June 25, 2018


Mr. President, the new Cuban policy has the goal of weakening the military dictatorship by denying it easy access to dollars through the military-owned tourist industry and by restricting travel. However, we would like to respectfully suggest for your consideration several other measures to strengthen the United States’ policy toward Cuba.

June 26, 2017

President Donald J. Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20500


Dear Mr. President,

Cuban Americans in the United States are very grateful to you for taking the first steps to partially reverse the shameful unilateral concessions given by President Barack Obama to the Cuban communist regime without a Quid Pro Quo. The three of us worked very hard in Miami-Dade County together with our organizations to elect you as president.

Frank de Varona worked full-time as Office Manager of the West Dade Trump Victory Office where he recruited over 200 volunteers. Brigade 2506 veteran Frank de Varona presented you, Mr. President, together with the president of the Brigade 2506 Bay of Pigs Veteran Association and another Bay of Pigs veteran with the insignia of the Brigade 2506 during your visit to the our Museum and Library. Frank de Varona spoke on your behalf at the Bayfront Park Rally in downtown Miami during your campaign. Lastly, Frank de Varona, at the request of your Campaign Headquarters at Trump Tower, sent you an eight minute video with suggestions regarding your Cuban policy after your election as president.

Brigade 2506 veteran Raymond Molina attended the Republican Convention in July 2016 in Cleveland and met with members of your presidential campaign. Raymond Molina has worked for five Republican presidents and specifically advising CIA directors, including Bill Casey, on Latin Americans affairs. Antonio D. Esquivel mobilized members of the Cuban Patriotic Council in 25 cities in the United States to assist in your presidential campaign.

Mr. President, we are grateful for the praise you gave to those of us who fought at the Bay of Pigs with the Brigade 2506 during your speech at the Manuel Artime Theater. We also remember your message to us in late October 2016 at the Bay of Pigs Museum and Library in Little Havana after the Brigade 2506 endorsed you for president. Mr. President, you said the following: “The United States should not prop up the Castro regime economically and politically, as Obama has done and as Hillary Clinton plans to do. They don’t know how to make a good deal, and they wouldn’t know how to make a good deal if it was staring at them in the face.”

The three of us were present when you announced on June 16 at the Manuel Artime Theater that the United States would restrict travel to Cuba and prohibit U.S. business dealings with companies tied to the Cuban military and intelligence services. We applaud this policy. It was reassuring to hear you, Mr. President, saying that the United States commercial embargo would remain in place until the communist oppressive regime take steps to open up the island.

Mr. President, upholding the Helms-Burton Law and maintaining the commercial embargo are crucial to put pressure on the regime. You stated the following: “We will not lift sanctions on the Cuban regime until all political prisoners are free, freedoms of assembly and expression are respected, all political parties are legalized and free and internationally supervised elections are scheduled.” We thank you for that strong message to the tyrannical communist regime. We also appreciated your denunciation of the tens of thousands of executions and incarcerations of freedom-loving Cubans by the Castro regime starting in 1959 and continuing until today.

Cuba is a merciless totalitarian state and its military and secret police continue to assassinate, beat up, and arrest peaceful opponents and systematically suppress the Cuban people’s legitimate aspirations for freedom, self-determination, and prosperity. The Castro regime has an Occupation Army in Venezuela to prop up the imploding Maduro dictatorship and its violent efforts to crush the Venezuelan people’s legitimate demands for freedom and democracy. Maduro follows orders from Cuban dictator Raúl Castro. Venezuela has become virtually a colony of Cuba.

Venezuela and Cuba are strong allies and both nations assist Islamic terror groups. There is a Hamas office in Havana. Cuba has always been a center of terrorism. Similar to Venezuela, the Cuban military participates in drug trafficking. On April 8, 1993, prosecutors at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami drafted a proposed indictment charging the Cuban government as a racketeering enterprise and Armed Forces Minister Raúl Castro as the chief of a 10-year conspiracy to send tons of Colombian cartel cocaine through Cuba to the United States. However, the case was later dropped. Cuba sends intelligence agents to America to commit fraud with Medicare, Medicaid, other government services, and private businesses. Tens of millions of dollars have been stolen by Cuban agents with complete immunity.

The fates of the two communist regimes are interrelated. Venezuela and Cuba are a national security threat to the United States and both are close allies of North Korea, Iran, Syria, Russia, and China.

Mr. President, the new Cuban policy has the goal of weakening the military dictatorship by denying it easy access to dollars through the military-owned tourist industry and by restricting travel. However, we would like to respectfully suggest for your consideration several other measures to strengthen the United States’ policy toward Cuba. These suggestions are the following:

  • Add Cuba to the list of terrorist nations

Mr. President,  in your speech you stated that the Cuba regime sent illegal weapons to North Korea and helps the regime in Venezuela to oppress its people. Cuba has a Hamas office in Havana and provides sanctuary to many American and foreign terrorists and murderers. The Cuban military and intelligence services assist Venezuela in providing financial support to Hezbollah, participating in drug trafficking, sending uranium to Iran, and engaging in subversion in Latin America.

  • Add Cuba to the list of nations involved in human trafficking

Mr. President, the Department of State in a previous Trafficking in Persons Report regarding Cuba stated the following: “Cuba is principally a source country for children subjected to trafficking in persons, specifically commercial sexual exploitation within the country… The Government of Cuba does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so.”

Cuban medical doctors, dentists, nurses, engineers, sport trainers, musicians, and other professionals have stated that they are forced against their will to leave their families and are sent to nations in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Cuba charges up to $5,000 per month for the “enslaved” medical professionals’ involuntary postings abroad. The Cuban doctors are paid $200 a month upon their return. The passports of the Cuban professionals are withheld while they perform their services. They live in miserable conditions while they are also watched by members of the intelligence services. The Cuban regime receives tens of millions each year as a result of “enslaving” Cubans from many professions. Communist Cuba is one of the worst nations in the world involved in human trafficking.

  •  Stop U.S. cruise lines and private yachts from visiting Cuba

Mr. President, Carnival, Holland American, and other cruise lines have announced that they will increase their current sailings and services to Cuba. Nearly 200,000 Americans are expected to sail from the United States to Cuba this year.

Mr. President, when these ships arrive at Cuban ports they will be forced to violate your stated policy of prohibiting U.S. business dealings with companies tied to the Cuban military and intelligence services. The cruise lines will pay fees to the regime for using its piers and disembarkation facilities. They will hire regime buses with intelligence agents as guides to take American tourists to military-owned restaurants, night clubs, bars, shops, and tourist sites such as Spanish fortresses.

Mr. President, there are no private companies in Cuba that have buses or large restaurants. The private restaurants known as “paladares” are too small to accommodate thousands of cruise liners tourists. American private yachts dock in military-own marinas, such as the Hemingway Marina in Havana harbor, and some of the yachts participate in fishing tournaments with Fidel Castro’s sons. Private yachts pay fees and purchase food, supplies, and gasoline at these military-own marinas. The increased American tourism brought by cruise liners and private yachts to Cuba will enrich the oppressive communist regime that has been the worst and longest lasting unrepentant abuser of human and civil rights in the Western Hemisphere.

  • Work diplomatically with Western allied nations to condemn and impose economic sanctions on the rogue and illegitimate Cuban regime

Mr. President, the United States and its allies imposed severe economic sanctions and commercial restrictions to South Africa during Apartheid. Sadly, instead of implementing economic sanctions to Cuba, Western nations have continued to do business as usual with the military dictatorship for many years.

  • Impose economic sanctions and deny visas to high officials and high ranking military officers of the Cuban and Venezuelan regimes

Mr. President, high ranking government and high military officers from both nations come to the United States to travel and invest in property with the stolen funds from their nations. Freezing the assets of these oppressors is an effective way to punish those who abuse, incarcerate, and assassinate their fellow citizens.

  • Strict enforcement of the new travel restrictions to the full extent of the law by the Treasury Department

Mr. President, unless there are strong penalties, American tourists will continue to stay in military-owned hotels, using military-owned taxis, and eating and drinking in military-owned restaurants and nightclubs. The new travel restrictions must be strictly enforced by the Treasury Department.

  • Limit the amount of remittances allowed to be sent to Cuba from the United States

Mr. President, previous presidents have suspended temporarily or limited the amount of remittances sent by Cuban Americans in the United States to Cuba.  This is another way the Cuban oppressive regime earns tens of thousands of dollars each day. Current policy allows unlimited remittances to the island.

  • Implement regime change strategies in Cuba and Venezuela

Mr. President, please consider implementing regime change in Cuba and Venezuela. By declaring a total economic embargo to the narco military regime in Venezuela and ceasing the purchase of oil or the sale of gasoline and other goods, Maduro’s dictatorial regime will collapse very soon and freedom and democracy will be restored. If democracy were to be restored in Venezuela, that nation would cease supplying free oil to communist Cuba. The Cuban regime would also collapse in a short time.

We know that implementing regime change in Cuba and Venezuela would be a very difficult step. We are aware that your administration will be severely criticized as inhumane by the increasingly radical Democratic Party, members of the Deep State in the federal government, and other nations. However, Mr. President, it is inhumane for the United States and its Western allies to remain silent to all the killings, beatings, and arrests and to conduct business as usual with these two unrepented bloody regimes. Each day, the Maduro’s regime thugs, assisted by the Cuban Occupation Army and intelligence services, are killing women, men, and children in the bloody streets of cities across Venezuela.

Mr. President, if such courageous regime change policy were implemented by your administration successfully, you will go down in history as the Liberator of two countries controlled by savage and bloody communist regimes that have brought much suffering to their peoples and other nations throughout the world.

Mr. President, please Make the Americas Great and Safe Again!

Respectfully yours,


Antonio D. Esquivel,

President Cuban Patriotic Council


Raymond Molina,

Director of Inter-governmental Relations

Chairman Miami-Dade Republican Conservative Coalition


Frank de Varona

Adviser and Member of the International Assembly

Vice Chairman Miami-Dade Republican Conservative Coalition

South Florida Director of Bear Witness Central