December 8, 2021

Common Core protested at Broward schools headquarters

In the latest sign that not everyone in Florida is supporting the state’s switch to Common Core curriculum standards, about two dozen protesters descended upon Tuesday’s Broward School Board meeting, holding signs and an American flag while trying to attract the attention of motorists driving by the school district’s downtown Fort Lauderdale headquarters.

About two dozen people gathered outside Broward school district headquarters in Fort Lauderdale to protest the move to Common Core standards on Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013.

“Stop Common Core!” one woman chanted, while protesters held signs that included “Common Core the final stage of the Communist agenda.”

Some of the protesters were local Tea Party activists, and the new Common Core curriculum has met particular skepticism in some conservative circles.

Florida joined more than 40 other U.S. states in adopting the standards, and the state hopes to have them fully implemented in Florida schools by the 2014-15 academic year. Supporters of the Common Core say it will improve students’ readiness for college or a career, while critics call the standards untested, costly, and — in the case of some who protested Tuesday — an attempt by the federal government to create a national curriculum.

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