December 7, 2021

Islamists Rewrite Textbooks in Our Nation

imageMembers of the Muslim Brotherhood have been very successful rewriting the manuals regarding Islam and the Koran for the Pentagon, FBI, CIA, and the Department of Homeland Security. They have scrubbed any criticism of Islam and its prophet Muhammad as well as their holy book, the Koran. Numerous retired high ranking generals and admirals have denounced the manuals, which are used to teach about Islam to the military. They have also complained about  the practice of firing any instructor hired by the Pentagon who deviates from the manuals. The retired military officers have also denounced the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration in the Obama administration.

Islamists have not been content only with rewriting the manuals used by the federal intelligence and defense agencies. They have been working, and continue to work actively, rewriting the textbooks of our nation that are used in schools. William Saxton, the chairman of the Citizens for National Security, an organization that reviews world history textbooks as well as other textbooks, has discovered that many textbooks are “blatantly focusing on the Islamic agenda… to paint Islam in a favorable light… are full of egregious  errors, glaring omissions, and questionable inclusions.”

One of the first things that the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamists want to do is to implement information suppression. By eliminating any critical reference of Islam, the prophet, Sharia law, and the Koran, as well as by praising Islam and Muslim civilizations in the textbooks, young students in our schools will develop a favorable view of Islam. The students in our schools as well as the American public will not realize the great danger faced by our nation with the Muslim Brotherhood’s stealth jihad in the United States and in the West. They will not know about the Muslim Brotherhood’s  diabolical objective to establish a worldwide caliphate which would enslave or kill nonbelievers.

In their effort to be inclusive and provide for diversity and multicultural education in textbooks, the publishers of our textbooks have been oblivious to what is happening before their own eyes. Islamic organizations are promoting Islam at the expense of Christianity and Judaism as well as distorting the history of the world.

Pamela Geller wrote an article entitled “Public Schools in Florida Teaching Muhammad is God’s Messenger” in the website on August 4, 2013. Geller explained that indoctrination in the public schools is by far “the most insidious form of a stealth jihad.” She pointed out how history books have deleted centuries of jihad wars by the Arabs and the millions that they have killed over the years as they conquered Christian nations. Geller also explained that textbooks do not discuss the vicious persecution, oppression, and assassination of Christians and other non-Muslims living in Muslim countries.

Geller described a world history textbook called World History (2014 edition) published by Prentice Hall which is used widely across the nation. This book was adopted by the Textbook Committee of the state of Florida to be used in all 67 counties.

Appearing before the Brevard School Board in Florida, William Saxton stated the following regarding the Prentice-Hall World History textbook: “It rewrites Islamic history and presents a biased and incorrect version of the Muslim faith. They promote Islam at the expense of Christianity and Judaism. It blew my mind to see this kind of propaganda.”

Saxton told the members of the school board that the Prentice-Hall textbook is full of errors. He questioned the definition of jihad in the textbook which said “it is a personal duty for Muslims and a way to defend their faith.” Saxton stated the following: “Violent Islamic groups have used jihad for centuries, the 9/11 attacks were an example of jihad as terrorism, not self defense. Declarations of jihad have been made for purposes of violence against Christians, Jews, Americans, British, and fellow Muslims hundreds of times.” Sexton added the following: “Jews and Christians have been subjected historically to violence and murder by Muslims. Christians and Jews are permitted very few of the rights and freedoms that the Muslim majority is allowed.”

Saxton indicated that the textbook said “under Islamic law women are spiritually equal, although they may have different roles and rights.” Sexton pointed out that this content is confusing at best and intellectually dishonest at worse since in many Muslim countries women are oppressed, may not be employed in the private sector, and are stoned to death under Sharia law in Iran for adultery.

This writer is aware that in Pakistan a Christian woman, who has five children, is waiting in prison to be executed for her conviction by a court of blaspheming the prophet of Islam, which is punishable by death in that country. Her Muslim neighbors accused her of blasphemy, a charge that she denied during the trial. According to Sharia law in Pakistan the testimony of a Christian or any other non-believer has half of the value as that of a Muslim. All Muslim countries have demanded that Western nations criminalized anyone who insults Islam or its prophets, even though this is a violation of freedom of speech, which is protected in our Constitution as  well as the constitutions of Western nations.

President Obama had the audacity of saying in the United Nations that “the world does not belong to those who criticized prophet Muhammad.” Obama forgets that under our Constitution anyone can criticize everyone. Obama has never criticized the multiple abuses under Sharia law and the murders and rapes of non-believers and desecrations of churches in Muslim Countries.

Amy Kneessy, a Brevard County School Board Member, told Fox News that when she read the Prentice-Hall textbook she was specially troubled by the section dealing with how Muslims treat women. She said “it was really disheartened to see such a blatant misportrayal of how women are treated in Muslim countries, I found it disconcerting.” The board member also pointed out that “when wars were involving Jewish people or Christians, some very hard adjectives were used-like ´massacre,´ where as when it was a Muslim group, it was ´occupy´ or a very innocuous term.” She concluded that the school board has an obligation to be fair and balanced when teaching history.

Pamela Geller explained that the ninth grade textbook used in Brevard public schools has a 36-page chapter on Islam, but no chapters on Christianity or Judaism. The authors of the book, assisted by an Islamic consultant, declared that “Muhammad is the messenger of God” and that “jihad is the duty that Muslims must follow.” The textbook explains that “jihad may be interpreted as a holy war to defend Islam and the Muslim community, much like the Crusades to defend Christianity.” The Prentice-Hall World History textbook has lengthy passages from the Koran, but failed to include any scriptures from the Bible. And while the Prentice-Hall textbook stated that Muhammad was the messenger of God, it does not say that Jesus was the son of God. The textbook entry about Jesus noted that some believed He was the Messiah and that He was later executed, but failed to mention His resurrection.

Geller explained that William Saxton believes that the blame for the distortion regarding Islam, Sharia law, and the Koran belongs to an organization that was once called Council on Islamic Education. Today this organization is known as the Institute on Religious and Civic Values. Its founder, Shabbir Mansuri, is listed in the Prentice-Hall textbook as an academic reviewer. Saxton is highly suspicious about this organization and wonders why the change of name. Saxton pointed out the following: “It is a form of stealth jihad, jihad is not just blowing of buildings. It is more subtle. I began to understand that one of the ways the bad guys are trying to threaten our way of life is through our children. The Islamists want to get to the hearts and minds of our kids.”

Saxton’s organization, Citizens for National Security, conducted a nationwide study in 2009 to root out what they believed to be Islamic biased in U.S. textbooks. He said that the organization found as many as 80 textbooks that were overtly promoting Islam.


The United States is a Judeo-Christian nation, in spite of the fact that President Barack Obama said in Cairo that the United States was not. All our ignorant president needs to do is to read any sociology book to find out that what he said was wrong. He keeps repeating the lie about Islam having been deeply involved from the very beginning of our history. This is another blatant lie. The president wishes to impose his pro-Islamic values upon our nation. This is wrong and needs to be denounced and rejected.

Unfortunately, Obama has deliberately allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate his government. He has named many members of the Muslim Brotherhood to important posts in his administration. He has tolerated the rewriting of manuals for the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security, where there are no criticisms of Islam.

This writer has denounced how federal agencies, such as the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), are funding pro-Muslim books and films and distributing them for free to colleges, universities, and public libraries throughout the nation. Yet, the NEH has almost never distributed any books and films about Christianity or Judaism. One such free book on Islam was written by a former president of the largest Muslim Brotherhood front organization in the United States and Canada.

It is very alarming that the major textbook companies have also allowed Islamists to write chapters on Islam and to denigrate Christianity and Judaism. It is appalling and parents, teachers, principals, curriculum specialists, school board members, and textbook adoption committees members need to reject and denounce such biased textbooks.

It is about time that our nation understand the great danger that we are facing with the stealth jihad by the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States. Members of the Muslim Brotherhood are, indeed, the enemies within, and a fifth column. They have formed an unholy alliance with Marxists, socialists, and progressives and with the “Hate the United States Crowd” with the sole objective of bringing down the United States.

Barack and Michelle Obama have been part of “The Hate the United States” crowd as well as “The Blame America First” crowd during their entire lives. It is for this reason that they both attended for 20 years the pro-Marxist, pro-Muslim, Black Liberation Theology, United Church of Christ in Chicago. President Obama and the First Lady sat cheering and applauding their pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s unpatriotic, hateful, and racist sermons for all those years. Michelle Obama declared in 2008 that for the first time in her life she felt proud of the United States of America. Why in the world it took her so long?

Barack and Michelle Obama were great friends for many years with the unrepentant communist terrorists couple, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn. Even now, Bill Ayers is working with the president to implement common core curriculum standards upon most states, even though it violates the 4th and the 10th amendments to our Constitution as well as a multitude of federal laws, such as FERPA. Both Michelle and Barack Obama have been associated during their entire lives with communists, socialists, and radicals of all types, including Islamic radicals. This writer believes that the president sees nothing wrong with these biased textbooks since he lies about the history of Islam in our nation and the world and has nothing but praise for Islam.