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Putin: Key Player in the “New World Order”

Shortly before getting on the plane, 10-year-old Miguel Calehr, as countless children do before flying, asked his mother what would happen when it crashed. “Come on, don’t be silly, you’ve been traveling already so many times,” Miguel’s mom, Samira Calehr, remembers telling her nervous son. “Everything’s going to be OK.” The boy was still frightened […]

House hearing hits Secret Service culture following failures at White House

U.S. Secret Service Director Julia Pierson (C) takes her seat to testify at the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on “White House Perimeter Breach: New Concerns about the Secret Service” on Capitol Hill in Washington September 30, 2014. At left, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee ranking member Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) shakes hands […]

Latest Liberal Lunacy: Global Warming Created ISIS

But, leftists believe the real threat in Syria is not ISIS. It’s global warming. In fact, the left believes climate change created ISIS and imperils Afghan girls who want to attend school. Yes, really. Charles B. Strozier, a Professor of History, The City University of New York, and Kelly Berkell, Attorney and research associate, Center […]

Breaking: Ebola confirmed inside U.S.

The Centers for Disease Control have confirmed a “critically ill” person in Dallas, Texas, has contracted the Ebola virus – and the individual had been in the country for eight days before being hospitalized. Officials say the first case of Ebola in the United States, not brought for special treatment, has been identified and the […]

Why worry about ‘no boots’ when Obama’s heart isn’t in the battle against radical Islam?

With Obama MIA in almost 60 percent of his PDB, where is he getting his information? Aside from the Arabs, who would back him 100 percent, Western leaders signing up for the ragtag coalition to take on ISIS, should be asked by their masses why they would send soldiers into a battle led by a […]

Hong Kong Protesters Defy Officials’ Call to Disperse

  HONG KONG — A wave of protest in Hong Kong that engulfed the city could continue into the week as thousands of residents defied a government call on Monday to abandon street blockades, students boycotted classes and the city’s influential bar association added its condemnation of a police crackdown on protesters. The public resistance […]


The United States has launched a huge number of drone strikes under President Obama.  It’s widely accepted and extremely terrifying. Drones are a extremely serious matter. OTHER POSTS OF INTEREST TO YOU: Hollywood Hypocrite Jim Carrey Called Out For Promoting Socialism – By A Journalist From V… During a recent appearance on the Bill Maher […]

President Obama the Liar-in-Chief in the White House

All presidents in America have had to lie occasionally to Americans and people around the world. Some have done it for national security reasons and others to cover up scandals in their administrations. All Americans remember that President Bill Clinton stated under a deposition in the White House regarding whether he had sex with Monica […]

[Watch] Judge Jeanine – “Batten Down the Hatches” Greatest Threat to America in Over 200 Years

Judge Jeanine Pirro says that America faces the biggest threat in our over 200 year history. It’s her opinion that it is a threat greater than what we faced in either World War and greater than al-Qaeda. She says, “I’m telling you ISIS, if not already on American soil, will be here. They are coming. […]

ALERT: Muslim Murderer Posted These Horrifying Pictures on Facebook That Prove He Was Waging JIHAD

Alton Nolen, also known as “Jah’Keem Yisrael” on Facebook, the individual who beheaded an Oklahoma woman and stabbed another at a factory where the three worked is appearing more and more likely to have been connected in some way to radical terror group ISIS, as new pictures emerge proving he declared Jihad on America. Investigators […]

Mr. President, How Is It NOT Islam?

How do you tie together all of the major terrorist events on American soil since 9/11? Simple, you study the woven web behind the Moore, Oklahoma beheader Alton Nolen. He converted to Islam in prison and sat under the influence of imam Suhaib Webb. Webb was connected to the greater Islamic Society of Oklahoma. Webb […]

Obama Sits Down With 60 Minutes, Blames Everyone But Self For Burning World

Last night President Obama sat down for an interview on 60 Minutes where he discussed everything from ISIS to the economy. On ISIS:  President Obama shifted blame for the failure to combat ISIS sooner to the intelligence community, saying agencies tasked with threat assessment dropped the ball. Blaming the broad “intelligence community” is one of […]

Bloody Jihad Comes To Oklahoma

Right in my freaking back yard! The religion of pieces has struck in Moore, Oklahoma yesterday. Alton Alexander Nolen, 30 years old and an ardent Muslim, got fired from his job yesterday at a food processing plant. He had been actively recruiting fellow workers to Islam. When the infidels fired his sorry ass, he decided […]

Another One: Fired OK City Nursing Home Employee Threatened to Behead Co-Worker

In what the local media is calling “a bizarre coincidence,” a fired Oklahoma City nursing home worker was arrested Friday after allegedly threatening to cut a co-worker’s head off. Via The Oklahoman:  Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, 30, is being held in the Oklahoma County jail on a terrorism complaint. His bail is set at $1 million. […]

EXCLUSIVE: The Jihad Origins of the Oklahoma Beheader’s Hamas-Mosque

Mufid Abdel Qader, the younger half-brother of Hamas’ supreme political leader and world’s leading terrorist, Khaled Mashal (right), was the founder and  incorporator for the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City mosque, the beheader’s mosque. Abdulqader, one of the Holy Land 5  jihadists, was convicted of providing material support to terrorists in the largest Islamic terrorism […]

Obama Enacts Executive Action to Allow Some DREAMers to Serve in Military

On the day Attorney General Eric Holder announced his resignation, President Barack Obama enacted an executive action on Thursday to allow certain DREAMers to serve in the military and be put on an expedited path to citizenship. Obama vowed to hold off on broad executive amnesty that would also potentially grant temporary work permits to […]

Breaking! Benghazi Bombshell: Valerie Jarrett, Commander In Chief

Confidential sources close to Conservative Report have confirmed that Valerie Jarrett was the key decision-maker for the administration, the night of the Benghazi terrorist attack on 9/11/2012. . The chronology of the evening of 9/11 are as follows: At approximately 5 PM Washington time, reports came in through secure-channels that Special Mission Benghazi was under […]

Pope Francis Calling Out Common Core When Criticizing About “Guinea Pig” Education Programs

  Not only has Pope Francis come out strong the past two weeks with his fearless stance against abortion – but, now, the pope has also begun focusing on health & human rights issues, as well as EDUCATION. And, I am talking about education in the United States. WATCH THE VIDEO: Pope Francis talked about the […]

US-led airstrikes hit Syria oil refinery by Turkey

Raw: Navy Jets Participate in Iraq Missions SANLIURFA, Turkey (AP) — Airstrikes likely carried out by the U.S.-led coalition struck an oil refinery in Syria held by the Islamic State group on Sunday, shaking buildings and sending flames shooting into the air near the Turkish border, a witness and activists said. Al-Qaida’s Syrian affiliate meanwhile […]


Good riddance to bad rubbish (definition); said when you are pleased that a bad or unwanted person has gone. The supreme end of education is expert discernment in all things–the power to tell the good from the bad, the genuine from the counterfeit, and to prefer the good and the genuine to the bad and […]

Watch: Eric Holder Scandal Montage

From Fast & Furious to the IRS scandal, Eric Holder’s time as Attorney General of the Department of Justice has been littered with lies. “The Justice Department is probably the most dangerous domestic department in the executive branch when you have someone who is willing to abuse its power,” Senior Fellow at The Heritage Foundation Hans Von […]

Top Two Weapons In US Campaign Against ISIS Both Cancelled By Obama

Fortunately for President Obama, the world he described Wednesday as being “at a crossroads between war and peace” started its descent into chaos before the full effect of his dramatic cuts to American defenses could be implemented. A fact not loss on administration critics and military planners is that at least two key weapons programs cancelled […]

Oklahoma Beheader Linked to Al Qaeda Leader Awlaki, Boston Bomber’s Mosque

 Suhaib Webb, an Imam with ties to former Al Qaeda mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki, had also previously been the leader of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, which had been attended by Alton Nolen — the man who on Thursday beheaded a former coworker after recently converting to Islam, Breitbart News has learned. Webb now […]

10 Ways Conservatives Can Appeal to Hispanics (Without Becoming More Liberal)

Far too many conservatives have grown pessimistic about the prospect of Hispanics ever agreeing with their policy prescriptions. Others have erred in the opposite direction, suggesting that only shifts in tone or even engaging in a pandering competition with liberals could fix the problem. These approaches are wrong and self-defeating. If conservatives allow liberals to […]


Governor Scott, Kim McDougal, One insidious element of Common Core is “assessment”. High stakes standardized testing has been a problem (read: it is not beneficial to the children) since before Common Core. The fact is, the teacher is still the best source of assessment of student achievement. There are alternatives to standardized tests. Therefore, school […]


For the sake of a uniformity in education promoted as a good so that when students move to different schools they will be on the same page in their various courses (the strongest favorable argument), and so that extensive testing can measure student progress comparatively through the common core (more “educating to the test”), a […]


TO THE EDITOR: Please read the two e-mails below from two of our top Catholic sources in the country who serve to educate the Catholic Faithful and the entire country on the dangers of Common Core. Like I have been saying since Day I, when you put the terms “Government”, the Bill & Melinda Gates […]

Top Ten Things Parents Hate About Common Core

This is the year new national Common Core tests kick in, replacing state tests in most locales, courtesy of an eager Obama administration and the future generation’s tax dollars. It’s also the first year a majority of people interviewed tell pollsters they’ve actually heard of Common Core, four years after bureaucrats signed our kids onto […]

Oklahoma woman beheaded in workplace attack by man who had allegedly tried to convert co-workers to Islam

It’s interesting that the cops would mention the conversion angle so soon in the investigation. The suspect, Alton Nolen, had just been fired from the business, a classic trigger for the sort of rampage people typically think of when they hear about “workplace violence.” But the fact that this was a beheading and that it […]

Malik Obama and his Terrorists Connections

Another major scandal has hit President Barack Obama, this time the scandal involves his half-brother Malik Roy Abongo Obama and his terrorist connections with Hamas, the government of Sudan and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) granting an illegal tax-exempt status to his foundation. Walid Shoebat, a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood and author of […]