May 22, 2018

Fascist Left Targets Advertisers in Attempt to Silence Breitbart and The Gateway Pundit

If you can’t beat them in the arena of ideas — DESTROY THEM!

The American left is now doing anything they can to silence anyone who poses a threat to their failed ideology.

That includes starving them out of business.
These are tactics of Communists and hoodlums.

George Soros funded is targeting advertisers.

Soros and wants silenced.


Move.on claims their campaign called “Sleeping Giants” has led more than 1,000 companies to stop advertising on the

The campaign called “Sleeping Giants” led more than 1,000 companies to stop advertising on the white nationalist website Virtually every major corporation worldwide has blocked their ads from appearing on Breitbart, but one glaring exception remains: Amazon.

The Gateway Pundit was also notified this week that far left activists are targeting our advertising income. We have already noticed the effect of this targeting that started after the November election.

This is how the fascist left operates in America today.
They are incapable of challenging the right on policy.
Their monopoly on the media is corroding.
Their conspiracy theories on Russia are failing.

So now they are acting like true fascists from some kind of banana republic and are trying to starve the competition out of business.

Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler would be proud.