February 20, 2018

Photo Of Melania Frowning At The Inauguration Goes Viral — But Not For The Reason Most People Think

A meme of Melania Trump frowning while on stage at her husband’s inauguration last Friday is making the rounds on the Internet, but there’s a reason for the first lady’s solemn expression.

(Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

In the short clip that has gone viral, Melania smiles when Donald Trump turns around and says something to her, but her face falls flat after he turns back around to face the crowd. However, as Mary Katherine Ham at the Federalist smartly points out, it’s because Rev. Franklin Graham took the stage and began his prayer.

Melania smiles when he says, “Mr. President, in the Bible, rain is a sign of God’s blessing. And it started to rain, Mr. President, when you came to the platform.”

(Photo: YouTube screen grab)

Then she gets serious when Graham moves on to, “And it’s my prayer that God will bless you, your family, your administration, and may He bless America.”

(Photo: YouTube screen grab)

The moment happens around the 2:52:05 mark.



In fact, Melania actually looked pretty darn happy on the day of the inauguration.

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Source: The Daily Caller