June 19, 2018


Trump administration could be holding 30,000 border kids by August, officials say. The Trump administration could be holding 30,000 illegal immigrant children by the end of August as a result of its push to enforce federal immigration laws, which has led to the separation of children from their parents and guardians as those adults are […]

Steve Bannon to ABC Hack: I Don’t See Media and Liberal Left Embracing Angel Moms Who Were Separated from Their Children? (VIDEO)

Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon joined John Karl on ABC’s This Week on Sunday morning. During the discussion Karl started complaining about the children of illegal aliens being separated from their parents. Apparently, Democrats believe illegal aliens should have more rights than US citizens. Steve Bannon stopped Karl in his tracks. Steve Bannon: By […]

‘Viva Le Resistance’: Mueller Team Attorney Sent Anti-Trump Texts.

An FBI attorney who worked on the special counsel’s Russia investigation until earlier this year sent anti-Trump text messages to a colleague, including one exclaiming: “Viva le Resistance.” The attorney’s comments are revealed in a Justice Department inspector general’s report released on Thursday. The lawyer is not identified, but he worked on the Hillary Clinton […]

Satisfaction With U.S. Direction Reaches 12-Year High.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Thirty-eight percent of Americans are satisfied with the way things are going in the United States today, similar to last month’s 37% satisfaction rate but marking the numerical high since a 39% reading in September 2005.   The satisfaction rate, which Gallup has measured at least monthly since 2001, has now topped […]

School in California to be named after illegal alien.

A school in Mountain View, California will be named after an illegal alien who came to the U.S. in 1993 from the Philippines when he was 12. Jose Antonio Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, was one of five candidates for the honor. CNN: “I don’t really have words for how meaningful this honor is, I’ve […]

Food stamp recipients down 2M under Trump, USDA figures show.

Since Donald Trump became president, the Dow Jones industrial average has climbed to 25,000 and fewer Americans are unemployed. Another interesting fact: The number of people collecting food stamps has declined by more than two million. Data released by the Department of Agriculture show that the number of participants in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program […]

White House Now Says Trump Will Support ‘Moderate’ Immigration Bill.

Friday morning Donald Trump said in an interview on Fox News that he would not support a “moderate” GOP immigration bill that would allow most DREAMers to stay in the U.S. and reduce the number of children separated from their parents at the border. The conservative alternative was heavy on border security and enforcement. But […]

Rudy calls for investigation into Mueller’s Russia probe.

Washington (AFP) – Donald Trump’s personal lawyer on Sunday called for an investigation into special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, claiming it was tainted from the outset under former FBI director James Comey. “We want the Mueller probe to be investigated the way the Trump administration has been investigated,” Rudy Giuliani said on CNN’s “State […]

Flashback: Obama HHS Placed Migrant Children Into Custody Of Human Traffickers.

The Obama administration handed off an unknown number of migrant minors into the custody of human traffickers under the assumption that these so-called “caregivers” were related to the children. In the wake of the current debate over how to handle illegal aliens who claim asylum while crossing the border with children in tow, supporters of […]

‘A Great Time For America’: RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Reflects Three Years After Trump’s Famous Escalator Ride Politics.

EXCLUSIVE: RNC Chairman Ronna McDaniel On The State Of The GOP RNC chairman Ronna McDaniel sat down for an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller this week to discuss the three year anniversary of Donald Trump announcing his candidacy for president and GOP hopes for the 2018 midterms. WATCH:  Exactly three years ago — […]

Sick! 71% Of Liberals Don’t Want Peace With North Korea Because Trump Would Gain Popularity.

Michelle Wolf, a comedian who is best known for receiving bipartisan condemnation after her lambasting of Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, conducted a snap survey of her viewers on the issue of North Korea. In the live TV poll taken during Wolfe’s Netflix show, 71% of her mostly liberal audience said […]

WATCH: Shapiro, Knowles, Klavan, Boreing And Others Talk Fathers And Fatherhood.

On Friday evening, the four pillars of the Daily Wire Cinematic Universe (DWCU), Ben Shapiro, Jeremy Boreing, Andrew Klavan, and Michael Knowles, came together to discuss fathers, fatherhood, and what it means to be a man in today’s culture. The men were joined by several guests, including Alfonzo Rachel, Nick Searcy, and Elisha Krauss. While […]

Child Border Crossers Have Higher Standard of Living than 13M Impoverished American Children.

Migrant children who cross into the United States either alone or with adults have a higher standard of living once they are put into federal care than the more than 13 million American children who are living in poverty across the country. In Fiscal Year 2017, the federal government referred nearly 41,000 unaccompanied minor border […]

Taxi Plows Into World Cup Fans In Moscow [VIDEO]

A man slammed a taxi into a crowd of World Cup fans in Moscow, Russia, Saturday, injuring at least seven people. Thousands of visitors are in the Russian capital for the international soccer tournament. The suspect, a man carrying a license from Kyrgyzstan, attempted to flee the scene, but he was apprehended by authorities before he […]

This Gift Could Mean a Lot More to Dad and It Won’t Cost You a Penny.

Some 77 percent of Americans are expected to spend an average of $133 on Father’s Day gifts this year but this gift could mean a lot more to dad come Sunday and it won’t cost you a penny. It’s not a gift most fathers would readily admit to liking publicly, but individually and at least in […]

FLASHBACK: Three Years Ago Today – Donald Announced His Historic Run for President — WATCH HOW MEDIA MOCKED HIM.

Just think… It was three years ago today that businessman Donald Trump and his beautiful wife Melania descended the Trump Tower escalator to announce his candidacy for President of the United States.  And just three short years later we have: ** Record Unemployment rate ** Record black, Hispanic and female unemployment rate ** Record […]

PHOTOS: Inside Shelter for Illegal Alien Children Separated from Parents.

The Department of Health and Human Services hosted Breitbart News and other media on a tour of a facility in El Cajon, California, on Friday where migrant children are being sheltered after being separated from their parents. The children are separated from their parents — or, to be precise, from the adults accompanying them, who may […]

Why Fox News Is No. 1

You wonder why Fox News is Number One in cable? It’s because CNN, MSNBC, NBC and the rest are so relentlessly negative about Donald Trump they force people to watch Fox to find out the truth about the growing economy or the historically low unemployment rates for blacks. Take this week’s Singapore Summit. No matter […]

IG report went too easy on Comey, Trump ex-lawyer says, as newly revealed letters questioned credibility.

Former Trump attorney: DOJ report not nearly tough enough given Comey’s ‘appalling behavior’ President Trump’s former personal attorney John M. Dowd told Fox News that the Justice Department watchdog’s report on the FBI’s actions in the Clinton email investigation wasn’t nearly tough enough on fired FBI Director James Comey. In the report released Thursday, Justice Department […]

The hypocrisy of the illegal immigrant lobby’s howls about family separation.

The open-borders lobby has a new cause celebre: Their howl that illegal immigrants, traveling in family groups, must never be separated by apprehending lawmen. Unlike the law, families are sacred! Separating families (or what people without documents claim to be families) is now the worst thing possible. Families belong together!  And suddenly these leftists who’ve […]

Trump Takes Out Top Taliban Leader in Drone Strike.

A picture from AFP of Fazlullah from 2008 Nearly three months ago, the US offered a $5 Million reward for information leading to the capture or killing of Mullah Fazlullah, the leader of the Pakistani Taliban. Fazlullah rose to power as the leader of Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi (TNSM)  following the capture of Sufi Muhammad in 2002, eventually […]

CNN Celebrates Father’s Day: ‘He Gave Birth. He Breastfed. Now, He Wants His Son To See Him As A Man.’

Just in time for Father’s Day, CNN brings you the story of a biological female who refers to herself as a transgender man who, after taking testosterone to “transition,” conceived a child with a man who was “transitioning” into a transgender woman but stopped taking hormones long enough that they could conceive a son. CNN […]

MANAFORT JAILED: Bail Revoked For Alleged Witness Tampering.

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., revoked former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s bail Friday, imprisoning Manafort pending the start of his criminal trial. U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson concluded that special counsel Robert Mueller credibly alleged that Manafort encouraged two witnesses to lie to investigators, compromising the credibility of his upcoming trial. […]

IG Report: Disciplinary Action Recommended For Five FBI Agents–Oh, And Bureau Employees Got Free Stuff From Reporters.

Well, the report from the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz is here. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, former FBI Director James Comey, and ex-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe were placed under the microscope for their activities during the 2016 election, namely the Hillary Clinton email probe and the investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Katie […]

Islamic State Vows World Cup Attacks as Russia Kickstarts Competition: ‘Kill Them All’

Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) jihadists have for months incited a push against the soccer World Cup venues, most recently calling for lone-wolf attacks in a series of posters published as Russia kickstarts the world-renowned competition on Thursday. The SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks jihadi activity online, has been documenting ISIS threats against the Russia-based World Cup […]

‘Willingness’ To Impact The Election: IG’s Clinton Report Is Loaded With Bombshells.

The Department of Justice’s internal watchdog released a much-anticipated report on the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state. The report contained several bombshells. Anti-Trump FBI agent showed “willingness” to impact election Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok showed a “willingness to take official action” to impact the […]


The Administration of Obama in his regenerative agenda of the terrorist and subversive system historically directed by the USSR / Russia and Cuba around the world against the United States among one of his malignant steps, caused the State Department to remove Cuba from the List of Terrorist Countries and immediately afterwards reestablished diplomatic and […]

Birth of Donald Trump – Happy Birthday President Trump!

Australia’s Conservative Party wishes United States’ President Donald Trump a very Happy 72nd Birthday and thanks him for the leadership, common sense and inspiration he has provided America and the world through: • lowering corporate and personal taxes • deregulating the economy, removing choking red and green tape • record low rates of unemployment, especially […]

SHOCK REPORT: Hillary Clinton’s Emails Accessed By ‘Foreign Actor’ — And FBI Agent Who Pledged To Stop Trump Knew About It

On Thursday, two House committees revealed that “foreign actors” accessed Hillary Clinton’s emails, including one “secret” email, from her private server. According to Fox News: Fox News obtained the memo prepared by the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, which lays out key interim findings ahead of next week’s hearing with Justice Department Inspector General Michael […]

San Juan Mayor Who Criticized Trump Now Being Investigated for Corruption.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz infamously picked a fight with President Trump in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria last year, the storm that devastated Puerto Rico. The official death toll was 64, but Gov. Ricardo Rossello suggested the actual number is higher. President Trump signed a $36.5 billion aid package for the nation. Some […]