January 22, 2022

Special Report: Obama´s Road to a Totalitarian Socialist Nation

Many people born in Cuba, who had the unfortunate experience of living under an oppressive tyrannical and bloody Communist regime, are now very alarmed at the domestic and foreign policies of President Barack Obama that remind us so much of the early days of the Castro regime.

Habana, Cuba The majority of Cubans and their American-born children and grandchildren, who are very fortunate to live in this great nation, see with great trepidation America in decline as a world superpower. Freedom-loving Cubans saw how their country, which was among the top of the economically advanced nations of Latin America, turned into a poverty-stricken one where the standard of living became among the worse in the Western Hemisphere. Cubans understood the deficits of a socialist system and a command economy and its enormous inefficiencies and stultifying impact on businesses and industry as well as its damaging impact on the standard of living.

In 1952, a former president and retired general Fulgencio Batista overthrew a democratically-elected president in Cuba. President Batista was a dictator but the free market economy continued and businesses prospered. Cuba had no inflation and the Cuban peso had the same value as one dollar. One could exchange unlimited amount of pesos one-to-one with the American dollar. Cuba had a thriving economy and its per capita income, education and social services ranked among the highest in Latin America.

The Cuban people wanted democracy and opposition to the Batista government increased as time went on. Fidel Castro and some followers stormed an army barrack in Santiago de Cuba killing many soldiers. Together with his brother Raul, he was captured, sent to trial and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Death penalty was banned in Cuba.

While in prison, both revolutionary brothers had television and could engage in sexual relations with their wives and girlfriends. Fidel Castro wrote articles in Cuban magazines since Batista tolerated a certain amount of freedom of the press, some of which criticized him. After the Castro brothers and other followers were in humane jail for two years (unlike this writer´s experience as a political prisoner of being starved, beaten and denied medical attention and medicines), Batista declared a general amnesty and released all political prisoners at the request of Congress and civic society.


Che Guevara the mass murderer

Castro left for Mexico and with the help of communists, like Che Guevara, returned to Cuba. His revolution received enormous assistance from middle class students and others who were fighting in the cities and with the financial support of the rich, Castro toppled Batista and assumed power on January 1,1959. While he was fighting Batista in the Sierra Maestra Mountains of eastern Cuba, the people did not pay attention to the many communists that were fighting along with the Castro´s brothers. The Cuban people also failed to examine Fidel Castro´s background. Almost all Cubans believed the false promises made by Fidel Castro of reinstating a democratic society.

Unfortunately, the same thing happened in the United States when the established liberal media with their hatred toward the Republican Party failed catastrophically to examine the extreme radical background of Senator Barack Obama. If the media would have done a responsible job, it would have discovered that Obama has been surrounded by communists, socialists and all kinds of radicals during his entire life.

At the age of 17, this writer, together with his brother, many cousins and friends, invaded Cuba bay of pig invasionat the Bay of Pigs, after being trained by the Central Intelligence Agency in Guatemala, in an effort to eradicate communism in the country of his birth. The battle was lost in 1961 due to the failure of the Kennedy administration to follow through with the original plan prepared by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Central Intelligence Agency.  It was an act of criminal negligence to sent 1500 invaders to defeat a strong Soviet-supplied army of over 200,000 without the planned naval and air support. The 1176 prisoners of war of the Assault Brigade 2506 were sentenced to 30 years of hard labor in prison. After two horrendous years of imprisonment, the soldiers of the Brigade were released as the result of successful negotiations between the United States and Cuba.

castro and krushchevThis experience changed the life of this writer forever and that of his entire family. This writer witnessed how the Cuban people ignored the warnings that suggested that Fidel Castro and many of his followers were communists. Most people believed in Fidel Castro’s promises of free elections, respect towards individual freedoms, and the establishment of a democratic government. Instead, the Cuban people have endured a bloody dictatorship for almost 54 years in a country 90 miles away from the United States.

Today in the United States our liberty, our Constitution and our sovereignty are under serious assault by the corrupt and abusive Obama administration. Obama has being conducting an all-out assault on our representative constitutional democracy and the rule of law. This beloved nation that accepted Cubans as political refugees is looking more and more as a totalitarian socialist nation, such as the one described by George Orwell in his novel 1984. It is most unfortunately that Big Brother has arrived in the land of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln.

It is for this reason that this writer is greatly alarmed at President Barack Obama´s rapid road towards a totalitarian socialist nation after being elected in 2008 and reelected in 2012. Obama also wants to take our nation on the road to a one world socialist government under the United Nations but controlled by a powerful wealthy elite.

obama_wrightUnfortunately, many people in the United States did not pay close attention to Obama´s background, record as president and his far-left appointments and reelected the most radical president in our history. But did the majority of American people really voted for him? The 2012 presidential election, as the previous one, was marked by massive fraud and irregularities. Barack Obama has been associated his entire life with communists, socialists and radicals who believe that the end justifies the means. More than 58 million people, just like this writer, voted against Obama in 2012, representing almost half of the popular vote. Mitt Romney made a great mistake in not discussing Obama’s socialist ideology and his extreme radical past and present friendships during the presidential campaign.

This writer is the only Hispanic, in a nation of more than 54 million Hispanics, who has written three books in Spanish on Barack Obama. The first one was entitled ¿Obama o McCain? (2008) and the second one El verdadero Obama: sus conexiones marxistas, socialistas y radicales (2010). The third book, ¿Obama o Romney?,  was published on September 11, 2012 and it can be purchased at Amazon or at the bookstore Impacto in Miami, Florida. This book has 480 pages and 38 pictures. It has a complete biography of both President Obama and Governor Romney and a detailed description of the failed presidency of Barack Obama. This author explained the atrocious record of President Obama, on both domestic and foreign policies, which has made him the worst president in our nation’s history.

The New World Order

obama world orderPresident Barack Obama would like to establish a one world government under the United Nations as well as for the Senate to approve a series of UN treaties that would take away our liberty, sovereignty and wealth. This objective is supported by a powerful elite made up of international and domestic bankers, industrialists, owners of our news media, CEOs of large multinational corporations, present and former presidents and prime ministers, present and former high ranking government officials, generals and admirals, and monarchs who belong to the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission or the Council of Foreign Relations. Some members of this powerful elite belong to these three organizations that many believe run our nation and the world. Those powerful individuals who advocate a world government call it a New World Order.

The term New World Order, for an increasingly number of people, refers to the existence of very powerful secretive elite with a global agenda that wants to establish a one world government under the United Nations. Under this system, a global ruling organization would supplant all individual national governments for the betterment of the world. All countries would give up their constitutions, liberties, freedoms and sovereignty. No country would be allowed to own guns or have their own currency. The country´s armed forces would be abolished. The wealth of the rich nations would be distributed among poor nations.

Obama is pushing through 23 unconstitutional executive orders to restrict and eventually abolish the Second Amendment of our Constitution, which protects our right to bear arms.

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