August 18, 2022


One of the basic tactics of socialism is to never admit mistakes, and if you are placed in an untenable position, declare success and leave.    Our country’s foreign policy has been a disaster in the last years.    The neoconservative ideal of establishing Democracy in other countries, by force if necessary, was proven impractical as some cultures are unable or unwilling to believe in our style of governing.    Even if not proven as effective as the past real politick of the Reagan to Clinton’s era, when dictatorships were accepted if they were beneficial to our interests, it was to say the least a philosophy.   

What we have since Obama took office is a mixture of ignorance, lack of leadership, and/or a hidden agenda to weaken the US and to establish a new world order with shared riches and global security through the United Nations.    In this context, it began with the ending of the Iraq war, where the president has taken full credit for ending the war while just following the prior agreement signed by Bush, and his failure to complete a status of force pact to leave a substantial number of troops to assure peace, has made possible the anarchy present in that country.   

Afghanistan was what he called “the just war”, where he increased the number of soldiers and at the same time doomed their effort and made their sacrifice worthless, when announcing a predetermined withdrawal date.    As usual, he takes credit for ending that effort without mentioning the chaos that will be left behind.    Ditto, the interventions in Egypt and Libya, among others.    The latest endeavor with Syria has proven to be a mixture of confusing, contradictory, and naïve statements that ended with the surrendering of our policy to Russia.    Putin, a KGB trained thug, has been allowed not only to throw a bait to Obama, which he gladly took, but to dare to advise our people of the defects in our system of government.   

The Chicago political mafia, who assembles in the White House in times of crisis, and tells our president the way to get out, as a political Houdini, of the mess he confronts, will surely again claim victory to describe our later failure.    The pact just announced with Russia of Assad giving away the location of his chemical weapons for planned destruction will be lauded as a result of our strong military threat, and the resolve of this administration.    Forget the partial, unbelievable small, of limited strength, time and objectives announced previously.    The reality of this agreement is that our country has partnered with Iran and Russia to legitimize the dictatorship in Syria, allowed Putin to regain his influence in the area, and made the notorious ineffective UN the executor of a plan that will result in never ending discussions and the allowance of time for Assad to secure most of his weapons.   

We are heading into an inevitable world crisis, in which the vacuum left by the US resigning its prior role of control will be fought over by potential suitors.    China, Russia and the radical Islam world led by Iran will fight for the spoils resulting in a global war with undetermined results.    All this as a consequence of a once great country populated by savvy, hard working, independent people that have transformed into a majority of dependent, submissive, hedonistic populace that let themselves be seduced by a well spoken nobody that has led us in this disastrous path.

Fernando J Milanes MD