February 21, 2018

Goldman Sachs Bank and Other International Banks Assist the Maduro Regime in Venezuela

  Opponents of the bloody regime of dictator Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela have requested Wall Street banks not to purchase Venezuelan bonds that would assist the regime to continue to oppress and to kill freedom-seeking protesters in cities across Venezuela. The National Assembly of Venezuela, which is controlled by opponents of the cruel and oppressive […]


Polls show some 70 percent of Venezuelans want Maduro to step down. “Recall! Recall! Maduro Out!” the crowd yelled, holding aloft anti-government placards and Venezuelan flags. However, the Supreme Court ruled in February that National Assembly rejection of decrees declaring states of emergency does not “affect the [ir] legitimacy, validity, and juridical efficacy”. “Until recently, […]

Friends at last? Castro and Obama enjoy historic meeting

‘Honest man’: The communist leader paid tribute to the President after acknowledging that he hadn’t even been born by the time the sanctions began Pair sat side-by-side in a small conference room in Panama City  Obama said he wanted to ‘turn the page’ on divisions between the nations But he acknowledged there were still significant […]