July 29, 2015

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Huckabee: I Don’t Think President Obama Likes Israel

Huckabee: I Don’t Think President Obama Likes Israel

Former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said that he doesn’t think President Obama likes Israel on Monday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel. Huckabee defended his comments that President Obama trusting Iran “will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven” on the Iran deal. He further […]

Listen to John Kerry’s Response When Democrat Asks If He’ll ‘Follow the Law’ Should Congress Override Veto to Kill Iran Deal

Listen to John Kerry’s Response When Democrat Asks If He’ll ‘Follow the Law’ Should Congress Override Veto to Kill Iran Deal

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Secretary of State John Kerry pitched the administration’s controversial nuclear deal with Iran to a skeptical House Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday, pushing back against the allegation it would ease crippling sanctions forever in exchange for temporary concessions on weapons development. “Iran has cheated on every agreement they’ve signed,” said Rep. Ed […]

The 10 Biggest Media Lies About Donald Trump


Donald Trump has consistently been outpolling all announced Republican presidential candidates despite a barrage of lies in the media about the business mogul. Here’s a look at some of the more prominent untruths the media have reported about Trump: 1. He is not a billionaire. Forbes magazine researchers have placed his worth at $4 billion, […]

Overwhelming Israeli Opposition Strongest Sign Iran Deal Is A Bad One


No country has more to lose from a military confrontation with Iran than Israel — and no country has more to gain than Israel from a peaceful resolution of the Iranian nuclear issue. And yet, an overwhelming majority in the Jewish State views the Iran deal as a catastrophic mistake, one that potentially threatens the […]



Sarah Palin pulled no punches when calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood on Sunday, pointing out that it was Planned Parenthood, not the Confederate flag, which killed 90,000 black babies in 2014. In a Facebook status update, Palin posted a picture of the Confederate flag next to the Planned Parenthood logo, then asked, “Which […]

The Clinton Emails: Will DOJ Conduct a Real Investigation?


The debate over the revelation of the referral to the Justice Department of Hillary Clinton’s email activities as Secretary of State missed several important points, particularly the preferential treatment she has been given so far. Any other federal employee found to have discussed high-level, sensitive government business in her personal emails, including possibly classified materials, […]

Why Mike Huckabee’s Holocaust Analogy Hits The Mark

Why Mike Huckabee’s Holocaust Analogy Hits The Mark

On Saturday, former Arkansas governor and 2016 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, appearing on Breitbart News Saturday, blasted President Obama’s Iran deal in brutal language. Calling Obama’s foreign policy “the most feckless in American history,” he added: “It is so naive that he would trust the Iranians. By doing so, he will take the Israelis and […]



Perhaps the Republican leadership and its Establishment apparatus don’t realize just how dangerous is the game they’re playing against conservatives, or perhaps they just don’t care. There is a part of the GOP power structure that has always been most happy to serve as the permanent minority, personally enriched by serving as minor, ineffective obstacles […]

Jeb Bush, Rubio, Lindsey Graham in… Trump Is Out of NH Voter’s First Debate


RINO Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham will participate in the Voter’s First Forum in New Hampshire on August 3rd along with 11 other GOP candidates. But Donald Trump will not attend the event after the organizers published a brutal hit piece on the GOP front-runner. Donald Trump won’t attend the New Hampshire Voter’s […]

Cuban Athlete Defections Continue


I wrote last week about the surprising number of Cuban athletes who have defected to the United States in the past month at various athletic tournaments. The string of Cuban defections continued this weekend, as one half of Cuba’s men’s field hockey team defected to the United States at the Pan-American Games in Toronto. Eight […]

Under Obama, Our Military’s Strength Has Significantly Decreased


Barack Obama is not likely to be mistaken for Teddy Roosevelt. Yes, his foreign policy has been quite soft-spoken—especially when addressing openly hostile states such as Iran. But he has whittled America’s “big stick” down to kindling. While “resetting” with Russia and “engaging” with Iran, Obama has presided over a tremendous down-sizing of U.S. military […]

Is Donald Trump anti-immigrant?


Donald Trump has created a phenomenon not seen in the political history of the United States. Within weeks of launching his campaign, Trump became the favored candidate of the Republican Party. While writing this article, several polls already have him in the lead. The tycoon has also been able to take a significant advantage over […]

Why Donald Trump Is Leading The Republican Field

Why Donald Trump Is Leading The Republican Field

There is a simple reason why Donald Trump is leading the race nationally amongst the numerous Republicans vying for the nomination of their party. Voters are despondent, and angry, and looking for somebody different. Republicans are mad that the Republican controlled Congress has produced nothing. They recognize that the Republican leadership has been ineffectual. They […]

Hillary Clinton Speaks Out on Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos – [Video]

Hillary Clinton Speaks Out on Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos

At a campaign event in Greenville, South Carolina, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton defended Planned Parenthood, which has been criticized for the contents of two undercover videos that show Planned Parenthood officials discussing selling organs and body parts from abortions. This was the first time Clinton commented on the videos, over a week after they […]

President Obama’s Trip to Kenya Doesn’t Go As Planned When His Speech Causes a Backlash

President Obama’s Trip to Kenya Doesn’t Go As Planned When His Speech Causes a Backlash

While visiting his father’s homeland of Kenya Saturday, President Obama thought it would be prudent to give the nation’s leaders a speech on LGBT rights – equating it to legalized racism in the United States: President Obama said, according to CNN: “When you start treating people differently not because of any harm they are doing […]

The Religious Origins of the Sanctuary Movement


Thanks to Donald Trump, the major media are being forced to cover the illegal immigration movement, such as the proliferation of “sanctuary cities” across the U.S. that attract criminal aliens, give them legal protection, and let them back out on the streets to commit more crimes. But the really taboo topic is how these sanctuary […]

Rep. Peter King: ISIS Is Commanding Muslims In The US To Kill American Soldiers And Police Officers


Rep. Peter King has affirmed that ISIS is urging its Islamic follower in America to target American soldiers and police officers. According to the report: Rep. Peter King said Saturday that the Islamic State was using social media to “urge people to … kill in place” and hinted that the terrorists may have improvised explosives […]

Obama: Guns a Greater Threat Than Terrorism

TPP Enters USA into a ‘New Trans-National Union’

When Obama spoke to BBC last week he stressed his frustration over not being able to secure more gun control and suggested that the guns outweigh terrorism as a threat to Americans’ safety. Obama’s exact words: “If you look at the number of Americans killed since 9/11 by terrorism, it’s less than 100. If you look […]

The newest Obamacare fail: penalties of $36,500 per worker


Hey, employers, don’t even think about reimbursing your workers’ health-insurance premiums. Beginning this month, the IRS can levy fines amounting to $100 per worker per day or $36,500 per worker per year, with a maximum of $500,000 per firm. This Internal Revenue Service penalty is not written into the Obamacare law. The amount is over […]

Obama Writes A New Radical Citizenship Oath


The Obama Administration through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has rewritten the oath new citizens are required to recite renouncing previous allegiances and declaring their loyalty to and defense of the United States and the Constitution of the United States of America. The requirement that new citizens swear to defend the United […]


ted cruz 7

During the Family Leadership Summit, Ted Cruz brought the crowd out of their chairs.  He spoke about the need for the people to take the country back – away from a ruling political class — and he also addressed the importance of religious liberty. “Never ever ever shy away from defending religious liberty – ever,” Cruz […]

The Donald Battles the Establishment

The Donald Battles the Establishment

John McCain is a war hero. Period. Unless, of course, he’s a threat to Democrats and Barack Obama — as he was in September of 2008 as the Republican nominee for president. Then the man whose honor is suddenly being defended by outraged Establishment figures from both parties and the media was no longer a […]

Protests ramp up outside Islamic Center in St. Augustine

Protests ramp up outside Islamic Center in St. Augustine

Jaime Spears holds an American flag while standing on the sidewalk in front of the Islamic Center, 1760 State Road 207, Thursday evening, July 23, 2015. A group of protesters held American flags and homemade signs Thursday outside the Islamic Center on State Road 207 in St. Augustine, saying they were there to take a […]

Ted Cruz Accuses Mitch McConnell of Lying and Behaving Like Harry Reid

Ted Cruz Accuses Mitch McConnell of Lying and Behaving Like Harry Reid

Texas senator and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz accused his own Senate majority leader of being a liar from the Senate floor Friday, and said Republicans in charge of both houses of Congress has not changed things “one iota” because both parties serve the “Washington cartel.” Cruz began his highly charged speech after Senate Majority […]



This report extensively details the networks of radical left non-profits, foundations, government agencies and the personalities behind them. Unbeknownst to most Americans they are using refugee resettlement as a pretext to import waves of immigrants from third-world nations as a key front in Obama’s strategy of “fundamentally PhotoshopScreenSnapz008transforming” America. REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT REPORT HERALDS EXISTENTIAL THREAT […]

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party: Moonbeam and Mayors Descend on the Vatican


Vatican Abp. Sanchez Sorondo draws exclusively leftist mayors, politicians from around the world to save the planet, end slavery. Down another rabbit hole we tumble. California Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown and 8 Democratic U.S. Mayors descend on the Vatican today to worship at the altar of the new religion of environmentalism. The Vatican’s latest selection […]

Still Fronting for Fidel at the New York Times

che and castro

Who but these Castro dupes would depict Marco Rubio as an enemy of the Cuban people? The left’s longtime moral-political blindness to communist dictatorships never ceases to amaze, and few cases have been as consistently and wondrously spectacular as the New York Times, from the likes of Walter Duranty apologizing for Stalin in the 1930s […]

Forget Donald Trump. It’s Latin American Leadership That Should Be Ashamed


If you’re a soccer fan, there’s something about watching your country’s team play in an international championship. Even if you’re not an all-out aficionado, there’s something about that swell of national pride when you witness a really good win. There’s also nothing like that feeling when your team loses. Bad. (Team USA in the 2015 […]

REPORT: Nearly 1 million illegals now in USA convicted of additional crimes


A report issued by the liberal Migration Policy Institute (MPI) further shreds Chuck Todd’s assertion on NBC’s “Meet The Press” last Sunday that he and his staff, “couldn’t find a single study that links violent crime and immigration.” Tucked inside a report about President Obama’s new amnesty is the estimation from this liberal think tank […]

New York Times Edits Clinton Email Story At Her Request


The New York Times altered its story about two inspectors general calling for an investigation into whether Democratic Party front-runner Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information on her secret private email server. The change to the lede paragraph came at the request of the Clinton campaign, Politico reports. “It was a response to complaints we received […]