June 30, 2016


Everyone has heard of Baghdad Bob.  He was the guy who went on TV every night during the Iraqi War insisting to the world that Iraq was winning, despite American tanks rolling up behind him as he spoke.

What’s the difference between Baghdad Bob and Benghazi Barack?  Obama has long pretended that the private sector is “doing fine,” and that he is winning this race for the presidency.  The economy may be moribund, but he built it, and he thinks that if he repeats the lie often enough, people will believe it.

Baghdad Bob had one big lie: Saddam was winning.  Benghazi Barack has a myriad of little lies, spinning a web of delusion and deceit with every telling.

He pretends he is the “energy president.”  This is perhaps his boldest fib.  The refutation is seen on every corner, where gasoline prices are posted publicly for all to see.  Yet he thinks if he says it, his media backers will run with it — and they have.  But America is no longer buying his lies.

Many drive to work every day — if they are lucky enough to still have a job.  Or…they drive the kids to activities — if their diminished cash flow still allows.  We are an automobile-driving nation and $4 gasoline is the most onerous tax burden ever levied on a shrinking middle class.

…And he’s not done.  By the time the EPA is finished killing the coal industry, and probably fracking in Barack II, the Sequel, the populace will be living with rolling blackouts and electric bills triple what they were in the bad old days of Bush.  Miss him yet?  I do.

He brags of preventing another depression.  I often tell people that when I voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980, I prevented a nuclear war.  At least I can make a case that my vote helped elect a man whose policy of peace through strength collapsed the Soviet Union, resulting in an end to the era of mutually assured destruction.

What can Barack say?  The notion that the almost trillion dollars he borrowed from our children’s future to reward friends and political backers saved America and prevented a depression is just so much fantasy.  Like all things Barack, it’s 80% bull and 30% crap.  It’s the same math that gave us those millions of nonexistent green energy jobs and billions of dollars lost on battery manufacturers and wind and solar energy companies.

He insults our intelligence with such tripe.  Jobs “saved or created” is just another expression of failure.  We’re still waiting for his pivot to employment — another term would be four more years of foreplay for the president and nothing for us.

Some slob scraping to earn enough money to feed his family was just not sexy enough for our narcissistic president.  But ObamaCare — that was something he could put his name on!  Besides, fostering a healthy job-creating economic revival would have been so much hard work, leaving him nary a moment to line up his putt, or vacation, or party with Beyoncé and Jay-Z.  Besides, didn’t he give that same slob food stamps to feed his family and promise his daughter an abortion, free of charge?

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