September 19, 2017

New US Sanctions Deliver Financial Blow to the Venezuelan Dictatorship

US President Donald Trump and his administration are aiming to squeeze out the regime by depriving it of its most essential financial resources.  (Twitter) The United States announced its first economic sanctions against the Venezuelan government this Friday, August 25, which represents a serious blow to the country and Nicolás Maduro’s regime. US President Donald […]

Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, Kid Rock visit Trump; deliver EPIC troll to Hillary Clinton.

Sounds like the start of one of those “man walks into a bar” jokes, right? But actually no, it’s reality. Last night, Sarah Palin was welcomed by President Trump to dinner at the White House, and she brought along conservative rockers and Trump fans, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock. Hilarity ensued of course. The trio […]

Let My People Go: How Trump and Cruz Deliver the GOP

  “I am more and more convinced that our campaign is going to earn the 1,237 delegates needed to win,” said Cruz after winning by a landslide in Wisconsin. But what he didn’t say is that to do that before the nominating convention, he has to amass nearly 82% of all remaining delegates — a […]