February 22, 2018

Common Core Rally Scheduled For Orlando Saturday 29th

Florida Parents Against Common Core is hosting a protest outside the JW Marriott/National Common Core Convention in Orlando on Saturday, June 29th. The protest will be held on the public sidewalk at 4040 Central Florida Parkway (main road in front of JW Mariott) from 11:30 AM until 1:00 PM.

Whitney Neal, Director of Grassroots, for Freedom Works, Inc. reports that “there is parking on the side of the road when you turn ‘Right’ on Whisper Lakes Blvd (second entrance into Marriott). The road is wide enough to park a line of cars. Also, going ‘Left’ on Whisper Lakes Blvd takes you into a neighborhood- parking is available there, or further north on John Young at the Walgreens.” Neal also stated “for those wanting to hold a sign during the protest, please add your group name to the sign (e.g; FPACC, Tea Party/9-12, Stop Common Core, FACCE, FL Stop CCCoalition, ect). You can put the group name in small font. Due to permitting laws we are wanting to show the separate groups representing the ‘Fight Against Common Core’.”