August 20, 2018

EVIL: ISIS Forces Toddler To Shoot Man To Death

The barbarity of ISIS continues to show no limits. In a propaganda video released Sunday, the terror organization appears to force a toddler to shoot a hostage in the head. The brief video shows the toddler, dressed completely in black, walking into a decrepit ball pit towards a man whose wrists are bound to the fence. The man, […]

WATCH: The Palestinian Father Who Sent His Toddler to Die

A Palestinian father challenged IDF soldiers to kill his young son. This is how the soldiers responded. In a shocking act of child abuse, a Palestinian father pretended to be willing to sacrifice his little boy in order to create another “martyr” for the media, knowing all along that the IDF soldiers he taunted would never […]

Muslim who beheaded toddler WON’T be punished because…

Back in February I reported on a grim story out of Moscow, whereas a nanny paraded the streets with the severed head of a toddler. Naturally, she chanted “Allah Akbar” during the ordeal (but of course) Among her other chants included “I am a terrorist” – a statement I’m sure our leaders in the West would remind […]