June 22, 2018

New report: Trump FINALLY vindicated…

Shortly after taking office, President Trump signed an executive order that may prove to be the most controversial of his presidency. That order, a restriction on travel from six terror prone countries, had ample justification. Even so, liberal hysteria reached a fever pitch over it.

Of course, Trump had good reason to think the order was necessary. After all, the countries impacted by the order were previously identified by the Obama administration as prone to terror. That fact didn’t stop liberals from fiercely opposing the policy, eventually leading to two separate versions of the order being blocked in federal court.

While liberals might feel good about their victory, reality is showing that Trump was right about the need for such a policy after all. As the second executive order makes its way through the court system, evidence suggests that the policy of extreme vetting may be more important than ever. Although many think all refugees are innocent, it turns out Syrian refugee camps have indeed been infiltrated by ISIS.

From NBC News:

AL RUKBAN REFUGEE CAMP — Some 80,000 people are trapped in a scrub land of hopelessness in a forgotten corner of the Middle East.

Huddling in the wind, walled in by desert sandbanks, they have been driven there by war. Abandoned by governments, they are preyed on by the very ISIS gunmen and suicide bombers they fled their homelands to escape.

Although the camp is supposed to be a safe zone, far away from ISIS terrorist cells, locals on the ground have noted that ISIS activity in the area has picked up. Even worse, ISIS has cells within the camp itself:

Officially, it is located in a demilitarized zone. However, the pilot of the Jordanian military helicopter used during a recent NBC News visit wouldn’t fly over it for fear of being shot down by ISIS cells in the camp.

Brig. Gen. Sami Kafawin, commander of Jordan’s army in the area, told NBC News that militants there “have whole weapons systems … small arms, RPGs, anti-aircraft.”

He added: “They consider the camp a safe haven. We consider it an imminent threat.”

While the situation is clearly dire for those in the camp, it is extremely reasonable for the United States to use caution when admitting refugees from this kind of environment. With no dependable way to vet people in the camp, western countries risk admitting embedded terrorists posing as legitimate refugees.

The situation at Al Rukban is exactly what Trump was targeting with his travel ban. Instead, liberals painted the order as racist and xenophobic. Unfortunately for them, it turns out that Trump was right once again. The need for careful vetting refugees is greater than it has ever been.

Source: Allen West