September 24, 2018

Small Business Owner in Trump Country Explains Why Tax Reform Will Help the 99%

SEDALIA, Mo.—As Republicans prepare to unveil the details of their major tax reform proposal this week, a small business owner in America’s heartland is speaking out about how her and her employees could benefit. “The 1 percent that keeps being talked about, I want them to talk about the other 99 percent, and they don’t […]

Proof Obama Wanted to ‘Choke’ Every Business Owner in America

  I mentioned in a recent column that the news was filled with stories about the protest-turned-riot in Charlottesville, the KKK, Neo Nazis, white supremists and let’s not forget Confederate statues. These are all WMD’s- Weapons of Mass Distraction. They don’t affect the average American’s life on a daily basis. What matters are high-quality jobs, […]

NY Muslim pizzeria owner who recruited for IS gets 22.5 years

It’s sedition. Treason. This devout Muslim should get life. Photo: Mufid Elfgeeh is escorted under heavy guard into the Federal Building for a hearing in Rochester, New York, December 17, 2015. (Jamie Germano/Democrat & Chronicle via AP, File) “NY pizzeria owner who recruited for IS gets 22.5 years,” By Gino Fanelli, March 18, 2016: Yemen-born […]