November 29, 2021


Throughout history, mankind has been tempted by things that entice but that infallibly end in danger and/or in a worsening state of affairs.    Why history keeps repeating itself and the lessons are not learned is part of the mysteries of life.

Leaders, solely because of personal charm and promises, keep receiving support from the mesmerized masses with unfortunate results as in the case of a Hitler, Stalin, or recently a Castro or a Chavez.

In Cuba we let a person barely known, except for his reputation as a thug while younger, make us believe that he would be the cure of the evils that we thought existed in our country.    Even now, over fifty years later, we continue to blame the person that took power illegally, Batista, for Castro’s tyranny.    The fact that the only reason for Castro’s ascension was the blindness of our population, that avoided reasoning and denied a peaceful solution to the de facto regime, is to this date ignored.

It would be easy to justify this action by pointing to the inexperience and immaturity of a particular citizenship, but then how to reason Venezuela later on, or a culture like in Germany that took on Hitler?

In this country, we have twice elected for President an appealing politician with great power of speech, but zero executive experience.    This person, Obama, that would be hard pressed to be given the job of presiding any corporation, now decides the fate of the most important nation on earth.    It should not be surprising thus, to understand why he and his dwindling followers, are listening with great interest to the siren song of our worse enemies.

Why, we should ask, should we believe Vladimir Putin, a recognized enemy of our nation’s interests, and his follower Assad to come through with the promise of dismantling all his existing chemical weapons?    In the same vein, is it not naïve to trust the U.N. to be the one to assure the world of their destruction?    It might be a beautiful idea, but danger waits.    Iran, a radical Islamic theocracy, has elected a new president.    Like the sirens of the Greek Mythology, he is extremely tempting because of his smooth talk and cordial manner.    But, what do we really know about Hassan Rouhanni?    Nothing that should lead us to believe that his intentions are pure, that he will stop the march towards the production of a nuclear weapon, or that Iran will abandon its goal to destroy Israel end the western world.    On the contrary, he is a strict follower of the cleric ruler, the Ayatollah Khamenei.

Ignoring warnings and/or reality our ship master Obama, is following the beautiful music and has mentioned establishing renewed talks with that nation.     It only means another impasse that will assure that Iran, unless unilateral action is taken by Israel, will accomplish their nuclear ambition.

Margaret Atwood’s ending of her poem Siren Song is presently appropriate “Alas it is a boring song, but it works every time”.

Fernando J Milanes MD