December 3, 2021

Gays, Muslims & Illegals Granted Asylum But Christian Family Denied

Gays, Muslims & Illegals Granted Asylum But Christian Family Denied

In 1938, German dictator Adolf Hitler created a law that made it illegal to homeschool.  Seventy years later, that law was still on the German books and homeschooling was illegal.  Like America’s public schools, Germany’s schools are very liberal anti-God establishments.

Uwe and Hannelore Romeike could not bear to have their children indoctrinated by the German school system and tried to homeschool their kids anyway.  They are devote Christians and wanted their kids to have a Christian education, something they would not get by attending Germany’s secular schools. The German government stepped in and at one point even took the children from their home.  Once the children were returned to the family, the parents felt they had no choice but to seek asylum in the US because of the government persecution of their religious beliefs.

In 2008, the Romeike family fled to the US under threat of parental arrest in Germany and the threat of losing their children for good.  They sought asylum here in the US and in 2010, Judge Lawrence Burman, an immigration judge granted the family asylum saying that if the family returned to Germany they would assuredly face persecution because of their religious beliefs.

However, the anti-Christian Obama administration appealed the court’s decision.  Thanks to the efforts of Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama’s marionette puppet, every court since the government appeal was filed has ruled against the family.  In May, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled:

“[T]he Romeikes [have] not shown that Germany’s enforcement of its general school-attendance law amounts to persecution against them, whether on grounds of religion or membership in a recognized social group.  There is a difference between the persecution of a discrete group and the prosecution of those who violate a generally applicable law.”

Now the family and the legal organization representing them have turned to the White House for intervention.  The White House finally responded to the request by saying:

“No comment.”

Now consider the fact that the US is granting asylum to Russia’s gays because they are claiming persecution under Putin’s rule.  It is now illegal to publicly display your homosexuality in Russia such as gay pride parades, so they are coming to the US instead.

Muslims are fleeing their homelands and seeking political asylum in the US and they are being granted that asylum on a regular basis.  Illegal Hispanics are showing up at the US border stations claiming persecution and fear of the drug cartels and being granted asylum here in our country.

But let a Christian family who only wants the right to give their children a Christian education seek asylum, and the Obama administration has gone out of its way and spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to stop the family and send them back to Germany where they face certain arrest.

The sad situation with the Romeike family clearly demonstrates what our government has become.  They say yes to foreign gays, to Muslims and to illegal aliens, but they scream NO at Christians.  I continue to pray for our nation to change and I pray for the Romeike family and ask you to do the same.