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Best description of Barack Obama ever written.

The first paragraph of Mr. Wheeler’s statement is perfect. The O-man, Barack Hussein Obama, is an eloquently tailored empty suit.  No resume, no accomplishments, no experience, no original ideas, no understanding of how the economy works, no understanding of how the world works, no balls, nothing but abstract, empty rhetoric devoid of real substance. He […]

Surprise: 96 Percent of Illegal Immigrant Families With Deportation Orders Never Showed Up to Immigration Hearings

  When tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from Central America crossed the border earlier this year, many of them had to be released on their own recognizance because there simply wasn’t enough space to detain them all. Now, a Houston television station has confirmed what we knew would happen all along: the vast majority of […]

Police Killed By Guns Up 56% in 2014

  A new report out found a sharp rise in the number of police officers killed by guns in 2014, including 15 of what the Associated Press calls “ambush” shootings. As the Associated Press reports: The number of law enforcement officers killed by firearms jumped by 56 percent this year and included 15 ambush deaths… […]

No longer merely on the way, the Revolution is here

The intent of Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America and those of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA are one and the same.  Both foment for the kind of revolution that will take down America and toss it into the dust bin of history. It’s a union made in Hell and, incredibly, the melding of this deadly […]

NYPD Arrests Down 66 Percent amid Safety Concerns, Rift with De Blasio

New York Police Department arrests were down “66 percent” during the week of Christmas, compared to arrests for the same time period in 2013. This drop comes as “officers feel betrayed by [Mayor Bill de Blasio] and fear for their safety.” According to the New York Post, the “66 percent” drop in arrests is complimented by […]

In the wake of U.S. concessions, increased repression in Cuba

Saying “I told you so” is so frustrating, especially when one has no option but to say it over and over and over, ad nauseam…. Arrests. Threats. Physical abuse.  Intimidation.  Repression. These are the Christmas gifts that “smart diplomacy” and “visionary” policy changes on the part of the U.S. have brought to the Cuban people. […]

New Year’s Eve Protests Set To Shut Down Major Cities Across America

To cap off a year marked by race-based, anti-police demonstrations, a number of activist groups are banding together in an effort to stage significant protests in multiple cities this New Year’s Eve. One New York-based organization is taking the lead by organizing an event in that city scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. at Union Square […]

Christians Now Outnumber Communists in China

Though the Chinese Communist Party is the largest explicitly atheist organization in the world, with 85 million official members, it is now overshadowed by an estimated 100 million Christians in China. It is no wonder Beijing is nervous and authorities are cracking down on Christian groups. Christianity is growing so fast in China that some […]

2014: The Year The Liberal Lies Died

  Every single thing liberals say is a lie. No exceptions. We conservatives always knew it, but 2014 was the year when the rest of America began to understand. And 2014 was the year that Americans had to choose sides – would they stand with the liberal liars or with us conservatives? Last November, they […]

Barack Obama: the best US president Iran ever had

Imagine if Mitt Romney had accurately predicted that a re-elected Barack Obama would restore Iran’s prestige as a regional power, cover for them as they completed their nuclear weapons research, and turn Iraq into a bloody quagmire where Tehran would become a major player as a de facto U.S. ally.  Obama’s media cheerleaders would have […]

DeBlasio Booed At NYPD Graduation

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio received some boos and heckles Monday at a police graduation ceremony, the latest chapter in his tension-filled relationship with the nation’s largest police force. The rift between de Blasio and much of the rank and file has grown considerably in recent weeks, and the […]

Giuliani: Obama Uses Sharpton as a ‘Poster Boy for Hating the Police’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said President Barack Obama’s close relationship with Al Sharpton makes it clear to law enforcement across America he doesn’t understand them. “He has had Al Sharpton to the White House 85 times,” Giuliani said. “Often when he’s talking abut police issues, he has […]

Feds To Hire 1,000, Spend $48 Million To Process Executive Amnesty Applications

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 17: Immigration Services officer Norma Christian speaks with an immigrant before a naturalization ceremony held at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), office on May 17, 2013 in New York City. One hundred and fifty immigrants from 38 different countries became U.S. citizens at the event. Some 11 million […]

Obama’s sweetheart deal for Cuba’s repressive apartheid dictatorship mired in questions and secrecy

What else would you expect from the most transparent administration EVAH! Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Why Isn’t Obama Being Transparent About His Deal With Cuba’s Regime? When President Obama first took office in 2009, he declared that “transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their government is doing.” Well, either Obama is […]

Racial unrest in Ferguson and New York is a Communist Revolution

50 Years Ago a pro-Castro Commie Murdered Our President. Today a pro-Castro Commie IS, your president. The last words of Eric Garner: “I can’t breathe” were taken directly from his lips, plagiarized and put into use by the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. The overnight outbreak of violence in Ferguson and New York, including looting and […]

Thousands of NYPD Officers Turn Their Backs as de Blasio Speaks at Funeral

by Katie McHugh 27 Dec 2014 New York, NY 3508 Thousands of NYPD officers turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio as his speech at Officer Rafael Ramos’s funeral Saturday morning. Section of NYPD in Myrtle Av block from church turn their backs as Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks @ #RafaelRamos funeral pic.twitter.com/kfyEWZGFg0 — […]

URGENT: Here’s What the Media Is Trying to HIDE About the Race Rioters

Most mainstream media outlets have been conveniently leaving out some key information with regard to recent anti-police protests that have taken place in New York City over the past few weeks. The missing information? While mainstream media report that the protests seem to be “spontaneous,” the real truth is that they’re highly organized and led […]

SPECIAL REPORT: Meet The Agitators Behind the New York Protests and Cop Killings

  As riots and police attacks ratchet up, America needs a primer on who is behind all the violence and chaos. The media and our Marxist government would have you believe that the protests across the nation are spontaneous reactions to the cop-related murders of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Both were black young men […]

UPDATE: 911 Threat Alleges US Border Patrol Agent Kidnapped by Mexican Cartel

The U.S. Border Patrol agency released the following update to Breitbart Texas: As of 10 am local time all on duty RGV sector agents have been accounted for. At this time RGV sector has not been able to corroborate the authenticity of the phone call received by the La Joya Police Department. Nevertheless through an […]

Amnesty Order’s Price Tag: $48 Million a Year and Climbing

The high cost of President Barack Obama’s executive action in granting amnesty from deportation for as many as 5 million illegal aliens is beginning to be revealed — for openers, 1,000 new federal employees to process them, at $40 million in salaries per year, and a newly signed $7.8 million annual lease for office space […]

5 More Surprises Hiding in the CRomnibus Bill

5 More Surprises Hiding in the CRomnibus Bill Congress rushed out of town this month, leaving in its wake a 1,603-page monstrosity of a spending bill that combined what ought to have been 11 separate appropriations bills into a single piece of legislation. The so-called CRomnibus (called that because it required a Continuing Resolution funding […]

Anti-De Blasio banner seen above Hudson River

Jersey Shore Aerial Advertising An anti-de Blasio ad was flown over the Hudson River. The bad blood between NYPD cops and Mayor de Blasio became an air war Friday. A plane trailing a banner reading “DE BLASIO, OUR BACKS HAVE TURNED TO YOU” flew over the Hudson River in a show of disdain for the […]

The Communist Resurgence

Few, if any, would have guessed that as we arrive at the end of 2014, Barack Obama would give a Christmas present to communists around the world. Two communist regimes, Cuba and North Korea, defeated Barack Obama the week before Christmas. The North Koreans were able to hack a Hollywood film company’s computers. That company, […]

Infamy: Obama’s Sperm Diplomacy With Cuba

The architect of the destruction of the United States, President Barack Obama, has apologized throughout the world for America’s foreign-policy, bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, appeased dictators from all over the world, sent money to Hamas, and conducted a gun-running operation from Libya to Turkey to Syria, which ended mostly in the hands […]

Trouble in Berkeley, Missouri

Holder and Obama prefers the company of uber race-baiter Al Sharpton. It is this trio of men, along with New York’s equally feckless Mayor, Bill de Blasio, who have cultivated the “us against them” mentality Another seemingly justified police shooting near Ferguson, MO briefly followed a sadly predictable script. In nearby Berkeley, a white police […]

Giuliani Slams Obama, de Blasio, and Sharpton for “Anti-Police” Propaganda

Al Sharpton is a Jihadist thug sympathizer who pushes the Obama’s Black Panthers revolution in America. The Obama’s liberal media is hiding the fact that the murderer of the two brave NYPD police officers following by suicide was member of Jihadist Mozlem Brother terrorist organization in Cleveland Ohio as he called the police officers that […]

Why this Cuban-American millennial will never support Obama’s betrayal

In May 1981, my mom and her family were forced to leave their home in Havana, Cuba. They, along with thousands of others, sought asylum at the Peruvian embassy, no longer wanting to live in a country where they could be brutally punished for not conforming with the Castro regime. My family came to this […]

NYPD Sources: No Arrests During #ShutDown5thAve Protests, per De Blasio

  Breitbart News learned from an NYPD source that officers made no arrests Tuesday night, despite bottles being hurled at police and protesters committing other violations of the law. That’s how Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton wanted it, the source explained. “Last night was an abortion–air mail. The bosses are weak. [They] […]

Obama Hides Executive Abuses by Calling Decrees “Memoranda”

Despite promising repeatedly on the campaign trail to rein in George W. Bush’s executive-branch usurpations of power, Obama has been spewing a particular type of unconstitutional decree at a rate unprecedented in U.S. history. While the Obama administration has indeed unleashed a full-throated attack on the Constitution using “executive orders,” even more of his decrees […]

How Democrats Fundamentally Changed from the Party of JFK to the Party of BHO

As a young man I was a JFK Democrat. He was my American idol. It was the time of Camelot and at the peak of American economic, political and military power. JFK embodied a vision of the future that has been fundamentally changed by BHO. Allow me to point out a few examples of how […]