November 30, 2015


The one minute video below shows just one massive Obama foreign policy failure which led to the death of a U.S. Ambassador and three other American diplomats in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11/12.

Tonight is the third and final debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and the topic of tonight’s debate is foreign policy. No matter how liberal the debate moderator, Bob Schieffer, has shown himself to be over the years of his career, there is no way he can avoid the breakdown and failure of Obama’s foreign policy which resulted in an attack against America in Libya on 9/11.

(We will be live streaming the debate tonight, link will be added here when it is published)

The headlines below show that Obama is going into this debate already on the defense, all Romney has to do is lay out a framework for foreign policy, insist that fluid situations on the ground and recommendations from American military leaders on the ground and the intelligence community, will determine the actions his administration will take.

Obama on the other hand has some ‘splainin to do…………… and there is only so many times he can repeat but….um…uh…. I killed bin Laden!

CBS News – “Could U.S. military have helped during Libya attack?”

WSJ -Intelligence Stressed Libya Protest Scenario”

New York Times – “After Benghazi Attack, Talk Lagged Behind Intelligence”, originally headlined “Explanation for Benghazi Attack Under Scrutiny.”