September 21, 2018

The Surveillance on Donald J. Trump and Others

All the mainstream media newspapers, magazines and television channels, as well as the Democratic Party, have called repeatedly President Donald J. Trump a liar for accusing Barack Obama for “wiretapping” which means surveillance or espionage on him and his team. Sadly, even the Republican newspaper Wall Street Journal wrote an editorial the denouncing President Donald Trump as a liar and “fake president.”

Larry Klayman is a prominent activist international lawyer and a journalist who has written of two books, Fatal Neglect: the United States Government’s Continuing Failure to Protect American Citizens from Terrorism (2007) and Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment (2009). He is working on a third book dealing with the breakdown of our political and legal systems.

During the administration of President Ronald Reagan, Larry Klayman was a Justice Department prosecutor. He founded Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch both outstanding organizations that are government watchdog groups. These organizations also promote ethics in government and individual freedoms and liberties. Larry Klayman is a frequent commentator on television and radio, as well as a weekly columnist for He also writes a regular blog for Newsmax called “Klayman’s Court.”, whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery, who worked as a contractor for the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Agency (NSA) is being represented by lawyer Larry Klayman. During his work Montgomery found out that these two intelligence agencies were spying not only on businessman Donald Trump before he ran for president but also on the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts, 156 judges, and many others. Montgomery together with his lawyer Larry Klayman went to the FBI and obtained immunity for what he did, as opposed to Edward Snowden who fled the country and gave NSA classified information to Russia.

In the wake of the Trump Tower “wiretapping” (meaning surveillance) denunciations by President Donald Trump, Larry Klayman on Dennis Montgomery’s behalf said that Montgomery had evidence that security agencies have been involved in “systematic illegal surveillance on prominent Americans”, including Donald Trump. According to Klayman, Montgomery also said these agencies had manipulated voting in Florida during the 2008 presidential election. Klayman has written that his client, former NSA and CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery, holds the keys to disproving the false claims of those representatives and senators on the House and Senate intelligence committees, who have said, as well as FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Mike Rodgers, that there is no evidence that the president and his men were wiretapped.

Devin nunes.jpgCalifornia Republican Congressman Devin Nunes is the Chairman of the House of Representatives Select Committee on Intelligence.

Larry Klayman wrote an article on titled “The Whistleblower Devin Nunes Must Hear From” which was published on March 24, 2017. He explained that on March 20, 2017, he delivered a letter to California Republican Congressman and Chairman of the House of Representatives Select Committee on Intelligence Devin Nunes and all the members of the House Select Committee on Intelligence. Klayman urged the committee to investigate the “widespread illegal surveillance, not just of President Donald J. Trump and his team both before and after his inauguration but also of hundreds of millions of other innocent Americans by the intelligence agencies.”

Klayman gave the name to the House of Representatives Intel Committee of a whistleblower by name of Dennis Montgomery, who as a former National Security Agency (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) contractor left the spy agencies with 47 hard drives and over 600 million pages of information. Klayman obtained a grant of immunity for Montgomery from FBI Director James Comey.

James R. Clapper official portrait.jpgJames Clapper was Obama’s Director of National Intelligence from August 9, 2010 to January 20, 2017. He committed perjury when he told Congress that the NSA did not spy on Americans. Clapper later admitted that he lied to Congress and he received no punishment.

Klayman pointed out that this information, according to Dennis Montgomery, indicated that the intelligence agencies, particularly under former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former Obama CIA Director John Brennan and their minions, had “spied illegally and unconstitutionally on prominent Americans, including the chief justice of the Supreme Court, other SCOTUS justices, 156 judges, prominent businessmen like Donald Trump as well as him.”

John Brennan was Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from March 8, 2013 to January 20, 2017. During his time as CIA Director it was revealed that the United States government conducted massive global surveillance including heads of nations who are allies of America. While

John Brennan CIA official portrait.jpgBrennan was director of the CIA, his agency hacked into the computers of Senate employees who were working on a report on the CIA torture abroad. Brennan severely criticized Donald Trump on national television something never done by any other CIA director in history. Brennan converted to Islam and before he worked for the CIA, he voted for the Communist Party USA.

Larry Klayman wrote that in addition to the mass surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden, the CIA and the NSA, during the Obama administration, spied on “anyone who was anyone” in terms of their perceived status in society. He believes that the reason for the mass surveillance of prominent people and judges was the potential for extortion and blackmail by the Obama administration.

Klayman is outraged that in spite of Dennis Montgomery coming forward about two years ago, FBI Director James Comey, his General Counsel and Special Agents James Baker, Walter Giardina and William Barnett, have sat and refused to act on this scandalous information during this time. He said that it was for this reason that he contacted Chairman Devon Nunes and the other members of the House Intelligence Committee about this apparent cover-up. He would like for the Intel committee to allow Montgomery to testify and produce proof of this “Orwellian Big Brother” violation of the constitutional rights of not just President Donald J. Trump, but of all Americans.

Klayman pointed out that Chairman Nunes has even asked whistleblowers like Montgomery to come forward. He said that “all of Montgomery’s classified information is currently in the possession of the FBI, as well as a video of his three-hour interview before Special Agents Giardina and Barnett, at FBI Field Headquarters in Washington, D.C.”

Klayman regrets that FBI Director Comey failed to disclose this information to the House Intelligence Committee when he himself testified in open session on March 20, 2017, which was the same day that he delivered his letter to Chairman Nunes. Klayman thinks that due to his letter perhaps other whistleblowers have apparently come forward.

1984first.jpgGeorge Orwell’s famous novel 1984 was written in 1949. This writer believes that Americans are currently living in the Big Brother society described in this novel

Klayman, as well as this writer who have said many times that America is a police state, raised the following question: “How can this nation function and the citizenry live in freedom if they are subjected to what is in effect and in practice a police state, forecast by George Orwell in his famous book 1984? How can I talk with my clients as a lawyer, and preserve our attorney-client and work product privileges, when our communications are subject to surveillance, and how can the president and his team carry out the affairs of state if they are under the gun of corrupt and dishonest intelligence agency czars like Clapper and Brennan, who wield the power to destroy them, as they did with Gen. Michael Flynn most recently? Of course, we cannot!”

Klayman explained in his letter to Chairman Nunes and the Committee that the future of United States hangs in the balance. He said it is time for good men in the Trump administration and the few in Congress, like Chairman Nunes, to “clean house of the cockroaches that infest our body politic and threaten to bring the nation down.”

Comey-FBI-Portrait.jpgJames Comey became FBI Director on September 4, 2013, after being nominated by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the Senate.

Klayman pointed out that whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who is risking his life and liberty to reveal this continuing threat to America may not live much longer, as he suffers from a potentially fatal brain aneurism. He concluded his article by stating the following: “And, that is why Chairman Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee must move quickly, unlike the apparently compromised FBI Director James Comey, to get to the truth. And, when all of this truth comes out, from Montgomery and other sources, the criminally minded, like former Obama Director of National Intelligence Clapper and former Obama CIA Director John Brennan and their pro-Obama minions still embedded in the intelligence agencies, and perhaps even former President Obama himself, must be indicted, prosecuted and ultimately convicted of high crimes against not just President Trump and his team, but also against all Americans. In short, the time has finally come for the corrupt political and government elite to be held to account before the non-discriminatory blind bar of “Lady Justice,” to prevent this tyranny from ever occurring again! If we do not succeed in this quest, all of our freedoms will be forever lost!”


It is very important for Congressman Devin Nunes as the Chairman of the House of Representatives Select Committee on Intelligence and his committee to allow whistleblower Dennis Montgomery to testify and present the 600 million pages of documents taken from the CIA and the NSA. This writer has written in books and articles and spoken on conferences that America has become a police state. He himself has been spied upon as well as millions of Americans.

President Donald Trump was telling the truth when he said he was spied upon as well as member of his team. It is up to him as president to put an end the illegal mass surveillance of Americans by intelligence agencies, especially since he too was a victim of the police state created by former President Barack Obama. President Trump needs to prosecute former President Barack Obama and his officials for violating the Constitution as they spied on millions of Americans. He should also fire Comey and Rodgers for lying to Congress and making the president look as if he is the liar.

By now, President Trump is aware that Obama is the leader of the “Deep State” and has created a “Shadow Government” in his Kalorama mansion two miles from the White House. Obama is not only working to undermine his presidency but also to force him to resign or be impeached. Either the president the drains the swamp quickly or he would be eaten alive by the creatures of the swamp!