October 13, 2015

Obama´s Violations of Our Constitution

Obama´s first term in office has made our Constitution and Congress irrelevant.   It is quite clear that during his second presidential term, Obama will act in a more dictatorial manner issuing new executive orders and harsh anti business regulations.

Obama´s first term in office has made our Constitution and Congress irrelevant. After his inauguration, Obama destroyed our Constitution´s separation of powers and checks and balances provisions by naming radical White House czars with enormous ObamaSmugpowers who are not subject to congressional oversight or approval of the Senate. One of Obama´s czars was the communist Van Jones, responsible for Green Energy. When his revolutionary past and outrageous past statements came to light, he was forced to resign. However, he continues to work with the Obama administration and recently CNN hired him as a political commentator.

The appointments of these radical czars with as much power as members of the Cabinet were denounced by several Republican senators as unconstitutional. One Democratic senator Harry Bird of West Virginia even wrote a letter to the president pointing out how those appointments violated the Constitution. The Constitution limits the federal government by dividing power among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. Under a separation of powers, each branch has its unique responsibility, a system that the Founders hoped would prevent any branch of the government from gaining too much power. The Constitution also established a system of checks and balances, whereby each branch of government exercises some control on the others. Unfortunately, Obama has gone beyond an imperial presidency with his illegal power grab.

Obama chooses which laws to enforce and which ones to ignore. He has no respect for the rule of law. The president has criticized the Supreme Court and does not work in a bipartisan way with Congress. As Mitt Romney stated, Obama wants Congress to do it his way or the highway. No other president in our history has shown such blatant disrespect for our Constitution.

Obama displays an arrogant demeanor and acts as if omnipotent in the United States but, in fact, he is impotent abroad with enemy countries such as Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and others. Obama’s party in Congress has not passed a budget in three years. When the Republican-controlled House of Representative sends a budget bill to the Democratic-controlled Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reed refuses to discuss it and kills the bill. In this manner, President Obama spends as much as he wants. For every dollar that Obama spends, he borrows 42 cents.

It is quite clear that during his second presidential term, Obama will act in a more dictatorial manner issuing new executive orders and harsh anti business regulations. The president will continue to bypass and ignore Congress and violate the separation of powers and the checks and balances clauses of our Constitution. The Republican-dominated House of Representatives needs to address Obama’s repeated violations of our Constitution and, if it continues, the Republicans need to impeach the president. Mr. President you need to understand that the United States of America is not a banana republic and this country is not Venezuela or Cuba! We are a nation of laws and you need to respect those laws and do not forget that you swore to protect and defend our Constitution and not to destroy it.

The Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve Bank, which is a banking cartel made up of national and international bankers, issues money out of thin air. This abomination was created on December 23, 1913. The law was signed by President Woodrow Wilson even though it was unconstitutional. Article 1 Section 8 of our Constitution clearly states that only Congress has the power to issue the currency and determine its value. There are many books that explain the role of the banking cartel that created the Federal Reserve Bank, assuming control over our nation´s finances and  our government. However, the best book is called The Creature of Jekyll Island: a Second Look at the Federal Reserve 5th Edition (2010) by G. Edward Griffin. Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia, is where the conspirators secretly met in November 1910.

The secret meeting was called by Senator Nelson Aldrich, Republican  from Rhode Island and chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. Aldrich´s daughter Abby married John. D. Rockefeller, Junior. Sixty years after the secret meeting, Aldrich´s grandson, Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, became the vice president of the United States under President Gerald Ford. Previously, Nelson Rockefeller had served as governor of New York and he ran unsuccessfully for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party.

Another grandson of Senator Nelson Aldrich, David Rockefeller, age 97, has been intensely involved with the Council of Foreign Relations (founded in 1921) and the Bilderberg Group (founded in 1954).  David Rockefeller established the Trilateral Commission in 1973 which is an organization that Senator Barry Goldwater, the Republican Party presidential candidate for the 1964 election, described as “intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States”.

Several authors have written that these extremely powerful organizations are running, behind the scene, the United States and the world. Additionally, the authors of these books state that the ultimate objective of these organizations is to create a New World Order with a world government under the United Nations run by a small elite of billionaire bankers, industrialists and the heads of powerful multinational corporations.

The secret meeting on Jekyll Island initiated by Senator Aldrich was for the purpose of creating the Federal Reserve Bank. In addition to Senator Aldrich, five other individuals met at the Jekyll Island Club House in 1910 (This writer has been several times to this place in Jekyll Island). As indicated in the book The Creature from Jekyll Island (2010) on page five, the five individuals were:

  • Abraham Piatt Andrew, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury.
  • Frank A. Vanderlip, president of the National City Bank of New York, the most powerful of the banks at that time, representing William Rockefeller and the international investment banking house of Kuhn, Loeb & Company.
  • Henry P. Davison, senior partner of the J.P. Morgan Company.
  • Benjamin Strong, head of J.P. Morgan´s Banker Trust Company, later to become the head of the Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Paul M. Warburg, a partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Company, a representative of the Rothschild banking dynasty in England and France, and brother to Max Warburg who was head of the Warburg banking consortium in Germany and the Netherlands.

The six men, along with the bankers that they represented, made up approximately 25% of the total wealth of the entire world.

This book became the Number One best seller in Amazon´s category of money and monetary policy. It also ranks 32 in all non-fiction categories. This book is a classic exposé of the Federal Reserve Bank. It explains the most blatant scam in history. The book has 608 pages and it describes how the Federal Reserve Bank is the cause of inflation, depression, prosperity, boom-bust cycles, and wars. Former Congressman Ron Paul, who served in the House of Representatives Banking Committee and ran for president several times, has repeatedly requested that an independent audit of the Federal Reserve Bank be conducted by the Controller General of the Congress. Ron Paul has called this book “Superb analysis. Be prepared for one heck of a journey through time and mind.”

Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Republican from South Florida, wrote an article in the Diario Las Américas on January 13, 2012 entitled “La apertura de la Reserva Federal” (The Opening of the Federal Reserve). The Congresswoman explained that she is a cosponsor of a Bill H.R. 24 filed by Congressman Paul Broun. This bill, if enacted into law, will require an audit of the Federal Reserve Bank and its branches and to share the information with Congress.  Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen is worried that the Federal Reserve Bank continues to print trillions of dollars that the taxpayers cannot afford. Ros-Lehtinen believes that the public has the right to know exactly to whom this money is being given and in what amounts. She is concerned that the Federal Reserve Bank is giving loans to non-banking firms. Ros-Lehtinen is also worried that in all the actions of the Federal Reserve Bank the American taxpayers have been subjected to great financial risks. If this audit is ever conducted without a cover up, Americans will be greatly surprised to the scam that this nation been subjected since 1913.

The creation of the Federal Reserve Bank was an illegal act since the Congress or a president cannot pass a law that violates the Constitution. Sadly, our nation has tolerated this illegal central bank for almost 100 years. The Fed has been sending Obama billions of dollars via electronic transfers of funds as the president continues to spend money that we do not have and irresponsibly increases our national debt. Obama then gives the owners of the Fed treasury bonds for the same amount that he has borrowed. The Fed is neither federal nor has any reserves. Over the years the Fed has created a massive federal debt and high inflation which is a hidden tax that confiscates our savings and has illegally enriched beyond our imagination the small banking cartel that owns the Fed. Of course, Obama inherited the Fed structure, but no other president has abused the taxpayers and future generations creating trillions of additional federal debt with this illegal privately-own central bank more than him.

The newspaper Wall Street Journal explained in an article called “Overheard” published December 17, 2012 that the Federal Reserve Bank has increased its purchases of treasury and mortgage bonds as of December 12, 2012 to $3.017 trillion, an unbelievable amount of money. It stated: “Congratulations Mr. Bernanke, it’s a bouncing, $3 trillion balance sheet. The Federal Reserve Bank last week crossed yet another Rubicon and given that the Fed in 2013 will  increase outright purchases of treasury and mortgage bonds to $85 billion a month, compared with $40 billion a month currently, it won´t be the last.” Where does the Federal Reserve Bank get these trillions? Certainly not out of the funds of their private banks. Do you know a group of banks that is able to lend over $3 trillion to our federal government? The Federal Reserve Bank is creating an enormous hyper inflation and is rapidly devaluing our currency and destroying the savings of millions of Americans.

On that same day the Wall Street Journal reporter Spencer Jakab wrote an article “China´s Share of Treasuries Quietly Falls.” He explains that China’s Treasury bond holdings have dropped from 8.4% in mid 2011 to 7.3% recently. China is fully aware that we are devaluing our currency and engaging in a dangerous currency war. Jakab explained that China fears that our government´s uncertain fiscal trajectory and trillions in bond purchases by the Federal Reserve Bank will dilute the value of China´s $1.15 trillion in U.S. treasury bonds. China and Russia have stated that they want to abandon the dollar as an international currency. China is now purchasing many corporations throughout the world and in the United States.

Additionally, China is buying tons of gold and many other metals, such as cooper and aluminum, and mines in an effort to reduce their U.S. dollar reserves since that nation is aware that our currency is fast losing its value. Jakab pointed out that in “all likelihood this trend of using dollars to buy hard assets will accelerate in coming years”.  China is engaged in a currency war with the United States by artificially de-valuating its currency to make it difficult for our products from entering its market. China is also engaged in a cyber war against our nation by stealing our industrial and military secrets.

Jakab ended his article by pointing out that: “Foreign investors have more than half of their holdings in Treasuries maturing in four years or less and around 5% maturing in 10 years or more. America’s dependence on skittish foreigners is troublesome. Since 2003, their treasury holdings have risen to 34.5% of gross domestic product (GDP) from less than 12%. The biggest United States investor in treasuries is the Federal Reserve Bank, whose holdings have doubled to 10% of GDP in three years with the money created out of thin air. Who would´t be worried?” It is too bad that this great newspaper did not explain that a domestic and international banking cartel is the one issuing fiat money created out of thin air. I am sure this newspaper reporters and editors are aware on how the Fed operates but they are scared or unable, unlike  me, to write about this most powerful elite of bankers that are not only controlling our nation but also Europe and soon they would like to govern the entire world.

The fiscal cliff and Obama´s irresponsible and unconstitutional laws

Obama is taking our nation rapidly to a fiscal cliff! Both the Senate and the President are violating the law that requires an annual budget. Not one of our 50 states fails to pass an annual budget. In four years, Barack Obama has created $5.5 trillion in additional national debt. Obama has created a very dangerous culture of dependency and our nation has changed from one that values individual responsibility and hard work to a nation of takers and not of makers. Obama has institutionalized government irresponsibility like no other president in history.

It was unprecedented and highly irregular that Obamacare was passed with almost all members of the president´s party not reading its 2,700 pages, as directed by the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. If they had read it, the Democrats would have found that it gives the president unlimited power to issue any rule he desires. He will create “a death panel” of 15 bureaucrats, ration care for those on Medicare, and basically decide who lives or dies. The 15 individuals who Obama will appoint to his panel will decide if someone at a certain age should be denied expensive treatment or be sent home to die. Obama took $716 billion out of Medicare to partially fund Obamacare. This action will result in the rationing of Medicare services. Physicians, hospitals, and nursing homes will receive less money once Obamacare is fully implemented. It is estimated that the quality of care will be jeopardized since hospitals and nursing homes will have to hire less personnel to care for the elderly as they become ill. Some hospitals and nursing homes will go out of business and some doctors will refuse to accept people with Medicare insurance. Many older physicians will retire and a shortage of doctors will ensue.

Obama, in clear violation of the First Amendment of our Constitution that protects our religious freedom, is forcing all Christian religions to offer abortion, sterilization, and contraceptives to their employees in their insurance plans. The Catholic Church has filed multiple lawsuits against the Obama administration and has called, for the first time ever, for civil disobedience since this ruling goes against the Bible and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The 2,319 pages of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act gives Obama unlimited power to control our country’s financial, banking, and investment sectors. This law, which was created by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is not subject to any oversight by Congress. This is another violation of our Constitution since all federal agencies are subjected to Congressional oversight.

Obama has stated that he will issue executive orders and implement any regulation he desires since Congress is not passing the bills he wants. In four years, he has issued a large number of executive orders, more than all previous presidents combined. Now that Obama has been reelected, we are seeing him acting like a dictator since he does not have to worry about running for office again. Barack Obama now will be able to implement the radical transformation of our nation and, at last, achieve the dreams of his Marxist anti colonial father.

Election fraud and cover ups

During the 2012 presidential election, as in the 2008 election, there were major irregularities and massive fraud. People in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina reported that when they clicked Romney on the electronic voting machines, Obama’s name appeared. In Ohio, two election judges were fired for allowing people that were not registered to vote. Others in the same state said that, when they went to vote, they were told that they had already voted with absentee ballot which they had not done. In Ohio´s Woods County, 106,258 people were registered to vote in spite of the fact that only 98,213 were eligible to do so. That was a discrepancy of 108%.

In Cuyahoga County, this includes much of Cleveland, in 21 of its precincts people voted 100% for Obama. In Philadelphia, in 59 precincts 19,600 votes were cast for Obama and not one for Romney. Even though these parts of Cleveland and Philadelphia are inhabited by African Americans, at the national level, 93% of African Americans voted for Obama and 7% for Romney. It is strange that not one vote, even by mistake, was cast for Romney. The total of votes  in Ohio and Pennsylvania for Obama were, indeed, statistical miracles.

The Pew Center in a study found out that 1.75 million dead people are registered to vote in the nation. The newspaper the Columbus Dispatch found out that in Ohio 1 of 5 registered voters are ineligible to vote.

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