December 3, 2021

Obama using al-Qaeda YouTubes to go to war in Syria

‘President Barack Obama’s Traveling Video Show’,  depicting Syrian sarin attack victims shows how the manipulation of YouTube videos can be used to achieve political ends.
First came the obscure anti-Muslim video he blamed and never walked back for the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, that took the lives of four courageous Americans.

The 13 graphic Syrian videos were shown to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, according to the panel’s website, which says they “explicitly claim to show victims of a chemical or poison gas attack.” (Yahoo News, Sept. 7, 2013) and were displayed for the television world on CNN, Saturday, with Jake Tapper describing what was on them.

A cursory Canada Free Press (CFP) check indicates that Videos 2 and 7, presented under two different embedded logos, are identified as originating from two separate locations, Eastern Ghouta and Kafir Batna. Both videos appear to show the same person,  a bearded, thin man dressed in a white singlet and white track pants with a dark blue/black stripe down the side.
The man is shown in both videos foaming at the mouth and convulsing.

The people around him on the same wet, white-tiled floor appear to be the same in videos 2 (1:50-2:20) and 7 (4:07-4:19). One man wearing the same checkered paints can be seen in the background of both videos.  As the videos are identified as coming from two different locations, how is this possible?





Following this train of thought, with the two different videos, with two different logos and from two different locations, the distance between the bodies on the floor slightly differ.  Videos 2 and 7 were shot at different times.  If that is the case, and with death by sarin believed to be almost instantaneous,  how can the man still be foaming at the mouth and convulsing over any sustained period of time?

To his credit, Tapper repeats in Saturday’s US Government YouTube presentation that we know the chemical gas attack occurred but not who did it, and he makes it clear that there is no proof Assad is responsible.

The Senate Intelligence Committee said the videos were posted on YouTube by pro-Syrian opposition users—in other words by al Qaeda rebel forces in Syria.

Someone should be asking whether it was a slip of the tongue when Sen. Dianne Feinstein described the videos as versions of the videos:

“Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) described the videos as “horrendous” to NBC, and said she had asked for versions of the videos to be prepared for review by House members before they vote on action regarding a military strike in Syria.” (Yahoo News, Sept. 7, 2013)

“The videos were selected by the US Open Source Center at the request of Senator Dianne Feinstein, who chairs the committee, to “depict a representative range of YouTube content posted regarding the reported August 21 chemical weapons attacks in the suburbs of Damascus,” the website said.

Back in the picture to back Obama’s charge that Assad is responsible for the chemical weapon attack is British Prime Minister David Cameron, who told the media at last week’s G20 gathering: “The question is obviously convincing more people that the regime was responsible”. (Daily Telegraph)

Cameron, who emphasized that Britain’s special relationship with America is still tickety-boo, portrays a much different Obama than the one perceived by millions of Americans:

“When I spoke to President Obama on Friday night he was very understanding.  Like me, he takes a strong line on the use of chemical weapons and these appalling things that are happening. Like me he is a democrat who believes you have to listen to people, you have to listen to parliament and you have to respect the outcome of a vote.” (Emphasis CFP’s)

Meanwhile, Obama’s media blitz prior to his Tuesday White House address to the nation on why America should attack Syria, begins tonight.

“It is industrial strength media and a methodical broadcast blitz. President Obama will grant separate sit-down interviews on the Syria matter to NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News, CNN and PBS on Monday afternoon at the White House, all to air on the respective networks Monday night. Ideally, the interviews will function like trailers of an upcoming blockbuster — namely, Mr. Obama’s live, prime-time speech to the American public on Syria about 24 hours later. (Washington Times, Sept. 8, 2013)

Here’s hoping that most get it: Obama is using al-Qaeda YouTubes as proof that U.S. military intervention is a must for Syria.