December 20, 2014



Cuba A Socialist Country Is America Headed In The Same Direction?

Information You Need To Know About A Revolution Turn Socialist/Comunist/Marxist/Totalitarian And The Suffering Of Its People

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What Socialism Has Done To Cuba 

In brief, Cuba is yet another country where generations of citizens have suffered from the false promises of socialism. Long considered the “Jewel of the Caribbean”, Cuba has been left in the past.  Cuba’s capital, Havana, was once a prosperous city with beautiful homes, buildings, modern vehicles and happy people. Cuba had a Constitution that was highly praised and at par with the U.S. Constitution.  After fifty years of socialism under the authoritarian boot of Fidel Castro, only the ruling elite and their comrades live in beautiful homes, and the country’s roads are traveled by dilapidated vehicles built in the middle of the last century. Run-down homes, buildings and junker cars are the legacy of Cuban socialism, which survives only Cuba Nowthrough brutal and forced suppression of all political opposition.  The Cuban people are now enslaved, there is no freedom of expression, the regime has taken over all businesses and children are the property of the government.





    Downtown Old Havana, just blocks from the capitol Neill Blomkamp’s 2013 science-fiction film Elysium, starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, takes place in Los Angeles, circa 2154. The wealthy have moved into an orbiting luxury satellite—the Elysium of the title—while the wretched majority of humans remain in squalor on Earth. The film works passably as an allegory for its director’s native … [Read More...]

    Obama shakes hands with Communist Cuba’s Castro at Mandela memorial

    Soweto (South Africa) (AFP) - President Barack Obama on Tuesday shook hands with Raul Castro, leader of America's Cold War foe Cuba, in a rare gesture at the memorial service in South Africa for Nelson Mandela. Obama offered the handshake before taking the stage to eulogize Mandela, but minutes later, made a clear swipe at states like Cuba, saying those who proclaim Mandela's legacy must honor … [Read More...]


    Fidel Castro entered Havana on January 8, 1959, to wild acclaim from all quarters. Most Cubans were jubilant; Castro was promising an end to the corrupt governments that had plagued Cuba since independence. Far from any Communism, Castro was promising a revolution "as green as Cuba's palm trees!" with national elections in three months. Private property would be secure, a free press guaranteed, … [Read More...]

    For Cubans freedom remains

    Elsa Morejon is a human rights activist and registered nurse who resides in Cuba. She has been forbidden from medical work since 1998. A few weeks ago, President Obama invited my husband, Oscar Elías Biscet, and me to a dinner to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Many thought that in light of Obama’s efforts to improve relations between the … [Read More...]


    "Common Core" is the same educational system the communist regime of Fidel Castro imposed in Cuba in the early 1960s.  It is the norm in all totalitarian communist regimes.  Each child will have a file from birth to death with all his information, including his conduct, his friends and his parents.  Based on that information depends what he would be studying, what kind of job he will be assigned, … [Read More...]


    "Havana, Cuba, 1960. The euphoria following the nation's successful Revolution the previous year has waned among large sectors of the population. Cuba's new leader, Fidel Castro, after having promised to restore democracy to the troubled island, is forcibly dragging the country down the road to Communist dictatorship. As a dark Stalinist cloud begins to envelop the country, democratic forces … [Read More...]

    UN to Honor Mass Murdering Communist Che Guevara

    The United Nations is at it again doing what the body of corruption does best: honoring communist mass murderers. According to Florida Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the United Nations is planning to honor Che Guevara by adding “The Life and Works of Ernesto Che Guevara” to the Memory of the World Register. “UNESCO continued its longstanding tradition of making a mockery of its own institution when it … [Read More...]

    The Illusion of Cuban Reform: Castro Strikes Out

    The 2006 succession from Fidel Castro to his brother Raúl, programmed since the early days of the Cuban revolution, was efficient, effective, and seamless. The eighty-two-year-old Raúl, who recently announced that he will step down in 2018, is now orchestrating his own succession behind the scenes. But however the transition from the Castro era plays out, one outcome is off the table: that Raúl … [Read More...]

    U.S. embargo of Cuba is necessary

    U.S. embargo is necessary At this time, when the democratic opposition within Cuba is acquiring greater strength and showing extraordinary political maturity, I believe it is important to remember the reasons for the existence of the U.S. embargo and the three conditions for its lifting.When I arrived in the U.S. Congress in January 1993, I was able to confirm that U.S. law did not prohibit trade … [Read More...]

    My longest day: April 17, 1961

    Shortly after midnight, our ship, the Houston, an old liberty type vessel, entered the Bay of Pigs on April 17, 1961. There was complete silence, only the splashing of waves against the ship could be heard. Our D-Day had arrived! I was reminiscing and recalling that less than a month before my brother, Jorge, and I were students at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. When the winter quarter ended … [Read More...]

    Obama´s Road to Socialism

    This experience changed my life forever and that of my entire family. I saw how we, in Cuba, ignored the warnings that Fidel Castro and many of his followers were communist. Most people believed in Fidel Castro’s promises to have free elections, respect individual freedoms, and establish a democratic government. Instead, we have had a bloody dictatorship for almost 54 years in a country 90 miles … [Read More...]

    Remarks by Senators at U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC

    "We need a President who will stand up today and say: Mr. Castro, let the Cuban people go. Mr. Castro, open up the ballot box. Mr. Castro, empty the jails. Mr. Castro, allow free speech and let freedom glisten," said U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. On Friday, March 8th, 2013, the U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC honored history's four Cuban-American U.S. Senators: Mel Martinez (R-Fla.), Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), … [Read More...]

    Chuck Hagel’s Trust in Fidel Castro

    “Elian is now where he belongs.” (Senator Chuck Hagel after Elian Gonzalez was shanghaied at U.S. gunpoint from his American family at Fidel Castro’s command and without a warrant.) “To me,” wrote Hagel in a New York Times Op-Ed just after the armed raid on the Gonzalez family’s Miami home, “this case has always been fundamentally about a father-son relationship. … the point of the raid — to … [Read More...]


    In this video commentary, I discuss why John Kerry should not be confirmed as Secretary of State.  Tune in! … [Read More...]

    Hagel’s Cuba problem

    Much of the focus on Chuck Hagel’s record has been on his views on Israel, Iran and sequestration. Equally troubling to those who have taken a forceful stand against Castro’s dictatorship in Cuba, however, has been his dismissive attitude toward the Castros  and his enthusiasm to end the U.S. embargo with no quid pro quo. Cuban dictator Fidel Castro (Javier Galeano/Associated Press) Sen. … [Read More...]

    “Doing Business with Cuba, What’s Next?”

    Unfortunately, too many times at these events, speakers tend to hype and cherry-coat business opportunities in Cuba, disregarding some of the unpleasant economic and political realities involved. The following are remarks made by:  Mauricio Claver-Carone at World Trade Center Orlando recently. …Cuba and U.S. policy towards Cuba -- including the issue of trade -- are topics of great passion, … [Read More...]


    HAVANA — Cuban authorities are scrambling to contain a cholera outbreak that has sickened dozens of people in Havana, the capital city of 2.2 million residents and a popular tourism destination. In a brief communique issued on Tuesday, the Health Ministry said the outbreak was first detected on Jan. 6, and was being contained. "Fifty-one cases have been confirmed to date," the statement … [Read More...]

    Hagel: Jimmy Carter ‘Exactly Right’ on Fidel Castro, Cuba Policy

    Chuck Hagel would not be the first, second, or third choice for the American Jewish or Cuban communities. In 2002, then-Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel was the only member of the United States Congress to receive a special invitation from former President Jimmy Carter to join him on a trip to Cuba.  Mr. Hagel chose not to go, citing scheduling conflicts and concerns over the optics of such a … [Read More...]

    Obama’s Vision for Cuba Turns a Blind Eye Towards History

    During a recent trip to Key West, I was fortunate to snap a couple of pics of the old Cuban embassy that was recently restored after it was severely damaged in a fire several years back.  While appreciating the embassy’s historical value, I began to think about the extent of how much Cuba-U.S relations have suffered since the beginning of Fidel Castro’s repressive regime. Today, the … [Read More...]


    [Read More...]

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