October 24, 2016



Cuba A Socialist Country Is America Headed In The Same Direction?

Information You Need To Know About A Revolution Turn Socialist/Comunist/Marxist/Totalitarian And The Suffering Of Its People

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What Socialism Has Done To Cuba 

In brief, Cuba is yet another country where generations of citizens have suffered from the false promises of socialism. Long considered the “Jewel of the Caribbean”, Cuba has been left in the past.  Cuba’s capital, Havana, was once a prosperous city with beautiful homes, buildings, modern vehicles and happy people. Cuba had a Constitution that was highly praised and at par with the U.S. Constitution.  After fifty years of socialism under the authoritarian boot of Fidel Castro, only the ruling elite and their comrades live in beautiful homes, and the country’s roads are traveled by dilapidated vehicles built in the middle of the last century. Run-down homes, buildings and junker cars are the legacy of Cuban socialism, which survives only Cuba Nowthrough brutal and forced suppression of all political opposition.  The Cuban people are now enslaved, there is no freedom of expression, the regime has taken over all businesses and children are the property of the government.




  • Dem Senator: Obama ‘Blatantly’ Breaking Law with ‘Outrageous’ Cuba ‘Legacy-Attempt’

    Cuban President Raul Castro lifts up the arm of President Obama at the conclusion of their joint news conference at the Palace of the Revolution on March 21, 2016, in Havana, Cuba. (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa)A Senate Democrat blasted the Obama administration for directing a "profound shift away from our own commitment to the rule of law and the processes of democracy as we have always known … [Read More...]

    Rubio: Obama Administration ‘Outright Lied’ About Air Marshals on Flights to and from Cuba – VIDEO

    If you are planning a trip to Cuba, you might want to postpone it until an honest and trustworthy administration takes over that can ensure your safety.A top TSA official admitted Wednesday that Cuba has not yet agreed to allow U.S. air marshals aboard scheduled airline flights between the the United States and Cuba — which means  there have been no air marshals on board planes all year … [Read More...]

    The Gathering Threat of Russia, China, and Their Allies Against America

    This book discusses how President Barack Obama has made the United States a superpower in complete retreat in the world. The enemies of America, including Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and radical Islam, do not fear President Obama. The allies of America do not trust or respect Obama to defend them from their enemies.Obama and Congress have severely cut the Pentagon’s … [Read More...]

    ‘Wake Up, America!’ Cuban-American Filmmaker Warns America Is Morphing Into Communist Country

    Filmmaker and American citizen Agustin Blazquez never thought his native Cuba would become a communist country, but now he sees the same radical shift happening in America.In this exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation, he says the left has been clever by using “very non-threatening words,” like liberal, progressive and concerned citizens, for advancing government … [Read More...]

    Cuba After Obama’s Departure: What Is the Castro Brothers’ Real Agenda?

    A few weeks have passed since President Obama’s trip to Cuba, where he gave a historic speech that was broadcast throughout the country, and the next day appeared at an exhibition baseball game between the Cuban national team and an American team from Tampa, Florida. Cubans, who for years had been instructed to yell anti-American slogans, now were told to show up, cheer the American president, and … [Read More...]

    Cuba’s state-run media slams ‘negro’ Obama for visit

    A columnist for the Havana Tribune, a newspaper controlled by Cuba’s government, slammed President Obama for his recent visit and accused the White House chief of “inciting rebellion” among the residents.The article, written by a black columnist named Elias Argudin, was entitled, according to a rough translation into English, “Black Man, Are You Dumb?” As Breitbart noted, the exact translation … [Read More...]

    Barack Obama Disgraces the Free World

    This past week, two deplorable events occurred; first, the terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium, Second, Barack Obama’s visit to dictator Raúl Castro in Cuba. Obama was the first U.S. President to visit Cuba since 1928.According to Belgian sources, terrorists attacked the subway and airport in Brussels, killing 35 and wounding more than 250. Authorities reported it was the worst attack at the … [Read More...]

    Obama’s Propaganda Gift to the Castro Regime

    Announcing that “I have come to bury the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas,” President Obama wrapped up his two day trip to Cuba by attending a baseball game and calling for an end to the U.S. embargo against Cuba. But most of the world, and the news media, were focused on the latest act of Islamic terrorism, in the heart of Europe. Three bombs in Brussels, Belgium have resulted in at … [Read More...]

    Obama Doesn’t Disagree with Cuban Communist Dictator’s Criticisms of America – WATCH

    In Cuba on Monday, President Obama said that he "personally would not disagree" with some of Communist dictator Raul Castro's criticisms of America.During a joint press conference with the president, Castro attacked America over its record on human rights, the trade embargo (which he called a "blockade"), its “illegal occupation” of Guantanamo Bay, and its “inconceivable” failure to provide … [Read More...]

    Castro Trashes U.S. to Obama’s Face… POTUS ‘Welcomes’ Criticism…

    President Obama welcomed criticism from President Raul Castro on issues in the United State, particularly on race relations and economic inequality. “President Castro has also addressed what he views as shortcomings in the United States around basic needs for people in poverty and inequality and race relations and we welcome that constructive dialogue as well,” Obama says. “Because we believe … [Read More...]

    Don’t expect Obama to champion capitalism in Cuba

    The virtues of capitalism is one thing President Obama isn’t likely to promote in his trip to Cuba, where he landed Sunday evening.Yet it is capitalism — along with human rights, the ability to resist oppression and dream of a better future — that the island needs more than anything. For now, these will remain dreams.The cigar industry is the pride of Cuba. Stogie novices habitually ask … [Read More...]

    Ted Cruz on Obama Cuba Visit: ‘A Sad Day in American History’

    Following a last minute meet and greet in Peoria, Arizona, 2016 Republican presidential contender Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)97% told reporters that President Obama’s visit to the communist dictatorship of Cuba that day was “a sad day in American history” and that he looks forward to visiting a “free Cuba” after he becomes President. Today is a sad day in American history. For decades, … [Read More...]


    HAVANA — Just hours before President Obama landed Sunday in Cuba for his historic visit to the communist island, Cuban authorities arrested more than 50 dissidents who were marching to demand improved human rights.Members of the group, known as the Ladies in White, are used to the routine. They march each Sunday after Mass at a church in a suburb of Havana called Miramar and usually get … [Read More...]

    Some observations on President Obama’s upcoming trip to Cuba

    President Barack Obama arrives in Cuba on March 20, 2016 with his family for an official visit to the Castro dictatorship in the administration's continuing effort to make the new United States policy towards the country irreversible after he leaves office.  However, history has demonstrated that engaging dictatorships inevitably has profoundly negative consequences despite the best intentions. … [Read More...]

    Report: Obama ‘Wants to Make a Splash’ with More Castro Concessions Before Cuba Visit

    A Reuters exclusive report suggests that President Barack Obama will announce new concessions to Cuba’s communist dictatorship shortly before his arrival on the island on March 21, aimed at easing travel restrictions and allowing the Cuban government to enrich itself through tightly controlled business ventures.Reuters reports that the White House is expected to announce new … [Read More...]

    Dear Obama: Do you care about human rights in Cuba?

    A year later, and not much has changed in Cuba. We understand that change in Cuba is always very slow. At the same time, the Obama administration did not offer any pressure even "un poquito" (a little bit) to do something about human rights. Not surprisingly, Raúl Castro reacted to President Obama by tightening his controls over the Cuban people. In other words, they saw Obama's actions as a sign … [Read More...]

    The Cuban Adjustment Act needs to be abolished

    The Cuban Adjustment Act, Public Law 89-732, was passed by Congress and signed by President Lyndon Johnson on November 2, 1966. Under the provision of this law any native or citizen of Cuba who has been admitted or paroled into the United States after January 1, 1959 and has been physically present for at least one year and one day in this nation becomes a United States permanent resident.The … [Read More...]

    Video: Menendez Floor Speech on Trajectory of Obama’s Cuba Policy

    Watch yesterday's floor speech by U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) on the trajectory of Obama's Cuba policy.It contains powerful images that add context.  A transcript of the remarks can be read in the post below.Menendez on Trajectory of Cuba Engagement PolicyU.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) delivered the following remarks on the Senate Floor on the recent flawed policy changes with … [Read More...]

    Marco Rubio: Will Pope Francis visit inspire freedom in Cuba?

    As Pope Francis visits the United States for the very first time, it is our privilege as Catholics and Americans to welcome His Holiness to our country. Here, he will find people who are uniquely free.We Americans are free to give our opinions and make our voices heard. We work in a free enterprise economy that, for over 200 years, has lifted countless individuals above the circumstances of … [Read More...]

    Cuba says won’t move ‘one millimeter’ to placate enemies in U.S.

    Reuters/Reuters - U.S. Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director General Josefina Vidal speaks at a news conference in Washington, after the fourth round of U.S.-Cuba talks to re-establish diplomaticHAVANA (Reuters) - Cuba's lead negotiator in talks with Washington told Reuters on Friday that the island's internal affairs would never be on the table and Havana would never move "one … [Read More...]

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