December 21, 2014




If you do not know already, a planned movement has “suddenly” risen to take on the free enterprise, “capitalist” system.  The movement is world wide, taking effect in various cities throughout the U.S, such as New York, Washington D.C., Orlando and San Francisco; and throughout the western world in cities such as London, Frankfort, Berlin, Madrid, etc.  The movement started with “Occupy Wall Street” and rapidly added other cities and locations throughout the U.S. and Europe using the internet and social programs such as Facebook and Tweeter.  Also groups such as “Anonymous”  have entered the equation, threatening the NYC Police with removal of their internet communications. Another group called the 99% tends to purport that they are 99% of the people and make demands that some may confuse with Conservative leanings.  The Progressive media appears to support the movement and even President Obama has given his support.  The movement seems to be backed by groups supported by George Soros that have even hired jobless people to go and protests.  The movement appears to be a non-violent one, but events in London have been extremely violent to the extent that cars have been burned, stores have been broken in, police have been scorched with Molotov cocktails and even police vans with police in them have been burned.One can find this movement in the U.S. to be the America-targeting element of a worldwide movement, especially popular in Old Europe.  And is of no surprise to those who have looked into the updated mode of Marxist revolution stemming from the Gramsci and Trotsky schools and historically, even the days before Marx and Engels.

This is a  planned and dangerous movement and Conservatives should stay away from this and denounce the movement.

In addition, Marxists and Islamic extremists are working together to their mutual benefit.  The articles in this page will provide additional information on these dangerous movements.


  • Cuba’s new day was suppose to be about freedom, not an American president’s betrayal

    Cuba’s new day was suppose to be about freedom, not an American president’s betrayal

    A new day for Cuba was not suppose to happen like this. A new day for Cuba was suppose to be marked by the demise of a dictatorship and the rise of democracy. The celebration, in Cuba, in Miami, wherever Cuban blood pumps in the hearts of a waiting people, was to be astounding. A new day for Cuba -- or better put, the promise of a new day -- did come this week. But it is not something to celebrate. Instead, we are stunned and angry, unbelieving in the face of yet another capitulation to tyranny by an American president. As a middle-age Cuban American -- born here of Cuban parts several years after my parents and grandparents arrived as refugees -- this must have been what it felt like after John Kennedy abandoned the 2506 Brigade at the Bay of Pigs. Regardless of how some of … [Read More...]

    A Day in Infamy - Barack Obama’s Cuban Pact

    A Day in Infamy – Barack Obama’s Cuban Pact

    I consider Obama's renewed relations with the communist island as one of the most despicable political acts I have ever been a witness to. Inherent evil of Barack Obama and his administration For the most part of the Cuban-American community residing in Miami, Florida, the day of Wednesday, December 17th, 2014, will—more likely than not—go down in their history books as a day in infamy, much the same as did December 7th, 1941, for all Americans. The former, when Barack Obama announced the U.S. restoring full relations with Cuba, including the opening of an embassy in the island—a bold move aimed at ending over 50 years of hostility between the two countries—the latter when the Royal Empire of Japan attacked the United States Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu, … [Read More...]

    Brooklyn Cop Killer Identified As Pro-Muslim Gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley

    Brooklyn Cop Killer Identified As Pro-Muslim Gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley

    Al Sharpton, seeing here on December 12, 2014, inciting people to riot and protest against the police nationwide, should be held as accomplice to murder for the execution-style killing of two police officers in Brooklyn. “There are people out there who will want to be copycats. The tension out there is the worst I’ve ever seen it.” Just 10 days after Al Sharpton called for national protests against police officers, one of his followers decided to kill two Brooklyn cops – execution style – in cold blood. Al Sharpton, seeing here on December 12, 2014, inciting people to riot and protest against the police nationwide, should be held as accomplice to murder for the execution-style killing of two police officers in Brooklyn.The gunman, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, was a Pro-Muslim, Koran-reading … [Read More...]

    marco rubio 2

    President Obama’s policy is bad news for the Cuban people living under a dictatorship, and it sends a dangerous message to the world.

    The announcement by President Obama on Wednesday giving the Castro regime diplomatic legitimacy and access to American dollars isn’t just bad for the oppressed Cuban people, or for the millions who live in exile and lost everything at the hands of the dictatorship. Mr. Obama’s new Cuba policy is a victory for oppressive governments the world over and will have real, negative consequences for the American people. Since the U.S. severed diplomatic relations in 1961, the Castro family has controlled the country and the economy with an iron fist that punishes Cubans who speak out in opposition and demand a better future. Under the Castros, Cuba has also been a central figure in terrorism, narco-trafficking and all manner of misery and mayhem in our hemisphere. As a result, it has been the … [Read More...]

    Castro Thanks the U.S. in a Speech but Reaffirms Communist Rule in Cuba

    Men watched at a barbershop in Havana as President Raúl Castro thanked President Obama for “a new chapter.” Meridith Kohut for The New York Times HAVANA — President Raúl Castro declared victory for the Cuban Revolution on Saturday in a wide-ranging speech, thanking President Obama for “a new chapter” while also reaffirming that restored relations with the United States did not mean the end of Communist rule in Cuba. In a televised speech before Parliament and a group of favored guests — including Elián González, the center of a tug of war in 2000 between Cuban exiles and Havana, and the three men convicted of spying in the United States who were released as part of the historic agreement announced on Wednesday — Mr. Castro alternated between conciliatory and combative statements … [Read More...]

    Castro 1, USA 0: No concessions, just more repression

    Castro 1, USA 0: No concessions, just more repression

    Proponents of lifting the embargo and now President Obama say that U.S. policy has failed because the Castro brothers are still in power. Yet, no policy approach towards Castro’s Cuba has been more broadly applied internationally as the one Obama proposes. Again this year, 188 of 193 countries in the United Nations voted to condemn the U.S. embargo. How successful have those 188 countries been collectively in advocating for democracy in Cuba? Even those nations that pledge to advocate for democracy while doing business with Cuba’s state-owned monopolies end up paying mere lip-service to human rights. After Obama’s proposed changes, I fear the U.S. will become another contributor in an already long list of nations that helps finance the Castro regime’s repression. And what about … [Read More...]

    Castro's Daughter: America is Dreaming, Cuba Will Never Return to Capitalism

    Castro’s Daughter: America is Dreaming, Cuba Will Never Return to Capitalism

    From Havana on Thursday, Mariela Casto said the United States "must be dreaming" it if thinks Cuba will return to "being a servile country to the interests of the most powerful financial groups in the US." Mariela Castro, Cuban president Raul Castro's daughter and a member of parliament, scoffed at the idea that Cuba would return to capitalism in the wake of the two countries' newly restored relations. President Obama said Wednesday that Cuba should not put American businesses at a disadvantage and that increased commerce would do good for both countries. He explained that the U.S. would facilitate transactions and make it easier for America to export and sell goods to Cuba. Castro's daughter, however, seemed skeptical of Obama's motives. From Havana on Thursday, Mariela Casto … [Read More...]

    Obama’s Bailout for Communist Dictators

    The Real Barack Obama is Standing Up

    After years of battling with Republicans, stroking the egos of Democrats, and trying to keep together the fractious Democratic coalition that elected him twice, President Barack Obama is embracing the idea of YOLO, or in his case, YOPO—you're only president once. Liberated from campaign politics, Obama is seeking to cement his legacy as the transformational leader he promised to be eight years ago—and in the process he's angering  lots of people in Washington. Where he once looked to Lyndon B. Johnson, a president known for achieving sweeping change through legislation, he's now far more interested in the legacy of the Roosevelts, two administrations that pioneered the strong use of executive power, those who've spoken with him said. "He's not worried about the politics anymore," … [Read More...]

    Miami protests for Obamas Cuba relations

    Obama in Violation of the Constitution Re-establishes Relations with Cuba

    On December 17, 2014, President Barack Obama unilaterally reestablished diplomatic relations with Cuba in violation of the Helms-Burton law and the Constitution. The surprise announcement came at the end of 18 months of secret talks behind the backs of Congress and the American and Cuban people. In June 2013, Obama sent two White House officials, Benjamin J. Rhodes and Ricardo Zúñiga, to meet in secret with Cuban officials and begin negotiations. Nine meetings were held, most of them in Canada, which has diplomatic relations with Cuba. Once again, Americans were left in the dark while the corrupt and deceptive Obama administration decided to help the anti-American terrorist and corrupt oppressive Cuban regime. To minimize criticism, Obama's announcement was made after Congress had … [Read More...]

    American troops battle ISIS for first time as they see off attempted attack by militants on Iraqi base

    American troops battle ISIS for first time as they see off attempted attack by militants on Iraqi base

    Islamic State militants attempted to overrun Ein al-Asad base on Sunday US support troops and advisers killed an unknown number of the militants The troops were supported during the battle by F18 fighter jets ISIS forced to retreat after suffering casualties during two hour firefight Published: 06:12 EST, 18 December 2014 | Updated: 14:26 EST, 18 December 2014 A number of militants have been killed in Islamic State's very first battle with U.S. ground troops after the extremists attempted to overrun an Iraqi military base. The militants attacked Ein al-Asad military base on Sunday where more than 100 U.S. military support troops are based. Despite launching the surprise attack just after midnight, ISIS's offensive was swiftly repelled when U.S. troops and F18 jets … [Read More...]

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