July 23, 2017

Judicial Watch: Mueller Probe is a Political Effort to Jail Trump and His Family

President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton is one of the loudest voices calling for the end of the Mueller probe. He says the probe is out of control, unsupervised and unconstitutional. In a recent interview with The Daily Signal, Fitton said the Mueller probe is “a political effort to jail the president and his family […]

Analysis: Trump Has Selected an Excellent, Respected New FBI Director, and That Should Matter

In today’s environment of dizzying, whirling news cycles, it’s occasionally imperative to hit the ‘pause’ button and circle back to assess fresh developments to previous collective freakouts.  When President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, which was entirely within his legal authority, many critics raged that he was sacking the man in charge of investigating […]

6 Takeaways as Senators Question FBI Nominee Christopher Wray

President Donald Trump’s nominee to be the next FBI director said he wasn’t aware of Donald Trump Jr.’s email chain about a Russian lawyer that has consumed the media, but did stress the need for the FBI’s independence. “I do not consider Director Mueller to be on a witch hunt,” Chris Wray says. Christopher Wray […]

Robert Barnes: Bob Mueller Is Assembling a Team of Ambitious Democratic Hit Men Against Trump

Attorney Robert Barnes, a contributor to the LawNewz blog, analyzed the New York Times story that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer last June. He also discussed at length with Breitbart News Daily on Tuesday the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate the 2016 election. In the latest development of the email […]

Report: Comey’s Trump Memos Contained Classified Material

Former FBI Director James Comey may have broken the agency’s security protocols by putting classified information in more than half of the memos he wrote about his personal recollections of his conversations with President Trump about the Russia investigation, The Hill reports. During testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee last month, Comey told lawmakers that […]

Robert Mueller Adopts Stalinist Tactics

We may be thankful to Alan Dershowitz, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Emeritus, at Harvard Law School, for reminding us of the delicious irony of an investigation which began with “reports” of collusion with the Russians by Team Trump and charges of Russian hacking of our elections, now reverting to the tactics of Russia’s most […]

BREAKING: Republican Lawmakers Call for Investigation Into James Comey and Robert Mueller

Three Republican House Oversight Committee members on Friday called for an investigation into former FBI Director James Comey and Special Counsel Robert Mueller for acting in a partisan manner and applying double standards when it came to the Obama and Trump administrations. Reps. Jim Jordan (OH), Mark Meadows (NC), and Jody Hice (GA) said Comey misled the American people […]

Trump: Mueller’s Friendship With Comey Is ‘Bothersome’

President Trump questioned special counsel Robert Mueller’s objectivity in an interview with Fox News’s Ainsley Earhardt that aired Friday. “Well he’s very, very good friends with Comey, which is very bothersome,” Trump said. “We’re going to have to see. There has been no obstruction, there has been no collusion. There has been leaking by Comey. […]

Deep State Mocks Trump => Obama’s Photographer Posts Photo of Chums Obama, Mueller and Comey

STOP THE DEEP STATE WITCH HUNT! Obama’s photographer posted a photo on Twitter Thursday of Barack Obama, James Comey and Robert Mueller all in one shot. It’s as if the left and deep state are mocking President Trump over the ongoing witch hunt special counsel. Mueller has hired far left donors to help him with […]

Conspiracy of Silence about Mueller

I am amazed by the conspiracy of silence, on the right and the left, about former FBI Director Robert Mueller’s bungling of the anthrax case. “In his years as FBI director and as a Justice Department official, Mueller gained a reputation for honesty, integrity, and being a ‘straight-shooter,’” writes Fred Barnes at The Weekly Standard. […]

Trump’s Attorney: President To Address Comey Tapes This Week

Jay Sekulow, a member of President Donald Trump’s legal team and chief counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice, said the president will address the issue of White House tapes of former FBI Director James Comey sometime in upcoming week. Sekulow, who appeared on four major Sunday morning talk shows, told CBS’ “Face the Nation” that […]

Dems Rip Sessions for Meeting with Russian Amb. — After Doing Same

Attorney General Jeff Sessions told the Senate intelligence committee on Tuesday that suggestions he lied at his confirmation hearing about prior meetings he had as a U.S. senator with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak were “false.” Sessions said that his response to Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) was a “fair and correct response” to a “rambling question.” […]

Report: 3 Members of Special Counsel Mueller’s Team Donated to Dems, Including Hillary, Obama

Individuals who have been hired to be a part of the Justice Department team investigating Russian influence in the U.S. 2016 presidential election have made thousands of dollars in donations to Democrat political campaigns. Three members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team made the donations to Democrats, including to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to […]

Trump Should Say “You’re Fired” to Special Counsel

The incoherent questioning of James Comey by Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is symptomatic of why President Donald Trump is at a severe disadvantage as the special counsel’s investigation of Russia-gate goes forward. The Republicans have walked into a trap and don’t know how to dig themselves out. They are playing ball with the Democrats, whose […]

Sessions on Offense: Calls Trump-Russia Conspiracy ‘Appalling and Detestable Lie’… …’Not one thing happened that was improper’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions hit back against any implication of improper meetings with Russian officials in a prepared opening to his testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Tuesday. “Let me state this clearly colleagues. I have never met with or had any conversation with any Russian or any foreign officials concerning any type of […]

Gingrich Doubts Mueller’s Integrity After Looking at His Staff

Newt Gingrich is no longer confident in Robert Mueller’s ability to lead an impartial investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, and whether Russian officials colluded with the Trump campaign. The former speaker of the house was initially pleased with the DOJ’s decision to hire Mueller as special counsel for the investigation. Yet, once […]

Jay Sekulow: Comey Committed a Federal Crime

Jay Sekulow, the chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, said Friday that former FBI director James Comey admitted under oath that he committed a crime when he testified before the Senate Thursday. In an op-ed at Fox News, Sekulow called Comey the “leaker-in-chief.” Not only did Comey’s testimony clear President Trump – […]

Corruption and Collusion: Obama, Comey, and the Press

It now seems clear that Barack Obama was a corrupt machine politician in the worst Chicago mold. He used the IRS to silence his enemies, and the Justice Department to protect his friends. His two major “achievements” — a health care law that doesn’t work and a deal that increased the power and prestige of the terrorist state […]

Comey Unmasked

If your head is swimming with the accounts of “Russian Collusion” with the Trump campaign, a cock and bull story confected by Hillary Clinton to explain her loss and to undermine the President, allow me to simplify it now that James Comey has testified and revealed with a load of bunk it is. First of […]

Persecuting Trump While Inviting Terrorism

The Russia-gate scandal means big ratings for the media. For the American people, it means the likelihood of more terrorist attacks. It stands to reason that all of the money, resources and personnel that are being used to investigate President Donald Trump could be used elsewhere, such as rooting out the corruption in the intelligence […]

COMEY Shared Personal Classified Govt Notes with Friend – Tried and Convicted GENERAL PETRAEUS of the Same

Former FBI Director James Comey is in serious legal trouble if the General Patreaus case has any bearing –  a case Comey tried and sought a conviction for. According to a 2016 article in the Washington Post, in early 2014 top federal law enforcement officials gathered together to discuss the criminal charges they were contemplating against David Petraeus, […]

WOW: Trump’s Lawyer To File Complaint Against Comey For Leaking Memos

The Donald Trump-James Comey feud grew even more bitter following the fired FBI director’s testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday. CNN reported Friday that Trump’s lawyer is planning to file a complaint with the Department of Justice against Comey for leaking memos about his conversations with the president to the press. “Despite […]

Winners and Losers from Comey Hearing

The mainstream media, left-wing Democrats, and “Never Trump” Republicans all breathlessly hoped for weeks that former FBI director James Comey’s testimony on Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee would be the beginning of the end of President Donald Trump’s presidency. Mainstream media cable networks like CNN had countdown clocks. Broadcast networks covered the hearing as […]

MSNBC’s Matthews: The Trump-Russia Collusion Theory Collapsed With Comey’s Testimony

Yes, we all know that Chris Matthews draws the ire of conservatives. In January, the MSNBC host said that President Donald Trump’s inaugural address had a “Hitlerian background.” Yet, in the aftermath of James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday, he commented that the former FBI director’s testimony gutted the whole theory that […]

Comey admits he asked friend to leak Trump memo to NY Times

Testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey said that shortly after being fired by President Donald Trump, he asked “a close friend” at the Columbia University Law School to leak a memo detailing a conversation he had with the commander in chief. Comey made the admission when Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) asked him why […]

The Six Most Important Revelations from the Comey Hearing

Trump supporters, swamp dwellers, and Americans from all walks of life had their eyes glued to coverage of the testimony by former FBI Director James Comey to the Senate Intelligence Committee this morning. The hearing was treated like a major sporting event by D.C. locals, who lined up to gain entrance to local establishments for […]

James Comey Hearing Destroys Obstruction of Justice Case Against Trump

Former FBI director James Comey began his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday by suggesting that the question of whether President Donald Trump had committed obstruction of justice was one for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate. But under questioning by Sen. James Risch (R-ID), Comey all but destroyed any hope Democrats had […]

WATCH LIVE: Comey Testifies Before Senate Intelligence Committee

Watch former FBI Director James Comey testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding whether President Trump attempted to bury an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn and if the president interfered with the broader investigation into Russia influencing the 2016 election. OTHER POSTS OF INTEREST TO YOU: WOW: Trump’s Lawyer To File Complaint Against […]

Trump ‘Feels Vindicated’ by Comey Testimony

President Trump said through his lawyer Wednesday that he “felt vindicated” by former FBI Director James Comey’s prepared testimony released ahead of his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday. “The President is pleased that Mr. Comey has finally publicly confirmed his private reports that the President was not under investigation in any Russian probe,” […]

The ‘Independent’ Mr. Comey – His prepared testimony shows why he deserved to be fired

The desk in the Hart Senate Office Building from which former FBI director James Comey will testify, June 7. Photo: Agence France-Presse/Getty Images The Senate Intelligence Committee released James Comey’s prepared testimony a day early on Wednesday, and it looks like a test of whether Washington can apprehend reality except as another Watergate. Perhaps the […]