September 27, 2016

Red Alert: Operation American Spring Is Exploding & So Is The Organized Opposition

Guerilla Media Network has fully committed every resource we have available to help promote awareness for the May 16, 2014 event called “Operation American Spring”.  In our discussions with event organizers, we’ve been able to feel much more comfortable with the mission, and we wanted to share them with everyone.  From our perspective, we’ve already seen the “subverters” in full operational mode.  Essentially, there are very powerful forces dedicated to ensuring that this event is not a success.  Below is a list of suggestions as to how we can all contribute to making this event what it needs to be.

As a public service announcement —- here’s the mission; simplified:

1) GET EVERYONE WE CAN TO GO TO DC!  Send as many people to Washington DC on May 16, 2014 as we possibly can.  The ideal situation is to have millions of people show up at the front doorstep of our corrupt leaders and demand they vacate their offices.  We will stay in the streets until each of them leaves.  They will have no other option than to leave.

2) LEADERLESS:  We will achieve success if the “leaders” of this event are people who live at their home addresses and take care of their families. If you care about your family, you are a leader of this event.  Nobody is in charge of getting you off your butt to save your country but YOU!  There are approximately 120 million households in the USA; all potential leaders in this effort to restore our Constitution.

3) PEACEFUL PROTEST: Peacefully convene in the streets coast-to-coast on May 16th and demand that all polticians comply with our peaceful mandate.  If we have 10 million people come out of their homes; stand in the streets with their mouths shut and even with their eyes closed, and stay there til our politicians and banksters leave — WE WIN!  It’s 100% guaranteed that we will take our government back if we simply have faith and determination.

4) ACT NOW!  Between now and May 16th, everyone needs to take some sort of peaceful action in their local communities, and spread awareness on their social media.  If we can immediately schedule weekly meetings at our local VFW, American Legion ot Public Library, we can start the process of nullifying the NDAA within out local towns and cities.  PANDA (People Against the NDAA) has had tremendous success organizing and providing tools for individuals to go to their City Council, and request that they pass legislation to nullify the NDAA.


5) IGNORE ANYONE WHO TRIES TO DISCOURAGE OR DETER US:  People (some of whom are paid to do so) are already trying to attack indiciduals who mention the event.  This is an old and stale method of detraction and subversion, especially to those of us who see it coming a mile away.  Operative within alternative media are starting to write articles and desparage anyone attaching their name to the event.  WE MUST CRUSH THIS TACTIC BY IGNORING THEM.  Col Riley has admitted publicly that he matters the very least in this effort.  If he is removed completely, it shouldn’t matter because leadership needs to come from each community; each household.

Here’s the general rule:  If someone targets an individual who they believe is not suited to lead or volunteer in any capacity, then they should be prepared to replace them.  This is a leaderless event; therefore attacking leadership is a waste of time and distraction.

If someone discourages people from getting involved, you may as well put a dunce cap on their head.  They’re either being paid to discourage people, or they’re trying to suck up to the establishment in trying to keep people at home.  Anyone who cares about our country will support this event in their own way.  Anyone who opposes it , or attempts to dissuade people from trying to save our country should be formally considered our opposition.

During the “Trucker’s Ride for The Constitution” back in October 2013, there were many powerful entities trying to stop the event.  Even top alternative media personalities were attempting to create fear by telling their audience that “truck were going to deliver nukes” or “the national guard is on the streets!”; this was their method of convincing people to stay home.  Whoever they are working for is obviously not on the side of the American people.  Why was this event sabotaged?  Because we were proposing shutting down commerce to Washington DC with the truckers.  When you go up against the man, always remember that the man has a lot of money at his disposal to stop you.

We have to chose one of two option:  (1) Attempt a peaceful means to take our government back  or (2) Submit to tyranny and enslavement.  If we opt for #2, our children will have to die trying to fight off what they have inherited from us.

The choice is yours.  Make no excuses. Don’t wait for someone else to save your country.  It’s time for each of us to pitch in.  For those of you who wish to “wait & see” what others will do, please recognize that you are doing EXACTLY what those who steal trillions from us want your to do.

Resist the temptation to hide behind your computer.  Get off your arse and save your country; even if you have to do it all by yourself.

Here’s the text from the main page of Col. Roley’s website.  Please go to his website and share everything on it.  Copy, paste & share. if his site is taken down, we should have millions of backups.  Instruct others to do the same.

Please listen to the interview with Col. Riley on The Pete Santilli Show on Thursday, December 16, 2014. The 30 minute interview starts at the :30 minute mark of the first hour.  (Click here to visit YouTube directly)

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