June 18, 2018

More winning: Trump unveils new batch of conservative court picks.

When people went to the polls for the 2016 Presidential Election, many voted for Donald Trump because they trusted him to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. In fact, filling out the judicial branch may have played the decisive role in Trump’s eventual victory.

It didn’t take long for President Trump to fulfill his promise to those voters. Shortly after taking office, Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The Gorsuch nomination and eventual confirmation was a huge victory for conservatives who trusted Trump with the courts. Justice Gorsuch has a strong conservative record, making it hard to imagine there was a better choice.

Of course, the Supreme Court isn’t the only judicial vacancy President Trump is responsible for. There are still many lower court vacancies in need of filling. But just like Gorsuch, Trump’s latest move shows he was the right man to fill these positions.

From Fox News:

President Trump continued to deliver on his campaign promise of putting brilliant conservative judges on the federal courts Monday, announcing his first large batch of nominees.

As was true of Trump’s selection of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, this group of ten nominees confirms the president’s stated commitment to appoint judges who will enforce the Constitution’s limits on federal power and its protection of individual liberty.

Of course, this is just the start. Not only is Trump likely to be able to fill 1-2 more Supreme Court vacancies. He will also fill over 100 lower court vacancies during his first term:

The large number of openings on the federal courts (150 current vacancies and announced retirements) gives President Trump a historic opportunity to move the federal courts in the right direction – towards constitutionalism and away from judicial activism – in just four years. Fulfilling this opportunity will require a steady stream of judicial nominations from the White House and a brisk pace of hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Even better, Trump’s nominees have been young, meaning they will be able to serve in their positions for a long period of time:

Of the six appeals court nominees, five are in their forties. Given the lifetime tenure of federal judges, this is important in its own right. It also means that President Trump is quickly expanding the number of young conservative appeals court judges, a pool from which his future Supreme Court appointees will likely be drawn.

Clearly, those voters that put their trust in Trump to fill out the judiciary have already been vindicated. Trump has used his historic opportunity to tilt America’s court system back to respect for the Constitution. Best of all, there’s still more to come.

Source: Allen West