November 25, 2015


Urgent Message From Bruce Tefft, former CIA Counter-Terrorism Officer 

I devoted my life to defending America from foreign threats including the former Soviet Union to dangerous Islamic radicals. When I was sworn in as a CIA officer, the oath included a promise to defend the United States from all enemies, foreign AND domestic.  I AM VERY CONCERNED FOR OUR NATION RIGHT NOW!!  That is why I have teamed up with Scott Wheeler and the National Republican Trust PAC to help take our country back from the brink… and from the Left-wing extremists.

Barack Obama represents a different type of threat than America has faced before.  As a mysterious candidate with no academic or policy record and a meteoric rise from nowhere, his campaign promise of “fundamental change to America” has diminished our ability to defend ourselves and made it clear to the rest of the world, including America’s allies, that he is determined to dissipate our nation’s military strength and former strategic advantage to the worst nations on earth, including avowed enemies. Obama is offering our missile technology to Russia; he has withdrawn our planned missile defenses from Poland and the Czech Republic; he has allowed Iran to continue building a nuclear weapon; and Obama has sent nearly a billion dollars of our money to the terrorist group Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Organization reinvented as the Palestinian Authority!

Some of us believe that he is intentionally destroying our domestic economy to further weaken the United States. He has taken our money and turned it over directly to wealthy financiers of his campaign including bundlers and con-artists in the so-called green energy industry; Obama has created an unstable economic environment that has done serious damage to our economic recovery; he has loosed environmental extremists on American businesses and individual property owners. The list of damage he has done in his first four years is too long to list here, but it is certain that America would not survive another four years of Obama.

Our situation is critical and the outcome depends directly on you taking the following action: PLEASE HELP THE NATIONAL REPUBLICAN TRUST PAC GET THEIR TELEVISION AND RADIO ADS ON NATIONWIDE RIGHT AWAY!

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