July 25, 2017

German Court System On The Verge Of ‘Collapse’ Due To Mass Immigration

The German court system has been brought “to the limits” due to the massive number of asylum cases waiting to be challenged, the Association of German Administrative Law Judges warned Thursday. Robert Seegmüller, the organization’s chair, said the courts have piled up a huge backlog, with 250,000 asylum decisions waiting to be challenged in court. “The situation […]

Merkel Rejects Limit On Refugees. Meanwhile, Jihadists Terrorize Germany.

Western civilization is committing suicide. Look at Germany. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has flat-out refused to place an upper limit on refugees even as Islamic jihadists detonate explosives in city centers and misogynistic young Muslim migrant males unabashedly sexually assault German women. “As far as an upper limit is concerned, my position is clear: I […]

More Muslim Immigrant Violence in France: 900 CARS BURNED, 13 Police Wounded, “Several Episodes of Urban Violence”

And so it begins. Yesterday, I reported on a police officer in France who was ambushed by a horde of Muslim migrants. He was beaten by iron bars and rocks by a Muslim horde. It was one of multiple violent episodes across the country. The cop opened fire in order to escape, and one of […]

Donald Trump Affirms U.S. ‘Solidarity with France Against Terror’ on Anniversary of Nice Islamic Terror Attack

As U.S. President Donald Trump returned home to the U.S. from France and on the one year anniversary of an Islamic terror attack in Nice, France, Trump pledged, “solidarity with France against terror.” After two days in Paris to commemorate both Bastille Day and the 100th anniversary of the U.S. entry into WWI, President Trump […]

Melania Custom Red-White-and-Blue Frock in Paris

First Lady Melania Trump radiated atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, where she and President Donald Trump ate dinner Thursday night with French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte. Melania, always one for custom-made high fashion frocks, wore a bespoke Hervé Pierre red, white and navy blue cocktail dress for the formal dinner, […]

Trump Marks One Year Since Bastille Day ‘Massacre,’ Pledges to Fight Islamic Terrorism

U.S. President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron have pledged to step up cooperation in the fight against Islamic terrorism and online radicalism. The pair were holding a joint press conference on the eve of Bastille Day, an important national day marred by a mass-casualty terror attack in the French city of Nice in […]

France Honors U.S. as Bastille Day ‘National Guest of Honor’, Welcomes President Trump

WASHINGTON, D.C. — France will welcome U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump on Thursday and Friday as the country celebrates Bastille Day and honors America as its “national guest of honor” at the 100th anniversary of the U.S. entry into World War I. French President Emmanuel Macron personally invited Trump to France […]

Why Trump’s Western Civilization Isn’t a ‘White Supremacist Dogwhistle’

President Donald Trump (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) On Thursday, President Donald Trump gave a powerful speech in Warsaw, Poland, in which he unabashedly defended Western civilization. Liberals heard the speech as a “white supremacist dogwhistle,” an “alt-right manifesto,” or a defense of “white, Christian hegemony.” These attacks could not be more wrong. “The fundamental question […]

Eastern Europe Chooses to Keep Western Civilization

President Donald Trump gives a speech in Warsaw, Poland, in front of the monument commemorating the 1944 Warsaw Uprising against the Germans, on July 6, 2017. (Image source: The White House) “The greatest difference is that in Europe, politics and religion have been separated from one another, but in the case of Islam it is […]

Left-Wing Media: World Against President Trump at G20 Summit on Climate Change

The focus of last week’s G20 summit was world banking, and financial and economic stability, but the leaders of the nations that took part made climate change the focus of a statement issued at the conclusion of the gathering on Saturday. The liberal media responded with headlines shouting that the whole world was united on […]

IT BEGINS: Merkel’s Migrants Form Sharia Police To Patrol Streets Of Berlin!

Under the watch of Chancellor Merkel, millions of Muslim migrants have flooded Germany. Amid a spike in rapes, another frightening trend is emerging within Europe’s largest economy — Sharia Police. Gatestone Institute reports: A hundred Islamists are now openly enforcing Sharia law on the streets of Berlin, according to local police who are investigating a recent string of […]

We Want God, They Want Anarchy

No politician, no propagandizing media has ever been able to stop mankind’s age-old stampede to the Holy Face of God. Just as iron filings are drawn to the magnet, humans, wired from birth by a supernatural force, continue to seek out their Creator. “We want God” is a cry from the heart impossible to destroy, […]

Trump in Warsaw warns future of West is at risk

In the shadow of a monument to the wartime Warsaw uprising, US President Donald Trump praised Poland’s fighting spirit on Thursday and warned that the West is under threat today. Given a rapturous reception in the city’s Krasinski Sqaure, he said that radical Islamic terrorism was a menace to humanity. “The fundamental question of our […]

G20 Summit Embarrassment: Germany’s Merkel Bows To Saudi Arabian State Minister

The G20 Summit kicked-off with a flub for Angela Merkel, the host of the grand gathering, with the Chancellor appearing to bow to Saudi Arabia’s State Minister Ibrahim al-Assaf. The Saudi official looked quite amused! Is Merkel bowing to Saudi Arabia's State Minister?#G20Summit pic.twitter.com/jXegqpNFfi — Josh Caplan (@joshdcaplan) July 7, 2017 Source: Daily Mail UK What is […]

Virgil — The Emerging Trump Doctrine: The Defense of the West and Judeo-Christian Civilization

Watching Donald Trump speak in Warsaw today, in the shadow of that city’s memorial to the gallantly doomed Polish resistance heroes of World War Two, Virgil thought of another Western leader of indomitable resolve: Winston Churchill. Seventy-seven years ago, on June 18, 1940, Churchill told Britons, and the world, that they would have to fight Nazi Germany—alone.  […]

Only one word comes to mind while watching G20 Summit protesters

I am watching the progressive socialist, anti-capitalist protests at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. It is rather perplexing to see anti-capitalists protesting, while holding cell phone cameras: These folks remind me of the definition of “oxymoronic,” in Southern vernacular: Oxymoron: the root word is “moron…” Stupid people doing something proving they are truly stupid, […]

PICS: Thousands of Leftist Extremists Rampage in G20 ‘Welcome to Hell’ March

Thousands of far-left activists and black-bloc extremists began protests against the G20 summit with their “Welcome to Hell” march against the police, the state, and capitalism, resulting in clashes. The event was the first large protest to take place during the G20 summit, which officially kicks off on Friday, and is expected to see violence. Far-left […]

‘Make America Great Again’ hats, Trump flags greet president in Poland

Poland has Trump fever. Poles wore “Make America Great Again” campaign hats and sported Trump flags as the U.S. president and First Lady Melania Trump touched down in the European country Wednesday evening. Poland Celebrates the Arrival of President Trump with MAGA Hats and American Flags! pic.twitter.com/SgPgUUFJMH — Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) July 5, 2017 […]

President Trump Salutes People of Poland: “One Million Poles Sang Three Simple Words ‘We Want God!’” (VIDEO)

Thousands of Polish citizens gathered in Krasinski Square in Warsaw, Poland Thursday to see the 45th president of the United States and his beautiful wife Melania. The Polish crowd started chanting, “Donald Trump!” and “USA! USA!” before Melania introduced her husband President Donald Trump. This was an amazing event for the president and his wife. […]

WATCHTrump Praises Populist Poland, Says West Must ‘Defend Civilization’ and ‘Faith’

President Donald J. Trump has said the West faces an existential challenge to “defend our civilisation”, “borders”, and “faith” – hailing Poland as an example of a nation ready to defend itself and its values in an address to the Polish people Thursday. “We must work together to confront forces that threaten over time to […]

Leftist Bill Gates Warns Mass Immigration in Europe a Disaster

Microsoft’s Bill Gates, of left-of-left political bent, warned that mass immigration has compromised Europe’s culture and security. That such a noted political liberal would make this claim is an eye-opener. It only underscores how devastating Europe’s open embrace of refugees has become. You know mass migration is becoming an issue when even a leftist like […]

Polish Crowd Chants “USA! USA!” and “Donald Trump! Donald Trump!…” Before Trump Speech in Poland! (VIDEO)

Thousands of Polish citizens gathered in Krasinski Square in Warsaw, Poland Thursday to see the 45th president of the United States and his beautiful wife Melania. The Polish crowd started chanting, “Donald Trump!” and “USA! USA!” before Melania introduced her husband President Donald Trump. This was an amazing event for the president and his wife. […]

Sweden: Music festival cancels next year’s event because of Muslim migrant mass sex attacks

Another secular, beloved tradition canceled in the wake of Islamic warfare in the West. Christmas markets and celebrations, music festivals are canceled, while Ramadan and Iftar rituals are imposed upon non-Muslim nations. New Year’s Eve celebrations have become target rich environments for rape jihad. Last year at the festival: Five women say they were raped […]

40 Convicted Terrorists Used Human Rights Law to Avoid Deportation

More than 40 convicted foreign Islamist terrorists have used the Human Rights Act (HRA) – some using legal aid – to avoid deportation and remain in the UK. The Telegraph revealed details of an unpublished report delayed by the Home Office, ordered by then-Home Secretary Theresa May, into a scheme called Deportation with Assurances (DWA). […]

Sweden CIVIL WAR: National Police Chief, “HELP US, HELP US!”

The desperate cry of a conquered nation. Sweden on the Brink of CIVIL WAR, National Police Chief: “HELP US, HELP US!” By Nicolai Sennels. Jihad Watch, June 2017: Sweden is being torn to pieces by Muslim immigrants and refugees. Law enforcement is crying out for help, and it is only a question of time before […]

London’s Muslim mayor stops pretending, REFUSES to…

Last Sunday, the terrorist flag of Hezbollah flew across London during the annual anti-Israel al-Quds Day. The distinctive yellow flag features the image of a military assault rifle and “The Party of Allah Shall Be Triumphant – The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon” in Arabic script. Al-Quds Day was established in 1979 by the late Iranian […]

Vehicle rams worshippers near London mosque: Muslim leaders

London (AFP) – One person has been arrested after a vehicle hit pedestrians in north London, injuring several people, police said Monday, as Muslim leaders said worshippers were mown down after leaving a mosque. Police said in a statement there were “a number of casualties”, adding that they were called to reports of “a vehicle […]

Report: Sex crimes by migrants in Germany doubled last year

A report recently released by the German government showed that sex crimes committed by migrants doubled in 2016. According to police statistics, 3,404 sex crimes were committed by migrants last year, just less than double the 1,683 committed by migrants in 2015. And it’s more than five times the 645 sex crimes committed by migrants in 2012. Sex crimes by migrants […]

Sex Attacks At Swedish Festivals Have Risen 1000 Percent

A new report has revealed that sex attacks at Swedish festivals have increased as much as 1000 percent in 2016, a trend which does not appear to be changing. Non-profit organisation The Night Shift say they have documented over a hundred cases of sexual molestation, and that the numbers continue to rise Expressen reports. Over the past year, Sweden […]

5 Things You Need To Know About Thursday’s British Elections

Thursday’s British elections were a major disaster for Prime Minister Theresa May and the Conservative Party, as Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party received a wave of electoral gains that almost ended May’s tenure as prime minister. May hung on by a thread, but the election will be a drag on her and the Conservative Party going forward. Here […]