August 9, 2022

Kerry Signs Away Your Gun Rights to U.N.

Only Nixon could go to China.

And only John “I served in Vietnam” Kerry could go to the United Nations and give away Americans’ inherent gun rights to an international cabal of socialist tyrants.

Secretary of State Kerry signed the U.N.’s international firearms treaty on Wednesday.

The treaty, or some form of it, has been hanging around the U.N. headquarters for a long time. Past presidents and secretaries of state have declined to sign it because stomps in all kinds of ways  on the Second Amendment.

Even an anti-gun fanatic like Hillary Clinton steered clear.

But Kerry, who has been accused of staging injuries to get his Purple Hearts and finish his Vietnam tour early, is known for his anti-war activism that led to his eventual Senate career. When he ran for president, he was severely criticized by other veterans for inventing stories about massacres by U.S. troops and about being in Cambodia. As a senator, he’s been as far left as they come.

He also has strong ties to President Obama. It was during the Democratic presidential convention in 2004 that Kerry brought out a skinny nobody named Obama who was running for the Senate and introduced him to the nation.

So it’s not surprising that Obama would pick Kerry to do his dirty work on the U.N. gun control agenda.

By bringing in an international treaty, the Administration is no doubt hoping to use international law to accomplish what it’s so far been unable to do domestically and eventually confiscate guns en masse.

Several senators have already vowed that the treaty is dead on arrival, but that won’t stop the Administration from trying to bribe, threaten and cheat its way into approval. And if the Senate won’t play ball, there’s an executive order waiting in Obama’s drawer.

The only solution to the fascist efforts to take guns from Americans is to make sure you have a gun if you are at all able. Only an armed populace can stave off the day Obama comes for your rights.