March 21, 2018

WIKILEAKS on PHASE 3: “When All Information Is Out – Hillary Is Done”

WIKILEAKS PHASE 3   Wikileaks published this warning to the Clinton campaign on Sunday night: Via News Alert: When all information is out – Hillary is done. The only way she can get out of this mess is by winning this election and pardoning herself. — Top WikiLeaks (@TopWikiLeaks) October 31, 2016 Wikileaks announced Phase […]

‘False Statements’ – The FBI Investigation Into Hillary Has Entered A New Phase

The FBI has expanded its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server and is now looking into whether “materially false” statements were given to federal agents, Fox News is reporting. Sources familiar with the investigation told Fox News that agents are focusing on U.S. Code 18, Section 1001 which governs “materially false” statements made in writing, […]