much of this hiding of the truth has been accomplished because of the massive power socialists have obtained via the liberal news media.

A simple comparison of Christianity and communism shows that Christianity has been a beacon for goodwill and family structured society throughout the world. Conversely, communism has brought forth massive atrocities wherever it has been a dominant doctrine. Instead of bringing relief from oppression of the underclass majorities, as it promised, communism has been shown to be a dismal failure.

Even Fidel Castro, after 51 years in power, recently declared that his communist revolution was a failure for Cuba. But that admission came only after his close brush with death from illness, and only after the destruction and death sown by him and his followers across Cuba, too late to undo the devastation in my birth country.

Examining history, we discover that communism was born from pure materialism, an older and adverse ideology of Greek philosopher Democritus, who proclaimed, “…nothing comes out of conflicts and problems.” Atheists of the first millennium after Christ readily accepted this doctrine as the only reasonable philosophy to combat religion.

Another ancient ideology known as Dialecticism proclaims that conflict is the basis of all natural laws. Also known as Dialectic materialism, this doctrine proclaims that human beings are nothing more than an animal species that evolved through conflicts and problems.

The most outrageous aspect of these ideologies is that they deny the Creation. In my opinion, that false doctrine, which teaches that the human being is nothing more than an evolved species of animal, is one of the basic tenets of the misleading and dangerous communistic ideology. After Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published their Communist Manifesto, their words became the engine and propeller of Marxism until the current day.

The Darwin Influence

In 1859, Charles Robert Darwin (1809–1882) published The Origin of Species in which he theorized that all living things evolve through a series of consequences brought about by conflict. It’s the same thinking that the materialist philosophers used in Dialecticism. In short, Darwin accepted the Dialectic materialism premise.

Due to the lack of scientific foundations, all the prominent scientific minds of that era refused to accept Darwin’s theories. But Darwin’s thoughts were exactly what Marx and Engels were waiting for to consolidate their atheist system of rule. The relationship between Marxism and Darwinism grew into a bond of concrete strength. Marxists immediately adopted Darwin’s Theory of Evolution as their own scientific foundation.

As a combined force, Darwinism and Marxism grew together. Communist posters showing the books of Marx and Darwin together seemed to be displayed everywhere.

The 1871 Paris Commune was the first true communist revolution to take power, even though it was only active for a few weeks. It clearly demonstrated the destructive and criminal behavior patterns that were to follow in every communist revolution that has taken power since that time.

History and the sad statistics show that more than 18,000 people died and the Paris communists caused millions of dollars of destruction. Unfortunately, most of the destruction was done to churches since the leadership was made up of atheists and other barbarians who were the forerunners of those who continue to lead communism to this day.

Since those dark days in Paris, historians have been collecting solid information on how Marxist communism really works. It has been a sad history. C1-2

The comparison between Communism and Christianity shows that human destruction, genocide, and hunger have been the prevalent conditions in every country where communism has been dominant, while Christianity has brought goodness, strong family structure, love, and justice wherever it has flourished. In strong Christian families within our society today, we rarely see someone lost in the depravity of immorality or in substance abuse.

My own life qualifies me to take readers through the history to write and speak of well-documented facts about how truly evil communism is, has been, and always will be. I can reveal in first person how destructive communism has been to society, not just with my words but also with inescapable facts taken from reports by highly reputable organizations.

Learn what communists have promised, and how they adapted and changed from one decade to the next with positive proof of their lies and outright cruelty to fellow human beings. Absolute domination is the only goal that matters to these unscrupulous leaders

In my book “American Apocalypse” How to stop the destruction of Liberty, along with hundreds videos and other sources, are proof of the iron-fisted tactics and uncontrolled brutality used in every country where communists have been in power. They brainwash people to do whatever their leaders demand. They are tyrants so destructive and power hungry that it is nearly impossible for God-fearing Americans to comprehend how communism could exist and flourish in today’s world.

God Bless America