November 29, 2015


My dear friends, you simply cannot fathom what I am discussing, what so many of us are all worked up about, unless you get down and do some work and read about the things we are describing.  in the above articles linked for your convenience, I have set out the texts of legislative enactments, text from the speeches of Barack Obama, and text from speeches by his friend and stalwarts which should cause you grave concern about your rights, liberties and freedoms.  It is up to you to read, I cannot force you to do so by point of gun.  I can suggest to you, however, if you are either to lazy or too unconcerned about your liberties to read, then there are other people waiting in the wings who will have no compunction about putting a gun under your ear, and a pitchfork at your butt, to “encourage” and “persuade” you to do things, … , many of which you may find decidedly unpleasant.

Read on.  as for me, I am going back to my reading of the book of Isaiah, who recounts other circumstances in which Israel lost a nation, for want of care, … , for want of attending to civic virtue.

Your choice, as it was Israel’s.

You think me a scold?  Read on, and decide from a position of knowledge, and not simple lassitude.

Obama and his private army: towards the police state.  Irish Cicero has linked a story at atlas shrugs, in which Pamela Geller describes b. insane Obama’s lust to create an armed force, … , yeah, armed with guns, … , loyal to him alone.

He knows such a force does not exist in the present us. military, even though a toady and boot licker or two can be found to toe the line.  But, in the main, the military disdain him as much as you and I.  They know, instinctively, that he is not an American, and that he does not act with America’s interests in mind.

And, Obama knows full well, that those who people the military, are not his people.  So, he is looking for enough of his people to whom he can give guns, in hopes for a counterpoise to the military.  I doubt he’ll find them.

Our people believe in things: good, family, country, duty and honor, and they are willing to lay down their lives for them.  Oddly enough, in these said days, there are plenty of right thinking young Americans who may be defined by one word and one word only, and that word is “patriot.”

Those who follow Obama believe in nothing, just as the cynical bastards have been taught by the left for years.  they believe nothing is worth dying for, and though they might not be disturbed at the thought of killing a couple of us, just for shits and giggles, kind of like Leopold and Loeb, they don’t rightly think on balance that it is worth getting sweaty and dirty over.

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