May 19, 2018

Leftist Bill Gates Warns Mass Immigration in Europe a Disaster

Microsoft’s Bill Gates, of left-of-left political bent, warned that mass immigration has compromised Europe’s culture and security.

That such a noted political liberal would make this claim is an eye-opener. It only underscores how devastating Europe’s open embrace of refugees has become.

You know mass migration is becoming an issue when even a leftist like Bill Gates warns of its cultural, political and fiscal dangers.

Gates, in an interview with a German newspaper that was noted by the Express, said Europe “cannot possibly take in the huge number of people who are wanting” to enter the country.

From the Express:

Using stark language he added that: “Europe must make it more difficult for Africans to reach the continent via the current transit routes.” His statements cannot be dismissed as mere prejudice. A man of impeccable liberal credentials, Gates now uses the colossal fortune that he built from Microsoft to fight poverty, hunger and disease in Africa, largely through the foundation that he and his wife Melinda created.

In total, their charity has so far spent at least £28billion on this work, while Gates has pledged that his long-term goal is to give away almost all his personal wealth, currently estimated at more than £70billion.

Such a background of epic generosity only reinforces the power of his words. He is right to argue that Europe is in the grip of immigration meltdown. The day before his interview was published, the UN revealed that the number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean has already topped 100,000 this year, with 85 per cent of them reaching Italy. Last week 12,000 arrived in Italy by boat. …

The suicidal decision by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2015 to open the migrant floodgates is matched today by the EU’s bizarre policy of providing a gigantic ferry service from the Libyan coast to Italy, masquerading as a humanitarian rescue initiative. Colonel Gaddafi, the late Libyan dictator, once predicted that, if he fell, “thousands of people from Libya will invade Europe.

There will be no one to stop them any more”. He underestimated the lethal self loathing of Europe’s political establishment. …

One intelligence agency recently claimed that there are now at least 6.6 million people gathered along the shores of the southern Mediterranean waiting to make the crossing.

In February, an Austrian military report predicted that, as a result of poverty and turmoil in Africa, as many as 15 million migrants may seek to enter Europe over the next three years.

More disturbingly, the president of the EU Parliament Antonio Tajani, an Italian politician, said this week that 20 million African migrants could come to Europe “in the near future”. And most of these Africans are just economic migrants rather than genuine victims of persecution.

A UN report this week said that 70 per cent of those crossing the Mediterranean are not refugees at all, a figure that makes a mockery of all the emotional blackmail from the pro-immigration lobby. Yet the Mediterranean fiasco is just one aspect of the immigration nightmare engulfing Europe. …

In Britain alone, according to official figures, about 600,000 new migrants have been arriving every year for a decade.

Like the rest of Europe, the British people never voted for this transformation yet they have to pay a price for the collapse in our national integrity.

And now even Gates is recognizing the problem of open borders and mass migration?

That’s not just shocking. It’s actually a bit hopeful. It gives rise to the radical thought, if even a leftist like Gates can see the problem, maybe the leftists in government will, too — and take action to fix it.