April 25, 2018


You Owe Them Nothing - Not Respect, Not Loyalty, Not ObedienceIf you have not read the House Select Committee on Benghazi’s report, I encourage you to do so.  I know we are all pressed for time and reading a 700-page report may not be feasible, so if your time is limited I recommend you read “Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Facilities in Benghazi” which can be found below.

You will be disgusted and astonished by the obstruction, lies and dishonor of senior officials in the Obama administration.  After having read the House Select Committee’s report I’ve extracted a few key findings, which I did not know, and I want to share this with you in the hope that you will share with others.

For instance, according to the testimony of Secretary of Defense Panetta within an hour of the attack he meet with Obama in the WH. Obama gave the orders as follows;

“The President made clear that we ought to use all of the resources at our disposal to try to make sure we did everything possible to save lives there.” (Panetta Transcript at 24)

Panetta testified that at 6pm he had identified “three distinct capabilities” to deploy to Benghazi, and by 7pm [DC time] he “issued the order to deploy the identified assets.” (Panetta Transcript at 25-26)

In the testimony Panetta is asked the question again, and states that the order was a “deploy order” not “pre-deploy”.

Here enters the Department of State and Hillary Clinton.

As described in vast detail in the report, a deputies meeting was convened shortly after State learned that the Pentagon was “spinning up as we speak”.  Participating in this meeting would be Hillary Clinton and deputies from State, the Pentagon and White House, both the President and Secretary of Defense were absent from this meeting.

The transcripts and emails of this meeting read like a Roman tale of betrayal and treason.  Americans were dying and dozens of more lives in grave danger, however the first concern of Hillary & Co was the diplomatic impact this might have with the Libyan government, e.g. “State department emphasized any deployment of U.S. Forces into Libya needed approval from the Government of Libya.” (page 111 Part I Redacted DR)


Did Hillary get approval from the Government of Pakistan before the Pentagon sent in Navy Seals to kill bin Laden?  Americans might recall the cozy picture of Hillary and Obama huddled in the WH situation room.  Where were they during the attack in Benghazi?

The Select Committee’s report clearly demonstrates that Hillary’s 7:30pm meeting undeniably derailed the orders of both the President and Secretary of Defense to deploy identified assets to Benghazi.

To add insult to injury, the endless frantic calls for help from Annex personnel to the Libyan government and police for escort to the Benghazi airport went on deaf ears.  No one in the Libyan government lifted a finger to help.  And yet it was the very men deposed and forced into hiding, Gaddafi loyalists, who answered the call from the Annex and in less than two hours organized a convoy of some 50-heavily armed vehicles to rescue the over 25 Americans.

If you’ve seen the movie 13 Hours you will recall this scene in the end of the movie.  Those men were Gaddafi’s men, not the Libyan government!  As we know, no U.S. military assets deployed to rescue Americans.

If you don’t have time to read the House Select Committee report also below, here are a few key findings I’ve extracted.

  1.  Hillary participated in a deputies meeting at 7:30pm and obstructed direct orders of the Secretary of Defense and President to deploy all assets to Benghazi.  She derailed the orders by insisting the Libyan government must obtain “host nation approval”, and was concerned about any US military wearing uniforms and requested they change into civilian clothing before entering Libya.

2.  The only Libyan force to respond to the pleas for help from the Americans in the Annex was Gaddafi’s former military officer who came out of hiding (exposing their position), who in less than 2 hours arrived with a 50-heavly armed convoy to save the remaining Americans.  The call from the Annex came from them to this group “Libyan Military Intelligence” at 4:32am.  They arrived by 6:16am.  Neither CIA nor DOS knew they existed, but rather a sympathetic Libyan police officer gave a CIA officer their contact information and the rest is history.

As Gowdy pointed out in his interviews, it would be the very men deposed by the US and NATO in the revolution who would respond to the call for help.  Not a single entity in the current Libyan government (put into power by Hillary’s war in Libya)… did anything.

  1.   1:30am Libya time (7:30pm DC) Glen Doherty and his “Tripoli Team” arrive to Benghazi airport and begin coordinating transport to Annex.  No Libyan assets were at airport to support them when they arrived.  Eventually Libya Shield sends a local militia (branch of Libyan Shield) to transport them from airport to annex.  This is when “pings” from Amb Stevens “personal tracking device” goes off 25 meters from them at the Benghazi airport.  Tripoli Team realizes that militia sent by Libya Shieldto transport them has Amb Stevens items and was near his body….

Libyan Shield local militia escorts Tripoli Team from Benghazi airport to annex.  Militia leaves when mortar strike begins at the “direction of an individual who was standing next to Abu Khatallah during the attacks”.  This individual is identified as Commander of the Militia of Libyan Shield, Wissam bin Hamid.  Libyan Shield Sub-Commander states that this was a planned set up to wait for the Tripoli Team to enter Annex then launch the mortar attack.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tyronne Woods father this past Wednesday and I will leave you with the words of a father grieving the loss of his son;

“My son in his 20-years of service as a Navy Seal always believed that if there was a comprise of the mission he and others would be extracted. That did not happen with this… that did not happen here.  I wanted to find out who made the decision not to rescue and why that decision was made. The problem being is that the stories keep changing.  The principal parties (Secretary of State …) have all changed their stories multiple times…  I don’t have closure…”

Stephanie M. Jason is an international business consultant who is a Middle East and North Africa expert. Stephanie was a friend of the late Ambassador Chris Stevens and was with him in Tripoli, Libya two months prior to his murder in Benghazi. Stephanie is a Donald Trump supporter.