November 26, 2015


Rear view shows what we can expect in future.

Intelligent people across the country are asking out loud whether another presidential term for Barack Obama actually will be as bad as we expect it to be.

Unfortunately, it probably will be.

Because he was as horrible, as disdainful of the Constitution and of decency, fair play and good judgment, as he was in the first four years, imagine what he can do now that he needs not worry about re-election. A look back serves as a reminder of how bad he has been already, so that good Americans can start figuring how to counter the worse Obama still to come. Herewith, then, lines from either opening or closing paragraphs of my prior columns on the Occupier in Chief, to remind us, as if we needed it, what we’re dealing with.

Sept. 18, 2008: “Rhetoric aside, Obama is about as much in step with the majority of Americans as Britney Spears would be if she were trying to foxtrot with Fred Astaire.… Strip away Obama’s deep-timbred voice and his puffball platitudes, and what remains is nothing more than an academic radical using Chicago machine politics to grab a power base and using smoke-and-mirrors to project a pleasing image.”

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