June 22, 2018

We Want God, They Want Anarchy

We Want God, They Want Anarchy

No politician, no propagandizing media has ever been able to stop mankind’s age-old stampede to the Holy Face of God. Just as iron filings are drawn to the magnet, humans, wired from birth by a supernatural force, continue to seek out their Creator.

“We want God” is a cry from the heart impossible to destroy, and it must be the irony of all ironies, that it was the most hated man of all on earth, who brought it back to life in Poland when he was there.

In his address to the people of Poland in Warsaw’s Krasiński Square, President Donald Trump breathed life in Poland’s longstanding truth to power: “Poland lives, Poland prospers and Poland prevails.” (The White House)

Poland’s loud, self-proclaimed consecration to the Almighty rises far above Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel’s European Union insipid ‘Ode to Joy’ and remains forever eons above it.

There was never much room for the concept of politically correct in Poland and likely never will be.

In his address, President Trump identified Poland as “a land of great heroes, including Copernicus, Chopin, and Saint John Paul, the beloved pope who helped to defeat Communism in his native land. He also remembered among beloved Polish heroes Blessed Michal Kozal, auxiliary bishop of Włocławek, who died in the concentration camp at Dachau during World War II.

Things may come and go in the rest of the world, but Poland has been built on the rock called FAITH.

Trump’s remarks, made during an era where a largely secular world stands down to the rampaging horrors of Islamic terrorism, and sees the sovereignty as something that can be easily stolen, defied ongoing plans of the globalists and progressives for One World Order.

Trump’s call in Poland, took the world back to the undying inspirational message of Pope John Paul II when he made his epic visit to Krakow in 1979:

“When the Pope cited the need for spiritual and cultural renewal, reminding the Poles of the transforming power of Christ’s love, an enthusiastic Polish crowd chanted:
We want God, we want God, we want God in the family, we want God in the schools, we want God in books!” (White House)

Compared to that chant, all others coming from increasing street protests, are mere mewlings dragged out for ‘special’ occasions like G20 gatherings.

In Hamburg, Germany black-hooded and face-masked anarchists turned to street violence, claiming they were doing it to rid the civilized world of the capitalism that made it. They were doing it for the people, the same people whose shops and cars were torched.

While the protest crazies were burning Hamburg, Merkel played the fiddle to the tune of ‘Ode to Joy’.

Behind the strains of the music, the mainstream media ran off looking for new angles to keep the conspiracy of Russia-Trump-team collusion in the 2016 election alive, now that the face-to-face meeting of Trump and Putin killed off all their lies.

The balloon sent up into the air that Trump’s defense of saving the West was “racist”, hit the ground with only the tiniest of pffts.

Ditto for Barack Obama’s, timed-for-G20 picture impromptu selfie. Given his championship of abortion, including hideous partial abortion, the words ‘Obama ‘ and ‘Baby’ should never be uttered in the same sentence.

Other than for the citizens of Hamburg, impoverished in the wreckage, it’s all over until the next 100,000 strong anarchist protest.

Something we can take away from G20, 2017 is the chant they could never take away from Poland and freedom lovers worldwide, for it was never the globalists and progressives to give or take away, but only the Almighty’s.

Chant it to yourself today and everyone that follows: “WE WANT GOD!”

Thank You, President Trump.


Source: Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Canada Free Press, Rush Limbaugh, Newsmax.com, Drudge Report, Foxnews.com, Bear Witness Central and Glenn Beck.