November 25, 2015


Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi recently attempted to seize absolute power and impose Sharia Law on the Egyptian people.
As a result, massive protests and violence have erupted all across Egypt.  And how did the Obama Administration respond?  By agreeing to send 20 F-16 fighter jets to Egypt as part of the $1 BILLION in U.S. taxpayer dollars that are sent overseas for so-called “foreign aid.”
Senator Rand Paul discussed in his communication to his followers.

He continued with the following:

Yes, I will repeat that!  The Pentagon handed over $213 million dollars worth of F-16 fighter jets to a Muslim Brotherhood-led government hell bent on imposing Sharia Law on Egypt.

It’s this type of insanity I tried to prevent a few months ago when I led the fight to end foreign aid to anti-American regimes!

But as I’m sure you remember, I was mocked by some of my Republican colleagues for attempting to stop taxpayer dollars from flowing to our enemies overseas.

A Republican Senator from Arizona even called my bill “incredibly foolish.”

Now that same colleague of mine is suggesting we withhold foreign aid to Egypt because they’re on the verge of becoming an Islamist state.

Well, we had that opportunity less than two months ago, and they voted against it.

The sad truth is this could end up becoming an international disaster and embarrassment to our country.

Should the troubles in Egypt spiral into a regional conflict with Israel, we could find ourselves in the embarrassing position of supplying arms and billions of dollars to both sides of a shooting war.

Senator Rand Paul continued indicating that we must end this madness and that in the next session of Congress he is going to lead the fight to stop taxpayer dollars from flowing to anti-American regimes overseas.