March 25, 2017


protests on bathroom directiveOn Monday, AFA notified families of President Obama’s directive for local school districts to implement his radical agenda that allows boys to use girl’s restrooms and locker rooms. This proposal endangers our children and undermines parental rights. By allowing kids access to facilities of the opposite sex we are fostering a confusing and unhealthy environment for our students. This must not stand!

Thank you for contacting your governor and state representatives and urging them to denounce Obama and his lawless decree. As a result, over a dozen governors have openly rebuked the president’s dangerous agenda.

AFA needs your help on the local level now, specifically contacting your state superintendent and your local school. In order to stop this reckless agenda, we want to contact each state department of education and local school board.

Take Action

  1. Contact your state superintendent and urge them to protect students and disregard this directive.
  2. Contact your local school officials and urge him to protect students by also disregarding this directive. Click on your state below for contact information.
  3. If possible, send a report of your action to [email protected]. Be sure to include the school name and other key information in your report.
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Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association