February 10, 2016








Every American knows what Communism is; there is no need to explain it any further.  What most Americans DO NOT KNOW is how Communism disguises itself to deceit us.  Communism has many faces, one of them is Socialism.  Years ago, anyone who associated Socialism with Communism was a radical, pretty much like the members of the Tea Party in the United States are called today for saying the things that they are saying to warn the American people about what’s going on in this country regarding the way Communism is taking over, rapidly.

While you are taking care of your family… watching out for your job… trying to keep your home… and sending junk defensive mails, communists are working, learning, cheating, creating new fronts; corrupting somebody or some institution; infiltrating churches, universities, political parties; indoctrinating children and young people; writing books, songs, painting and singing; giving speeches, convincing people, lying, planning, preparing electronic voting machines for the next important election; searching for money or financing other groups… and they have been doing so since the last decade of the nineteenth century.  Beating Communism is harder than peeling coconuts with your false teeth.

If you want to keep on doing for the rest of your life, what you are doing today… be prepared to stop everything you are doing today and start learning hard and FAST what you need to do to take America back.  Right now, the odds are two billion to a nickel, against freedom and democracy.

It’s your family, it’s your freedom, it’s your country:

It’s your choice!

If you are ready go to  http://bwcentral.org/resources/  and start reading and getting organized.

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    Willie Sutton was one of the most infamous bank robbers in American history. Over three decades, the dashing criminal robbed a hundred banks, escaped three prisons, and made off with millions. Today, he is best known for Sutton’s Law: Asked by a reporter why he robbed banks, Sutton allegedly quipped, “Because that’s where the money is.”Sutton’s Law explains something unusual about Bernie … [Read More...]

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    Progressives love to ridicule Americans who are concerned that their Second Amendment rights are being threatened by a gun control-obsessed Obama administration. “No one is coming for your precious guns,” the hoplophobes taunt. “We just want commonsense gun laws.” Except that the pursuit of “commonsense gun laws,” which already exist, is just a smokescreen – President Obama and his crew really are … [Read More...]

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