August 9, 2022

The Department of Justice Sues Texas for its Voter Identification Law

The United States Department of Justice filed a federal lawsuit against a Texas voter identification law on August 22, 2013. It is believed that other federal lawsuits will be filed against states such as Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, and Arkansas. At present, border identification laws have been passed 33 states. Southern states recently passed these laws since the Supreme Court decision in June 2013 eliminated key provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. The Supreme Court in its decision explained that those provisions were no longer necessary as the states in South were no longer discriminating minorities.

Michael Doyle wrote an article entitled “Feds gear up for battle” which was published in The Miami Herald on August 25, 2013. The reporter explained that the Justice Department filed a 15-page lawsuit against the state of Texas identification (ID) law, which was signed by Assistant United States Attorney Daniel D. Hu. The Assistant U.S. Attorney wrote that the Texas ID law would “denied equal opportunities for Hispanic and African-American voters to participate in the political process, resulting in a denial of the right to vote.”

The Texas ID law requires that voters present a government-issued photo identification before casting a ballot in elections. In responding to the lawsuit, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott stated the following: “Voter IDs have nothing to do with race. The Obama administration continues to ignore the 10th Amendment and repeated Supreme Court decisions upholding the authority of states to enforce voter identification and redistricting laws.” The 10th Amendment to the Constitution states that “the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution are reserved to the states respectively or to the people.” The Supreme Court has ruled that these state powers include “the power to regulate elections.”

On August 12, 2013, North Carolina Republican governor Pat McCrory signed an elections package that included strict new voter ID requirements. The governor stated the following: “While some will try to make this seem to be Ā controversial, the simple reality is that requiring voters to provide a photo ID when they vote is a common sense idea.”

This writer believes that this country will never have fair and transparent elections until every state in the United States require voter picture identification. It has been well documented that in states and the District of Columbia that do not require voter picture ID some people vote multiple times and commit election fraud. During the last presidential election of 2012, an African-American woman proudly proclaimed how she voted several times for Barack Obama. Additionally, a person claimed that he voted in the District of Columbia using Eric HolderĀ“s name to prove to the corrupt U.S. Attorney General the importance of requiring voters to present a picture ID.

It is an outrage that the Justice Department is wasting taxpayer money to fight states that under our Constitution, and affirmed by the Supreme Court, have the right to establish election requirements. President Barack Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder have no respect for our Constitution or the rule of law.