March 26, 2019

What have we learned from the death of Kate Steinle?

Unknown-27A few weeks ago we heard of another crime related to the immigration crisis plaguing the United States. Kate Steinle, a 32 year old woman, was killed by a Mexican illegal immigrant by the name of Francisco Lopez Sanchez.

The tragic incident occurred in San Francisco, while Kate Steinle was walking in a tourist area. San Francisco is one of those cities in California considered a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants.

Kate Steinle’s death brought to light several deplorable events currently taking place in the U.S.

I will mention some of them.

The hypocrisy of some politicians and the media surfaced once again. Some minimized the incident. Others tried to cover up the immigration reforms implemented by this administration. Of course, there were those who blamed the murderer exclusively, regardless of the danger that sanctuary cities represent to the safety of the american people.

Kate’s murder is further evidence of the lack of protection that exists in the United States thanks to the present immigration policies. Indeed, Barack Obama changed the rules. The president stopped the deportations and obstructed the functions of the immigration agencies across the country. Obviously, the impact of these measures have affected our borders and the security in many cities negatively. The crime committed in San Francisco is a typical example of such measures.

President Obama, on more than one occasion, decided to free thousands of jailed illegals from our country’s prisons, including those with criminal records. Francisco Lopez Sanchez was one of those criminals who was let free before killing Kate Steinle.

The president’s policies had implications and dire consequences nationwide. Ironically, when Barack Obama decided to release illegals and other detainees, he said that his decision “was not a threat to public safety”.

Lopez Sanchez had previous arrests, was deported 5 times, had 7 felony charges, and a history of drug use. Despite all of this, he was walking free on the streets of San Francisco, just like an ordinary citizen.

In 2013 President Obama freed 30,007 detainees. In 2014 the number increased to 30,558. According to a report by the Center for Immigration Studies, these people were serving more than 150,000 convictions for various offenses and crimes, including sexual assault, kidnapping and murder.

Lets also remember that Barack Obama decided to relocate illegal immigrants after they crossed the Mexican border. The president used buses and airplanes to transport thousands to multiple cities in the United States, not to their countries of origin. Some were even welcomed into military bases around the country.

Despite multiple crimes committed by some illegal immigrants in recent years, the liberal media and the Obama administration have done nothing to correct or alleviate the problem. On the contrary, the White House recently blamed the Republican Party for the crime committed in San Francisco.

The murder of Kate Steinle also unleashed a massive attack from the liberal media, democrats and some republicans against the presidential candidate Donald Trump. By the way, Trump has been the only candidate who has consistently denounced the immigration crisis as it is.

The immigration crisis has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Unfortunately, no president in recent decades, republican or democrat, has been able to solve the problem, and Barack Obama has worsened it.

Not surprisingly, Sargent Anita Shaw, a black woman who lost her son after being killed by an illegal immigrant, said this about Donald Trump: “He’s running for president, he is trying to do something, and they want him to shut down”.

Kate’s murder has left traces that will be hard to forget.

What have we learned from the death of Kate Steinle?

That the populist actions taken by president Obama are a threat to the public safety of all people living in this country, regardless of race, age or national origin.

That Barack Obama has legalized illegal immigration and is directly responsible for the crisis currently affecting the United States.

That left-wing politicians and liberals in this country are more interested in the “Latino vote” than the safety of their citizens.

That Barack Obama ignores crimes committed against white people. Until the time of this writing there has been no official statement, press conference or any investigation ordered by the White House after the murder of Kate Steinle. Also, no one from the administration attended the funeral services of Kate Steinle .

That, unfortunately the country’s liberal media covers up these failed policies without considering the risk imposed to the population.

That while liberals and the Obama administration decide not to enforce the immigration laws, (like any other country in the world), citizens will pay the consequences, and sometimes, with their own lives.

That “sanctuary” cities are part of the problem. The present immigration policies have made “sanctuary” cities places that protect and hide criminals and illegal immigrants without considering the safety and the lives of the american people.

That President Obama, Californian Governor Jerry Brown, Attorney General Kamala Harris and San Francisco authorities, all share the same responsibility for the death of Kate Steinle. If each of them had respected and enforced immigration rules, Kate Steinle may be alive and well.