March 24, 2017


1. Destroy the Economy DONE!
2. Destroy the Rights to Privacy DONE!
3. Socialize Medicine DONE!
4. Destroy the Rights to PROPERTY IMPLEMENTING NOW!





  • HUGE Election Fraud in California To Be Investigated

    President Donald Trump announced last evening an investigation into election and voter fraud is coming. “I will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and even those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a … [Read More...]

    Florida Election Officials Busted For Massive Voter Fraud

    Voters in Florida have reportedly been complaining that they aren’t receiving their absentee ballots they requested. Friday, it was revealed that Democrat insiders are filling out the absentee ballots themselves. Mike Cernovich released the breaking news around noon Friday of a group … [Read More...]

    Unprecedented Surge In Election Fraud Incidents From Around The Country

    Mounting evidence would suggest it's getting more and more difficult for the left to claim that there are "no signs" of fraud in the 2016 election cycle...though we're sure they will continue to try. Just this morning the Miami Herald noted that two arrests were made in Miami-Dade county on election … [Read More...]

    Wikileaks: Soros-Linked Voting Machines Now Used in 16 States Rigged 2004 Venezuela Elections

    Smartmatic, a UK based company, is a George Soros linked company that has provided voting technology in 16 states including battleground zones like Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The company was formed in 2000 and a Chavez campaign adviser was placed on … [Read More...]

    Is Homeland Security Preparing To Take Control Of The US Election?

    What do you do when you're the dictatorial leader of an oppressive government regime looking to maintain power while simultaneously preserving the facade of free and open elections? Well, if you're the Obama administration then you look for avenues to nationalize state-run election … [Read More...]

    After Recent National Attacks, Is California’s Election System Hacker-Proof?

    California elections officials are confident that the state’s voter data and election technology is secure enough to withstand cyber attacks such as those Russian hackers recently carried out against Arizona and Illinois. “We are agile and always evaluating and adapting our security posture to … [Read More...]

    The Voting System is Rigged—Part Three

    The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.—Karl Marx GET OUT TO VOTE!!!!  People must get out to vote in mass to prevent fraud, since there is only a small percentage of votes that can … [Read More...]

    The Voting System is Rigged – GET OUT TO VOTE! —Part Two:

    GET OUT TO VOTE!!!!  People must get out to vote in mass to prevent fraud, since there is only a small percentage of votes that can change results and become a fraudulent election.-BWC Voting is the most precious right of every citizen, and we have a moral obligation to ensure the integrity of … [Read More...]

    The Voting System IS Rigged – GET OUT TO VOTE!

    People must get out to vote in mass to prevent fraud, since there is only a small percentage of votes that can change results and become a fraudulent election.-BWC “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the … [Read More...]

    Tom Bauerle: Can Satellites Reprogram Voting Machines?

    A fervent prayer that radio talk show host Tom Bauerle and Yours Truly won’t become the ‘dearly departed’ following “mysterious deaths” while walking our dogs, hoisting barbells down at the gym or walking home. Bauerle is the braver of the two because he is right in the U.S., in graver danger … [Read More...]


    Four years ago, James O’Keefe released a video which showed how easy it would be for people to vote in New Hampshire using the names of deceased people. As a result of that video, New Hampshire changed its voter ID laws. Project Veritas Action revisited New Hampshire during Tuesday’s presidential … [Read More...]

    Stealing Votes from the Very Vulnerable – Nursing Home Voter Fraud

    The Untold Story (June 2016) Democrats Trying to Lock Up the Alzheimer’s Vote with ‘Voting Day’ Events Is This Happening in Your Area? ([email protected]) It appears that the Democratic Party is trying to commandeer the voting process in nursing homes in at least one locale in Virginia, … [Read More...]

    Alert: Voter fraud may be underway in Wisconsin and other states

    MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (INTELLIHUB) — One local woman is questioning if voter fraud is in fact taking place after doing a little research of her own. The woman told Infowars’ Rob Dew that she recently received a phone call from her friend who explained to her that a “sample ballot” was posted in a … [Read More...]

    WARNING: Soros Board Member Chairs Firm Running Online Voting for Tuesday’s Utah Caucuses

    Smartmatic Group, an electronic voting firm whose worldwide headquarters is located in the United Kingdom, will be running the online balloting process in the Utah Republican Open Caucuses on Tuesday. The chairman of Smartmatic’s board, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, currently serves on the board of … [Read More...]


    “About 80 percent of the people who are given amnesty, when they’re registered to vote, will vote Democratic,” noted Texas congressman Lamar Smith in 2014. While his number could be a bit low, he was shining a light on a poorly hidden agenda: Today’s im/migration, illegal and legal, amounts to a … [Read More...]

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