May 23, 2018


teen-girl-depressionWhy colleges are leaving so many students angry, indoctrinated, degraded, depressed and broke.

Americans are understandably alarmed at the hordes of “migrants” and “refugees” streaming into this country, many steeped in worldviews profoundly opposed to Western, democratic values, and thus not only unlikely to assimilate, but even posing a danger to the nation.

But what about the hordes of young adults streaming into American society from this country’s colleges, many of them likewise indoctrinated in a worldview utterly antithetical to bedrock American values and who are not only ignorant of, but contemptuous toward, this nation’s unique system of individual liberty, Judeo-Christian morality and limited government?

Like the legions entering America from adversarial foreign cultures, many of these “new arrivals” from totalitarian campus cultures are also likely to come into serious conflict with a constitutional republic which, as John Adams said, was “fit only for a moral and religious people.”

Today’s news reports increasingly feature bizarre, unbelievable stories from America’s colleges. For example, one recent viral video report documented almost 60 Yale students enthusiastically signing a petition to repeal the First Amendment – the one that guarantees their own right to freedom of speech, religion, the press, assembly, and, ironically, to petition!

Equally disturbing were reports that, as news broke of November’s Friday the 13th Paris terror attacks that paralyzed the French capital and resulted in 130 gruesome murders and another 368 wounded, college activists in the U.S. bitterly complained that the media were focusing on Paris and terrorism – and no longer obsessing over them and their “grievances” (alleged racial incidents like the mysterious appearance of a “poop-swastika” on the wall of a University of Missouri dormitory bathroom).

Some characterize the growing campus madness as a “war on free speech” or “on the First Amendment,” while others decry “political correctness run amok” and the phantom menace of “micro-aggressions” (harmless statements with no malintent, but nevertheless deemed aggressive attacks on “minority populations”). Still others focus on the wider political implications, i.e., the indoctrination of students to serve as “useful idiots” and “ground troops” for the radical left’s ongoing transformation of America.

But these characterizations, while true enough, are incomplete and don’t encompass the deeper reality of what is actually occurring on many of America’s college campuses.

Source: WND, Whistleblower