June 24, 2018

BREAKING: Vehicle mows down pedestrians at Times Square.

Multiple reports indicate that there has been a serious incident at Times Square in New York City. Just after noon on the East Coast, a vehicle mowed down pedestrians, leading to multiple injuries:

According to reports, the driver struck pedestrians on the sidewalk and has been arrested.

From Zero Hedge:

A speeding vehicle struck pedestrians on a sidewalk in Times Square, in the heart of Manhattan, according to an announcement at nearby Reuters news agency headquarters, Reuters itself reported. According to NYC Scanner, the driver has been arrested.

According to the NYPD, the car lost control on 7th Avenue between 42 and 43rd streets, and an investigation is underway.

So far, 10 people are being treated for injuries:

The New York Police Department closed off the area. A Reuters witness said at least 10 people were being treated for injuries on the ground after the collision at the Midtown Manhattan tourist site.

It is unclear what caused the accident. Recent terrorist attacks in Europe have involved cars used to run over pedestrians, but authorities have yet to release whether or not that was the motive in New York.

Source: Allen West