May 21, 2018

The end of a nightmare

The day has finally arrived to celebrate the end of eight nightmare years of anti-Constitution social justice Progressive central government.

The old guard is being replaced by Trump’s law and order conservatives, epitomized by James Mattis and Jeff Sessions.

My National Guard son’s commander in chief is no longer a pusillanimous man-child who boldly proclaimed a Syrian red line with no consequence and withdrew our troops from Iraq.  Assad’s mass murder and expanded geographic control by ISIS ensued.

As Trump declared in his non-pandering inauguration address (I won’t miss Obama’s lofty and soaring speeches), the political establishment has protected only itself, not the people, despite its pretense.

Now there’s hope to halt the assault on our health care enterprise, fiscal insanity, public school system takeover, dwindling military, economic stagnation, Benghazi betrayal, increased government dependency, forced income redistribution, unmitigated illegal immigration, multiplying sanctuary cities, exacerbated race wars, perilous international enfeeblement and Iran appeasement, the release of dozens of master terrorists from Guantanamo, granting clemency to dozens of incarcerated felons (including a seditionist who publicized information that empowered the Taliban), and Saul Alinsky-style corruption.

Elevating sovereignty of the people, returning state power, and restoring constitutionalism will be a massive fight, because the political and regulatory establishment, media, popular culture, academia, courts, government dependents, globalists, liberals, and environmentalists will viciously attack every effort to dismantle prevailing socialism.  The history of Progressivism confirms their ideological warfare mindset and obsession with power for power’s sake alone.

I say, stop with the political correctness and take it to the entrenched ruling class.  Defeat Progressive ideology and its unconscionable Harry Reid-style resistance to government reform and liberty.  Revive and teach America’s first principles and its heritage.

Watch for constant, massive, hysterical protests and resistance by those who foolishly equate statism with liberty.  Social justice and leviathan government are their security blanket and religion.

Source: American Thinker